Alexandra Paressant is a model who makes herself famous by saying she slept with athletes. That's how she is rolling now when it comes to...

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Tony Parker should send a case of French wine to Casey Aldridge.

By getting Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, Aldridge has taken attention away from pretty much every other story in the entertainment news world. Chief among them?

The supposed affair basketball star Tony Parker had with Alexandra Paressant.

Tony Parker says he has never even met this model, let alone seen Alexandra Paressant nude.

A lawyer for Parker, however, has come out and done more than simply deny the accusation toward his client: he's stated that Eva Longoria's husband has never even met Paressant.

"Tony adamantly and unconditionally denies ever having laid eyes on this woman, let alone having had an affair with her," said Stanton "Larry" Stein of the firm Dreier Stein & Kahan. "The allegations of the supposed affair are entirely false and fabricated."

As for the news that both Jamie Lynn and Lily Allen were knocked up? Stein had no comment.

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Take that, Alexandra Paressant.

Eva Longoria is standing by her embattled husband, showing up L.A.'s Staples Center for the San Antonio Spurs game against the L.A. Lakers on Thursday.

Tony Parker, the Spurs' point guard, sprained his ankle and sat out of the game while Eva Longoria mingled with pals Mario Lopez and Ryan Seacrest.

San Antonio was defeated, but Longoria and Parker are doing their best to reign victorious over Alexandra Paressant, an attention-seeking model who claims that Parker cheated on Eva with her. She claims certain text messages prove this.

Actress Eva Longoria and basketball star Tony Parker, who wed this summer, have not been rattled by rumors that he had an affair with model Alexandra Paressant.

Undeterred, Eva and Tony dined out with some friends after the game at the hot Hollywood sushi restaurant Katsuya. It wasn't the pair's only sighting Thursday, as Parker was on hand as Longoria shot a new L'Oréal commercial.

"[Tony Parker] went straight into Eva's trailer," an onlooker tells Us Weekly. "She was already on set when he arrived but he waited for her to come back. She came back with a big smile on her face and acted as if nothing could possibly be wrong."

As long as there's no semen involved.

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Alexandra Paressant is intent on proving she isn't a liar.

The French model, who claims to have slept with Tony Parker during his marriage to Eva Longoria, is following up that accusation with a few text messages sent to her from the basketball star.

Each of the following were originally written in French:

  • "Are you coming or not? I would love to see you."
  • "I'm at the hotel, relax. We're going to see each other on Thur. anyway."
  • "I'm back in Barcelona; call me when you get back."
  • "Come; I'm at the Park Hyatt."

Of course, as the J.R. Rotem/Britney Spears preganancy story proved, it's easy to fake a text message. So, what do you think:

Did Paressant sleep with Parker?

Alexandra Paressant Image

Alexandra Paressant claims that Tony Parker has seen - and touched - her being a lot more naked than she is here.

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For the record, The Hollywood Gossip still believes Alexandra Paressant is lying about her affair with Tony Parker.

But is has been confirmed that the French model is at least friends with the basketball star. According to her MySpace account, Alexandra Paressant is online buddies with a handful of other celebrities, as well.

Alexandra Paressant counts soccer star Thierry Henry, former Leonardo DiCaprio squeeze Bar Refaeli and annoying singer/Paris Hilton play thing James Blunt among her MySpace pals. She even has a couple of pics of Parker on her page.

Does this automatically mean the stories about her sleeping with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria disliking semen are accurate? Of course not.

But it does appear as though Paressant already has established herself within the celebrity universe a bit. So why make up an affair that could lose her the modicum of credibility she's earned with these people?

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Tony Parker is a championship basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs.

But is he also a world class cheater on wife Eva Longoria?

Alexandra Paressant certainly says so, as the model claims she met the basketball star as his July wedding to the actress and then began to exchange sexually explicit text messages and phone calls when he was in Paris in September.

They slept together, she alleges, and continued seeing each other night after night in Paris until he left to San Antonio a short time later.

"We had room service. He said that Eva, sexually speaking, does not want to do certain things," she said. "She does not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like [a] certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne."

Raise your hand if you actually believe Alexandra Paressant had an affair with Tony Parker. Thank you. Neither do we.

Look, even if those accusations are true, Parker still gets to see Eva Longoria nude. That would be enough to keep any man loyal.

Despite the attention Paressant has received for her remarks, the Desperate Housewives star stands by her man: "Tony has been nothing short of the perfect husband," she said in a statement released through her rep.

The attention-seeking model won't shut up, however, saying Parker has told her he wasn't want kids and replied to her question about the public finding out about their affair with: "People can think whatever they want."

In the end, we'd still like to believe Longoria's rep, Liza Anderson. She said:

"These allegations are completely, 100% false and untrue. All high profile couples fall victim to these sorts of things in the course of their relationships. It appears that this is not the first time this woman has used an athlete to gain public notoriety."

It's true. Paressant has also dated soccer star Ronaldinho. She's so busted!

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