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Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan got dressed up - sort of - for a Halloween costume party earlier this week.

Mother and daughter look absolutely thrilled to be photographed, don't they?

Perhaps the pressure of being talentless, famous and annoying is finally getting to these two. Ali needs to find her own Samantha Ronson, while Dina needs to find a way to slip into a coma.

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Lindsay Lohan must read The Hollywood Gossip.

Mere hours after we posed the question of whether or not Ali Lohan has underdone a boob job, her sister published the following blog on her MySpace account:

I was raised with a wonderful family surrounding me. Of course we have our ups and downs, but all in all my mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14 year old child to alter her body.

I am not judging people that do, but I am just saying that its not something that my family finds necessary to do, especially when you’re not even fully developed yet! It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye…

Everyone, Look!

Ali Lohan breast enhancement rumors aren't a laughing matter to her sister.

I just find it really disconcerting that people have to focus on the negative and that some people are sooooo bored with their own lives that they need to manifest lies to hurt another person.

In a more positive light, I got some great clothes from Alexander Wang and I miss Samantha Ronson cuz she’s out of town.

Do you believe Lindsay? Or is she sounding a bit defensive about the whole thing?

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Ali Lohan really wants to be famous.

Almost half the world's population is made up of men.

Men love boobs.

Therefore, it's not unrealistic to ask if the younger sister of Lindsay has followed the lead of Heidi Montag, another untalented fame whore that admittedly enhanced her breasts last year.

We present the following photos - taken in early and mid-2008, respectively - as evidence that Ali's boobs may be as real as any claim Dina Lohan makes about being a good mother:

Ali Lohan: Boob Job?

Did Ali Lohan get a boob job? Examine the pictures. Let us know your thoughts.

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A trio of new songs from young singers have hit the airwaves.

Here's your chance to compare and contrast the singles, beginning with the following vomitous creation from Ali Lohan, "All the Way Around."

Ali Lohan Hair


American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta, is far more appealing to the senses. Here's his debut song, "Crush."


Lastly, rising Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove has released "Stay My Baby." Listen to it below and send us your thoughts on all three singles.


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Lindsay Lohan's hot girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, has shot down a report that she refuses to play Ali Lohan's new single, "All the Way Around."

"I really like the song – as soon as her MySpace page goes up, it will be a song of the day," Ronson posted on her own MySpace blog Sunday.

"Where do they come up with this sh!t?" Ronson said of report in the New York Post that she dissed the sis of her "wife" / girl-on-girl action partner.

"I'm afraid that people might actually believe that [this is true] and that's not fair to Ali. High school is bad enough. Do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well? It's a great f***ing pop song!"

Meanwhile, Ali Lohan – who stars in the E! reality show Living Lohan with her mom Dina – says a duet with Lindsay isn't out of the question.

"We've been thinking about that," she said on MySpace. "That would be awesome. We've been talking about it a lot. Definitely down the road."

Ali also revealed that role models are Lindsay and Dina Lohan.

"My mom is such a strong woman," she said. "It's also cool to have her as my manager because I can trust her. And Lindsay, I've been with her on movie sets and everything and I've seen her grow. She's such a big inspiration to me."

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People with too much time on their hands and bad taste in music are downloading Ali Lohan's singer "All The Way Around" on iTunes. The song has maintained a consistent spot on the iTunes Top 100 since its debut July 14.

According to Ali, two of the tune's biggest fans are sister Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

"Lindsay loves it," Ali told People Magazine. "It was nervewracking to hear from her because she's so hugely successful, so I was like 'No, don't listen to it!' I ran out of the room when she listened to it. She's really proud of me."

Young and Stupid

Play that funky music, Ali Lohan.

As Ali's career takes off, the young, terrible singer hasn't ruled out going on tour.

In fact, if her E! reality show Living Lohan, also starring her Satanic manager/mother Dina Lohan, continues for a second season, it will likely focus on Lohan going on tour.

"If anything, it'll be me on the tour bus. I’m not sure yet," Ali said.

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Wanna vomit at the thought of listen to Ali Lohan's first single?

The 14-year-old has released "All the Way Around" exclusively to People Magazine. She would have done so to The Hollywood Gossip, but we think her and her family are spawns of Satan.

Asked how her upcoming album compares to that of fellow teen star Miley Cyrus, Ali said:

"She's really good. But I have different music than her. It's a different vibe â€" it's definitely a different vibe. Mine is more hip-hop. Kind of like Rihanna."

And what about a duet with Lindsay Lohan?

"I think that would be awesome," Ali said.

To put it mildly, our staff disagrees.

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Ali Lohan is desperate to be famous.

We wonder if she'll settle for being a troll.


According to E! Online, the reality star and sister of Lindsay Lohan is director John Carl Buechler's top choice for a lead role in the big-budget remake of his 1986 film, Troll.

Ali auditioned last week for the role of the young Eunice St. Clair.

"She was great," Buechler somehow said. "The camera loves her. She's a really good actress... I am personally going to fight for her."

Ali Lohan craves fame. Her mother has raised her well.

The "retelling of the original story with some twists" (as the director describes it) does not currently have a release date. The original marked the big screen debut of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

If the hiring of Lohan goes through, the remake would mark the debut of Ali on screen, as well. Until her eventual sex tape, that is.

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With her reality show premiering this month, Ali Lohan wants you to know one thing: it's tough being her. Please read about it in People Magazine. Please shower her with pity.

Oh, and make sure you watch Living Lohan on Memorial Day.

Ali and Lindsay Lohan Pic

As a way of hyping her new series, Ali opened up to People about the trouble she's faced in school. It's horrible, folks.

"A little while ago ... a couple of girls in school made up a video of me and put it up on YouTube," Ali said. "They used disgusting words. Like if my mom ever heard me say that stuff, I'd be grounded for life! ... They're disgusting kids. I got really aggravated."

Right. Because Dina Lohan has probably never heard such ugly words. Heck, she probably get called worse every day on the street.

Ali Lohan wants your sympathy and your eye balls tuned to Living Lohan.

So, did Ali learn anything from the harrowing experience? How does her current home schooling situation differ from being stuck in a classroom with - gasp! - non-celebrities?

"You learn so much more â€" it's just hard to focus when girls are giving you problems," she said. "No one's talking about you behind your back. It's definitely easier."

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