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We've shown you the print ad run by PETA of Alicia Silvertone naked.

Now, here's the commercial the animal rights group is running of the Clueless actress in the buff. Yes, Comcast Cable in Houston thought this was too racy to show and pulled it from the airways.

Pregnant Alicia Silverstone


We're pretty sure the new series Gossip Girl is racier than this advertisement. Are they banning it from TV in Texas, too?

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Don't mess with Texas... conservatism!

In Houston, Comcast Cable has pulled the 30-second spots sponsored by PETA that showcase a nude Alicia Silverstone espousing the virtues of vegetarianism.

Pregnant Alicia Silverstone

Which, apparently, include not wearing clothes.

In the commercial, the actress steps out of a swimming pool, shows off her naked body... and shares the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Seems like a cheap way for PETA to spread its often over-the-top message, but The Hollywood Gossip staff is always against censorship. Unless we're talking about Britney Spears crotch shots. Her children could be reading this.

Anyway. A spokesperson for the cable company cited nudity in their decision to cancel the campaign, though the clips had already been paid for.

But, don't worry, Houston residents: you can still see the ads at, says PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.

"[Viewers can] get an eyeful, not only of the stunning Ms. Silverstone, but also of our free Vegetarian Starter Kit â€" chock full of delicious recipes â€" that will make them drool for an entirely different reason," she said.

In other news: how tasty is a cheeseburger?!?

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Move over, Holly Madison nude!

There's a new random celebrity taking her clothes off in the name of animal love.

Alicia Silverstone Nude

Alicia Silverstone is proving that she's isn't Clueless about vegetarianism, as the actress who hasn't been heard from in a decade is posting in the buff for PETA.

While The Hollywood Gossip staff thinks there are more important causes in the world than eschewing tasty red meat for bland veggies (the cows are gonna be killed anyway, Alicia), we do admire any celebrity that does more than simply party at Hyde every night or purchase a fleet of Escalades.

And, don't worry, we still hate Michael Vick.

You can see Heidi Klum nude in Arena magazine or Alicia Silverstone nude in a PETA ad. The former killed trees to get there, the latter killed any taste in her diet.

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Actress Alicia Silverstone is, like, totally into healthy eating and living close to nature.

Which is cool, especially since no one has thought about Alicia Silverstone this decade and it's nice to hear how she's doing.

Alicia Silverstone Nude

But as satisfied as Silverstone, the Clueless and Aerosmith music video star, is with her daily life nowadays, believe the Melissa Joan Hart look-alike when she tells you it wasn't always the case.

Steak and doughnuts were among her dietary staples before she cleaned up her eating habits and went vegan, the actress reveals in the newest issue of InStyle Home.

"Now I'm a total health nut," says Silverstone, 30.

"I don't get sick very often and when I do it's for a short period."

Britney Spears, you're on notice.

She attributes her health to her diet and active lifestyle, something you're not likely to experience if you're on the Sienna Miller diet, either.

"It's empowering to know that you're responsible for how you feel each day because of the way you treat your body," said Silverstone.

One of her favorite workouts? Jumping on the trampoline in the backyard of the L.A. home she shares with her husband, musician Christopher Jarecki, 36.

"It's great exercise and really makes you giggle," she says.

Which is exactly what Olivia Mojica says about... forget it.

Silverstone is also passionate about being environmentally responsible. She drives a hybrid car, uses energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs and has solar panels on the roof of her house. Al Gore would be proud.

"I love living this way," she says. "It's so satisfying and inspiring."

Well. It's good to see that for all the Nicole Richie type train wrecks out there, some stars are still grounded and leading fulfilling, happy lives.

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