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Last week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen and Vicki nearly came to blows over Slade’s comedy sketch. Then Alexis checked in to her plastic surgeon’s office for “sinus surgery.” You know how that goes.

Briana, Vicki’s daughter, is having a medical crisis, too. A serious one. Except Vicki’s kind of stealing her daughter’s thunder. Let’s find out what the girls of Orange County are up to this week with our THG +/- recap!

Tamra Barney, Plastic Surgery

First up, Tamra visits her plastic surgeon. She wants to have her implants removed. Totally. As in, no implants at all. Simon, her ex, influenced her against this surgery previously, but now that she’s her own woman, she’s making her own decisions.

And the boobs have got to go.

“Third set of boobs. Third man. Third time’s a charm.” Nice, Tamra. Plus 5 for using your brain instead of your boobs to get ahead from now on.

Meanwhile, Alexis’ “sinus” surgery is about to begin. Her doctor has taken what may be the least flattering pictures of Alexis in existence and plastered them on the wall. And the camera man was kind enough to show them to us.

I had to pause the TV to look at just how unflattering these pictures are, y’all.

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Last week, The Real Housewives of Orange County got together to play Bunco and Terry, Eddie, and Shady Slade crashed the party. This week we’re picking up right where we left off. Let’s document the drama with our THG +/- recap!

In walk the men. Terry and Eddie are rocking skintight zebra pants that show off any ASSets they may have at their ages. Slade’s rocking a mullet a la Billy Ray Cyrus. Gretchen says in the one-on-one that he looks like “such a douchebag.”

Ouch, Gretchen! Plus 5.

Nice Mullet Slade

Gretchen fills Slade in on the drama that was brewing between her and Tamra’s friend Ricky. Slade responds “Let’s start sh*t.” Oh, Slade. Minus 10. This isn’t your party OR Gretchen’s and you’re doing no favors by bringing the drama.

Slade asks Ricky if he has a problem with Slade’s stand-up. Ricky replies he wasn’t even there. Vicki asks Slade when he became a comedian. Slade’s response? “When I decided to go do it.” Not an answer, Slade. Or at least not a good one. Minus 10.

Vicki calls Slade a piece of sh*t repeatedly and leaves saying she’s going to see her daughter, who actually matters. Gretchen makes a valid point to the rest of the people in the room that none of them knows what she and Slade have discussed post-Improv and Vicki comes back in to speak her mind to Slade.

First, she tells him she’s sorry she doesn’t fit the Orange County mold of what he thinks she should look like, but her mom and dad think she’s pretty, so that’s all that matters. (Sidenote: Her parents have got to be, what, in their 80s now? Can they even still see her?)

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Last week, Slade bombed at comedy hour and Vicki’s daughter dropped a bomb: she may have cancer. This week? Bunco night. These women are getting wild and crazy, right?

Let’s check in with The Real Housewives of Orange County in THG’s +/- recap system!

Slade and Gretchen are in the car and Slade says this - comedy - is what he wants to do. That this just feels like the right thing. Gretchen says she thinks this is going to lead to a lot of fighting between them and she doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Slade and Gretchen

Slade agrees not to mention the girls. Gretchen sighs. Plus 5, Slade, for helping Gretchen make amends by setting boundaries with your comedy routine.

Tamra and Heather meet up for lunch to talk about the 80s themed Bunco night. Heather sees carbs on the table and reacts like they’re going to eat her. Minus 5.

Before their dishes are served, they both dish on the other women.

Tamra says she’s invited Alexis to Bunco night as a gesture of goodwill towards Gretchen and Heather tells Tamra that Alexis called herself a news anchor last week.

Tamra says her 12 year old is smarter than Alexis and pokes fun at Alexis’ giant boobs. Minus 5 for that thin attempt at “goodwill.” (Except it’s all true.)

Heather also tells Tamra about Slade’s evening at the Improv. She compliments Gretchen, and seems to mean it, so Plus 10 for that. Then bashes Slade’s poor attempts at comedy which were really just low blows against Gretchen’s friends and frienemies.

Tamra tries to blow off the fact that Slade compared her to the Michelin Man, but it’s clear that she’s bothered by his fat joke. Especially since she’s not fat.

Slade’s getting a Minus 25 for the sh!tstorm he’s caused for Gretchen.

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On last week's episode, we watched Tamra and Eddie patch up their relationship after a wayward boob grab in Catalina. We also saw Vicki and Alexis awkwardly learn of the newfound friendship Gretchen and Tamra are rekindling at Heather’s painting party.

Tonight, we’ve got comedy, and, of course, drama. What else went down tonight? Find out with in THG's Real Housewives of Orange County +/- recap below!

Gretchen Rossi Stand-Up

We start off the night with Vicki and Tamra at Vicki’s house that she still shares with Don. Her not-yet-ex-husband. Tamra is upset that Vicki didn’t say goodbye to her after Heather’s party. And Vicki is being all kinds of passive-aggressive about Tamra’s newfound friendship with Gretchen.

Vicki is pretty butthurt over the whole thing, so she starts playing the one-up game and claims that she and Alexis are BFFs now. Tamra knows better. Tamra breaks out a book called 52 Weeks of Great Sex that she bought with Gretchen and Vicki is immediately turned off.

“It’s not Biblical,” says Vicki. Tamra fires back, “Oh God, you have been hanging out with Alexis!” Minus 10 to Vicki for acting like a scorned 14 year old girl. And a prude.

Plus 10 to Tamra for playing dirty with Vicki.

Alexis and Heather are getting together for sushi and sake. Alexis claims she’s doing news anchoring – and, of course, she’s just doing some booty-lifting guest spots on the local news channel.

Heather is in disbelief, asking if she’s more like Jillian Barberie or Katie Couric. “I would be more like Jillian Bar-beer-ee” says Alexis. Minus 5, you ditz. 

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Last week, Tamra, Vicki and their men traveled to Catalina for Tamra’s birthday. Eddie and Vicki held hands. So Tamra put Brooks’ hand on her own boob. Eddie got pissed.

And that’s where we’re picking up with the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Let's break it all down in THG's official +/- recap below!

Tamra realizes the error of her boob-grabbing ways.

She and Eddie go for a walk. Tamra breaks down and cries that she was jealous of all the attention Eddie was paying to Vicki and admits to the boob grab as an attention…uh…grabber because she LOVES.HIM.SO.MUCH.

Minus 5 to Tamra for being ridiculous.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Cast

Vicki and Brooks, meanwhile, think nothing of Tamra’s forced man-handling and go straight to dinner. Where the promptly order more booze.

Minus 5 to them because more booze is exactly what NONE OF THEM need right now.

Back on the mainland, Heather and Terry go to dinner and the waitress hands Heather the menu already opened. As soon as the waitress is out of earshot, Heather feels compelled to complain that the menu being already opened makes her feel rushed. Uh, Heather, I’m pretty sure that’s a courtesy so you won’t chip your manicure.

Terry says he’s so hungry he doesn’t even think he can talk to Heather. I think he can’t talk to her because she’s a picky, snotty bitch.

She calls him “part husband, part little brother she never wanted” in a one-on-one, so I’m calling the fact that she looks at him as a brother Problem the First with this couple.

And then, just in case she hasn’t been ridiculous enough, she equates ordering Chinese takeout or reheating leftover soup with cooking dinner for her family every night. I wish that would fly with my husband.

Minus 20, Heather, for being obnoxious.

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It’s a new week on The Real Housewives of OC and we’re picking up right where we left off during last week's season premiere - the party at Vicki’s house.

Actually, we’re backtracking a wee bit and seeing the arrivals of all the women again. And the awkward. Alexis looks downright unhappy being in the same place as Peggy.

And Peggy looks like a man. So there’s that.


The two of them swap some war stories about broken bones and Alexis attempts to one-up Peggy’s three year old daughter. Minus 10, Alexis.

But Plus 5 to Peggy for walking away.

Vicki says she’s having seller’s remorse and will be sad to leave the house. Then she sort of dodges questions about Don’s current relationships. You know, since they’re still living in the same house and all. I mean, seeing your nearly-ex-husband’s hookups doing the walk-of-shame out of your own house can’t be awkward AT ALL, right??

Ahhh, finally. Time for the appetizer course. Oysters.

Minus 10 for gross.

Gretchen shows Tamra how to eat oysters and Tamra makes a face that says she does not enjoy swallowing. Oysters, I mean. (Sheesh, people!) Plus 15 for trying those slimy little bottom-feeders because that’s more than I would do.

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After a long hiatus, The Real Housewives of Orange County are back for a seventh season. Let's catch up with them in THG's +/- review of the premiere!

When we first see Gretchen, she’s getting ready to go to lunch. With Tamra. Because they’re trying to “bury the hatchet.” And because Tamra’s negativity just brings Gretchen down.

Slade’s not happy about a potential Gretchen-Tamra truce.

Plus 10 for trying to be the bigger person. Minus 10 for the rose petals in the bathroom floor.

Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi

Vicki’s house is for sale and they have a showing, so she has to go make the bed for her adult son because people won’t want to buy the house if the line on the comforter isn’t straight. And then they have to fluff the pillows on the couch.

Plus 10 because they’re doing it themselves.

Vicki also reveals that she’s dating a guy named Brooks who lives in Mississippi. He hasn’t been to her house because - get this - Don’s still living there because she needs his paycheck to maintain the house. But it’s okay because she and Don haven’t seen each other in about two months (despite living in the same house).

Minus 10 for the weird factor.

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We're less than two weeks away from the return of Bravo's longest-running franchise, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

What scripted drama have writers come up with for cast members Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino, Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow? E! News has spoken to a number of them and provided the following preview:

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season Seven Cast

Barney has downgraded in the chest department, reducing the size of her 34 Double Ds - and she couldn't be happier about it.

"It's been one of the best things I have ever done in my life," she says. "I feel a lot more confident without my implants."

Rossi, meanwhile, worried that newbie Dubrow might "have a stick up her ass," but Heather says she was "pleasantly surprised [by] how well we all got along" on the show. Boring!

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Step aside, Atlanta, New Jersey and Beverly Hills. The originals are about to show you how it's done.

Indeed, the Real Housewives of Orange County - Alexis Bellino, Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson and newcomer Heather Dubrow kick off season number-seven on February 7.

And based on the first official preview for new episodes, it looks like viewers will be in for the status quo, with the following trailer depicting catfights; plastic surgery chatter; helicopter rides; and, of course, Rossi posing naked.

Watch below.

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A star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis Bellino has shared almost everything about her life with viewers. Except this:

She struggled for years with anorexia and bulimia.

"I just didn't want to eat," Bellino says in the latest issue of Life & Style, saying the problem started at age 12 when her parents split. "Looking back, I think it was my way of controlling something at a time when everything else in my life was out of my control."

Alexis Bellino Image

During her freshman year in college, the purging began, which led to six years of throwing up many meals and feeling "heavy," Alexis says.

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Alexis Bellino Biography

Alexis Bellino Image Alexis Bellino is coming to reality TV. The blonde beauty is joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange Country for the show's... More »
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Alexis Bellino
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