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Two beautiful actresses.

One awful taste in fashion.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria Parker and Heroes star Ali Larter were each spotted out in a similarly-designed Emanuel Ungaro dress recently.

We find the outfit harder to look at than the nonsensical third season of Larter's show, but we'd still like to know what readers think:

Who looks better in this dress?


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If women love a man with a sense of humor, Heroes star Ali Larter has done well for herself with Hayes MacArthur.

The engaged couple celebrated their relationship with family and friends at L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel on Saturday night.

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

In a toast to his "wife-to-be," MacArthur thought back how the couple met while wearing loin cloths on the set of the 2007 movie Homo Erectus.

"In that moment I knew how much you meant to me, how much you care about everything you do and everyone in your life," MacArthur said to Larter.

The couple has dated for five years and got engaged in December.

Hayes MacArthur needn't imagine Ali Larter nude. Dude has totally seen it already.

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Ali Larter stars on Heroes.

Minka Kelly stars on Friday Night Lights.

Both are certified hotties - and celebrity hairstyle all-stars!

The center part is totally in style these days, as evidenced by both actresses' loosely waved hair below. Who wears it better, though? You tell us!

  • Minka Kelly Limo Ride
  • Ali Larter Blonde Hair

Whose hair do you like better?


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Remember the whipped cream bikini Ali Larter sported in Varsity Blues? Of course you do.

Well, the following photo - courtesy of a spread in the most recent issue of Allure - may not top that image... but it comes mighty close!

Holy Larter!

Ali Larter stars in Heroes... and in the fantasies of guys everywhere!

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Is it hot in here?

Or is it just today's member of the celebrity birthday club?

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

Indeed, a happy 32nd is in order for beautiful actress Ali Larter. The gorgeous star of whipped cream bikinis and Heroes is engaged to Hayes MacArthur. We wish this couple nothing but the best, but if it doesn't work out:

Call us, Ali!

Increase your entertainment news knowledge now. Memorize our calendar of celebrity birthdays and impress your friends!

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Hayes MacArthur will be seeing Ali Larter naked for the rest of his life.

The actor and Heroes actress are engaged.

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

"It's true," said a rep for the actress. "They're thrilled."

Hayes MacArthur and Ali Larter will be one another's Heroes for life.

No wedding date has been set and this will be the first marriage for both. For Larter, the proposal was anything but a surprise; she's been more than ready to marry MacArthur, who has appeared on How I Met Your Mother, almost since she met him.

"I told my boyfriend after three weeks that I wanted to marry him and that we could do it tomorrow," Larter recently said. "I look forward to that time when I'm home with babies."

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Open up our classic celebrity photo vault and you'll find an attractive Britney Spears.

A nude Halle Berry.

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

A non-emaciated Kate Bosworth.

It's a fun trip down memory lane... but it's just gotten a lot more enjoyable!

The Hollywood Gossip staff has uncovered the picture that made Ali Larter famous. Sure, this actress has made a respectable name for herself with a great performance in Heroes - but a few years ago, she made herself something even more memorable:

A whipped cream bikini.

All warm-blooded males remember exactly where they were when Larter sauntered out to seduce the team's new star quarterback (played by James Van Der Beek) in Varsity Blues. It was like this generation's JFK assassination. But in a sexy way.

Check out the scene now. Sort of gives Hayden Panettiere and Minka Kelly something new to aim for in their cheerleading battle, huh?

If Ali Larter naked is serving dessert, we'll take seconds!

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Heroes star Ali Larter won't reveal the identity of her boyfriend, but she sounds very smitten.

"I'm madly in love," the 31-year-old actress and model tells InStyle Makeover's fall issue, as reported by People. "He just brought light to my life. I feel lucky every morning when I wake up and see him."

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

This mystery man better like children more than Eddie Murphy does, because Larter sees them in her future â€" after her career calms down a bit.

"I'm loving this right now," she says of acting. "But I can't wait for that."

Larter, who plays Niki Sanders on NBC's Heroes, spent many years modeling before she caught the acting bug. She claims, however, that she grew up more as a tomboy than as someone who could ever follow in the footsteps of Heidi Klum or Marisa Miller.

"I had a bowl haircut," she says. "My face was always flushed, and I had one big tooth. I was the sweaty dirty girl, and I'd come home with one sock up, one sock down."

Now that she's found success, Larter says, she and her boyfriend are doing a good job staying balanced, knowing when to turn things up and when to chill out. It's the sort of lesson Britney Spears should probably learn before it's too late.

"Last night I was in my skintight Brian Reyes dress and Louis Vuitton heels. ...Today I packed my weekend bag â€" cargos, sneakers and sweats," she says. "And you know what? I need both. Balance is something that we all strive for, but for me it's to make sure my life has enough downtime, plus a bit of play."

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