The lovely fiancee of Kanye West. We're big, big fans of Alexis Phifer.

Some get married - Eli Manning and Abby McGrew, for instance - while others call off their engagement. It's the circle of celebrity life.

Indeed, according to reports, Kanye West and Alexis Phifer have broken up. The rapper supposedly dumped his girlfriend, who he's been dating since 2002, without giving a significant reason.

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Some celebrity gossip may be mere wishful thinking - we'll believe Jessica Simpson nude when we see it - but the following rumor makes a lot of sense. Even if its source is The National Enquirer.

According to that tabloid: "Kanye West has a heart-rendering final tribute planned for his late mother: he intends to marry fiancee Alexis Phifer right after the holidays."

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Kanye West has been an angry man these days.

Following the Video Music Awards, he lashed out at MTV, saying the network exploited himself and Britney Spears and vowing to never work with the channel again.

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Kanye West's fiancée, Alexis Phifer, won't have to worry about any impending mother-in-law issues: her beau's mom is crazy about her.

"I think she's a very outstanding young woman," Dr. Donda West told People magazine. "She's quite talented, very intelligent, very creative. Very sweet, thoughtful, generous. I can't think of one negative thing I would say about her, even in private!"

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The lovely fiancee of Kanye West. We're big, big fans of Alexis Phifer. More »
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