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The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky, whose season premiered last night, says she's no longer feuding with nemesis Vienna Girardi. All together now ... Phew.

Chris Harrison, the show's pimp-in-chief, confirmed the hatchet burying at Dancing With the Stars (which aired right after The Bachelorette season premiere).

The two ladies, who famously clashed on The Bachelor while in competition for Jake Pavelka, even "hugged each other and, said 'Hi,'" back stage at the taping.

"That's one of the ways Ali has grown as a person," Chris said.

What, by not being a completely catty b!tch? Great job, Ali!

  • Bachelorette Ali
  • Vienna Girardi Topless

The Bachelorette star Ali, left, and The Bachelor winner Vienna ... yeah.

Back in the day, Ali Fedotowsky would call out Vienna Girardi for, among other things, bragging that she'd "shake her boobs in Jake's face," but not any longer.

"[Ali] regretted some of that," Harrison added. "I get it. Look, in the heat of the moment, on the show, you say some things, you regret certain things, there are things you look back and might not do and that was one of them. She apologized for that."

Fedotowsky is "so happy for Jake," Harrison went on about the new star. "She realizes now that it wasn't meant to be, she wasn't supposed to be with Jake."

Harrison said he thinks Vienna Girardi got a bad rap as the villain on the show, and that anyone writing her off is presumptuous. Can't we all just get along?

Apparently we can/ Jake Pavelka even posted a pic on Facebook of him, his fiancee and Ali. Oh, how times change (click here to be THG's Facebook friend).

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It's that time of year again. The Bachelorette is back, and with it a very cute girl, two dozen dudes competing for air time her heart, and a lot of contrived drama.

Bachelor castoff Ali Fedotowsky is calling the shots this time, and as usual, THG will break down the action for you each week with its official plus-minus index ...

Minus 6 for this cheese ball narration: "I’ve re-prioritized my life, but I’m still that girl who’s going to throw on a pair of jeans and kick around a soccer ball." - Ali.

Plus 5 for the montage of Ali bouncing a soccer ball, though. Man, she just looks like she's so much FUN! Sporty, even! Plus 2 more for the gratuitous ab shots.

Chris Harrison's greeting intro making it sound like Ali was head over heels for Jake Pavelka, when they engineered her exit and this story from the start. Plus 7.

OMG, Ali gave up her job and apartment to star on The Bachelorette. After seeing this awkward menagerie of men, she might want to call her landlord. Minus 4.

Cock Tales

COCK TALES: These guys will say and do anything for Ali's attention.

Is it just us or does Ali look a little more "Hollywood" than last season, like she's trying a little too hard to look hot? Kind of like, say, Vienna Girardi? Minus 5.

We could spend a long time on each of the guys, but we'll focus on just a few here. Take Ty from Tennessee. He's down home Bachelorette bait to a T. Plus 3.

Best pickup line of the night goes to Craig M.: "I'm so glad you're not Vienna." Plus 3. Minus 6, though, for so many other dudes just plain choking out there.

Chris Lambton, a friendly Cape Codder, bonds with Ali over their mutual love of the Boston Red Sox. Plus 11. We get a good feeling about these two blondes.

Derek, a.k.a. Shooter’s explanation of his nickname: ”I prematurely ... you know." Holy crap, dude. Minus 5, but at least he was prematurely kicked off, too.

The first-impression rose goes to Roberto Martinez, who not only teases Ali how to salsa dance, but may be the first non-white contestant in history. Plus 20.

Rated R Picture

MORE LIKE NC-17: Give Justin Rego credit for directness, anyway.

We hate to say it after one episode, but Ali Fedotowsky is boring in this role. Maybe she'll grow into it, but Minus 10, because right now she's a female Jake Pavelka.

Minus 8 for producers resorting to the vintage Bachelorette bag of tricks already - a hopeful tells Ali that certain guys are there for the “wrong reasons.” Shocker!

Host-pimp Chris asked each guy to write down who they feel is there under false pretenses. Your winner? Justin Rego, a.k.a. Rated R! Plus 9 for utter obviousness.

Ali's take is that just because the pro wrestler fakes it in the ring doesn’t mean he’s faking it for her. The Bachelorette spoilers we've read beg to differ, Al. Minus 8.

Forget Betty White. Someone needs to start a Make The Bachelorette a One-Hour Show group on Facebook. No Points, just saying. P.S. Friend THG on Facebook!

TOTAL: +8.

Roses: Roberto and Justin (earlier); Jesse, Ty, Craig R., Tyler V., Frank, Steven, Chris L., Kirk, John C., Chris N., Chris H., Hunter, Craig M., Jonathan and Kasey.

Out: Kyle, Jay, Jason, Shooter, Derek, Tyler M., Phil, and John N.

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Who will Ali Fedotowsky choose to spend the rest of her life with?

We begin to answer that question this evening on the sixth season premiere of The Bachelorette as 25 aspiring trophy husbands compete for air time her affection.

If The Bachelorette spoilers, based on reliable intel, are to be believed, we already know who her final two suitors are ... but more on that in just a moment.

Regardless, it should be a wild ride for Ali Fedotowsky, the beautiful, energetic and charismatic career-oriented woman who has at last "re-prioritized her life."

The whole "I'm choosing my career" thing was likely a ploy to get out of marrying Jake Pavelka and land this gig, but either way, the soul mate search is on!

Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Harrison

Beautiful Ali Fedotowsky and host-pimp Chris Harrison are ready to tag-team The Bachelorette starting tonight. Tag-team it in a manner of speaking, of course.

Her quest won’t disappoint conflict-hungry fans: “There is definitely a bit of drama," Ali said. "Rumors are rumors. Whether there is truth to them, I can’t say."

"There was a lot of emotion, good and bad.”

We've withheld their names so far, but you're curious, follow the jump to see the two guys supposedly in the running for Ali's heart on The Bachelorette finale ...

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"The more I got to to know her, the more I realized she's this strong, independent, beautiful woman, but very vulnerable." - Chris Harrison on Ali Fedotowsky

As the star of The Bachelorette, premiering one week from tonight (May 24), she has 25 men vying for her love. Men subject to dismissal at her every whim.

But will the gorgeous blonde herself be the one who's worried?

Ali Fedotowsky, who bowed out of contention for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor this winter, harbors major insecurities, says the show's venerable host-pimp.

"Everyone brings their own kind of baggage to the show," Harrison told Us Weekly over the weekend. "Ali [is] a girl that has in the past been hurt before."

Chris Harrison debonairly escorts Ali Fedotowsky.

Harrison continued: "She really had this fear of almost being rejected. Like, 'Yes, I'm going to fall in love, but really worried that I'm not going to get love back.'"

"Everyone has bones in the closet they have to deal with. Hers was 'I'm going to put myself out there. I'm ready for love, but are these guys going to love me?'"

He declined to comment on The Bachelorette spoilers we're all wondering about, but he did say this about the upcoming season: "There is a phenomenal ending."

But is it a happy ending?

"I'll say this: Ali had to make a very tough choice at the end, several tough choices, and I think she's satisfied with how it ends and satisfied with her choice."

Typical Bachelorette non-answer - they stopped writing material for Chris years ago. Not that we care - we're counting down the days! We're just saying though.

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A job at Facebook is good. Better than dating Jake Pavelka, even.

Being the new star of ABC's The Bachelorette is the best, however.

For Ali Fedotowsky, finding stardom love is the only goal this time around. Her starring turn as The Bachelorette premiere begins a week from tonight (May 24).

"I'm ready to meet someone and put him first," she says, and she's not messing around with this - she's "definitely" ready to settle down and have kids!

Oh, to be the lucky man she picks.

For more on which of the 25 potential soul mates she ends up with, check out The Bachelorette spoilers we've compiled so far ... they're pretty eye-opening.

She's bid Facebook farewell, but we'd still "Friend" Ali Fedotowsky.

There has been criticism of The Bachelor franchise recycling people who are affable, but not that interesting (cough, Jake), but we're psyched for Ali's season.

We expect plenty of drama, contestants butting heads and shocking twists - some contrived and some actually legitimate. But Ali Fedotowsky's motives are clear:

"I'm back and ready to find love!" she says. Good to know.

Will Ali Fedotowsky be a good Bachelorette?


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On the May 24 premiere of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky meets a potential suitor, a professional wrestler named Justin Rego who calls himself "Rated R."

Yup, the guy who's there for the wrong reason, according to The Bachelorette spoilers. A wrestler looking to boost his profile on The Bachelorette? Seriously.

"Ali, I'm absolutely here for the right reasons," insists Rated-R, obviously lying as he reveals a T-shirt emblazoned with his nickname under his shirt and tie.

"I'm not like these other 24 [guys]."

Well, that part's true. When another guy interrupts them, he threatens, "Uh oh... I might have to get a little 'Rated R' on you, buddy!" That just sounds weird.

Ali Fedotowsky, wooed by Jake Pavelka only to leave The Bachelor for her job, is determined to make this work: "I'm back and ready to find love!" she says.

Will she find it with Justin Rego? Don't count on it ...

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Another season of The Bachelorette is officially upon us, and with it, another shocking scandal - and obligatory Bachelorette spoilers giving it away beforehand.

Naturally, one suitor of Ali Fedotowsky is singled out immediately as this season's Mr. There for the Wrong Reasons. You all must be familiar with the old adage:

There's one in every group of reality TV fame whores.

The guy in question Justin Rego, a pro wrestler with the stage name Rated-R. Really. Dude even wore a shirt with "Rated-R" across the chest when he met Ali.

Rihanna is rolling in her grave right now.

Apparently, Justin Rego's day of reckoning comes when Jessica Spillas contacts Ali Fedotowsky through Jessie Sulidis - who outed Rozlyn Papa on The Bachelor.

Confused yet?

Cute New Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky beware: One of your suitors has ulterior motives!

Spillas informs Ali Fedotowsky that she's Rego's girlfriend, and knew about and supported his decision to do The Bachelorette in order to further his career.

The reason Jessica Spillas comes forward? She discovers that Rego had been seeing another woman as well. Might as well humiliate that a$$ on television.

Needless to say, Ali is repulsed by this and Rated-R, who as of June 14 has advanced three episodes and sparked rage among the guys, gets booted. Brutal.

Our man Reality Steve has more details, but that's the gist. Aside from this scandal, bank on more trumped-up drama from the creative ABC writing staff.

Thanks to him, we've even got the skinny on what's to come at the FINAL ROSE CEREMONY, including who Ali does and does not pick at season's end.

Follow the jump for tons more Bachelorette spoilers from the season, from the full list of cast members to the order they're knocked off and much more ...

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The Bachelorette doesn't get underway for another month, but spoilers are already leaking out regarding the new season starring Bachelor castoff Ali Fedotowsky.

Ever since she was named the star of the new season, we've wondered what drama Mike Fleiss would cook up for Ali come May 24. Turns out he didn't have to.

One of the guys has a girlfriend back home.

Not a rumored girlfriend, or one producers invented, skewed his relationship with, or edited footage to make it appear like two-timing occurred. A real girlfriend!

Basically, he's Wes Hayden, only unedited.

It gets better, too. Somehow, this chick calls Ali Fedotowsky while the cameras are rolling during the show, to warn her that is her boyfriend she is dating.

Ali Fedotowsky has a history with dramatic phone calls, having begged Jake Pavelka (in vain) for a second chance last season after voluntarily leaving The Bachelor.

He’s really just there to promote his career, of course. Not for love. Fancy that. Once Ali finds this out, she kicks him off. No more around the world for him.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this Bachelorette spoiler is that it was somehow not faked, rather it just fell in the producers' lap. Truly amazing.

Still unclear as of now:

  • Which guy it is, who his girlfriend is, and when it goes down
  • How on Earth she got ahold of Ali Fedotowsky (cough, Chris)
  • Why the girlfriend let him go on the show in the first place
  • How he reacts when Ali calls him out on the publicity stunt
  • Whether the person from Jake Pavelka's season is involved

Comments and theories on these Bachelorette spoilers are welcome.

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Ali Fedotowsky is in for a world of drama when The Bachelorette returns May 24. Seriously, that's the theme of the new season: "Around the World."

They're not joking, either. According to reports, the season is being filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Iceland, Turkey, and Portugal.

Those are just the locations confirmed. There are also whispers about Tahiti. Makes Jake Pavelka's season look about as boring as ... Jake Pavelka.

You'll never believe it, either, but word is that in one of those locations, something happens this season that has never happened in show’s history.

Okay, they say that every freaking week. But unlike most contrived nonsense, this was actually not fake or something that ABC planned in advance.

Cute New Bachelorette

Spurned by Jake Pavelka, Ali Fedotowsky calls the shots this time around. Elegant, yet casual and fun shots, as evidenced by this Bachelorette promotional photo.

The details right now are being kept under wraps, but you know that's only temporary. Something scandalous goes down and soon, we will find out what.

Also to be expected, someone from the last season of The Bachelor makes an appearance this season. No word on who. Please, please let it not be Jake.

In any case, we're psyched for the new season. On the fake reality TV scale, this is the absolute cream of the crop ... and Ali Fedotowsky is really cute.

A favorite to be named The Bachelorette from the get-go, Ali should be a natural. Guess a turn at stardom chance at love won out over work in the end.

Are you excited to see Ali as The Bachelorette?


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After deftly side-stepping Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor and feigning sadness when he turned down her fake offer to return, Ali Fedotowsky has moved on.

To The Bachelorette!

Ali is already filming the upcoming season, which supposedly got underway March 10. That means by now, at least a few rose ceremonies must be in the books.

The contrived, yet entertaning drama begins May 24. Here are the first pics of Ali Fedotowsky since her starring role as The Bachelorette was announced.

You see, the gorgeous white dress indicates that she is a majorly classy babe, but pairing it with tennis shoes shows us that she's, like, totally super FUN!

Ali Fedotowsky as The Bachelorette: Do you approve?


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