Alex Vaggo is an aspiring model who has found the publicity jackpot: he's the occasional boy toy of Paris Hilton. For someone hoping to...

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Most people who see Paris Hilton naked end up with an STD of some sort.

Fortunately for Alexander Vaggo, however, the bedroom shenanigans he's enjoyed with Hilton have simply resulted in a lucrative modeling career.

The Swedish boy toy has just shot his first campaign for Alexander McQueen's "McQ" line. Below, drool over a glimpse of Vaggo's portfolio for Nous Model Management:

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Might Alex Vaggo be doing more than just taking Paris Hilton naked from behind once a week?

We've been assuming the relationship between this Swedish model and his American socialite/skank was purely physical... but check out the picture below. Vaggo actually met Hilton's parents for dinner last night!

Paris Photo

The couple arrived at Madeos in Beverly Hills, where they met her father Rick, mother Kathy and younger brother Barron. Did anyone else know Paris and Nicky Hilton had a brother?

After dinner, Paris and Alex headed to the Roosevelt hotel to have a lot of sex.

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Looks like Paris Hilton has finally run out of new guys to date.

The heiress was spotted holding hands and heading into a movie theater with ex-boy toy Alex Vaggo on Monday night.

Deja-ewwww: Paris Hilton and Alex Vaggo are dating again. At least for one night.

In other celebrity couple news, looks like Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson might be an item. Sorry if you're reading this, Sophia Bush. But better to find out now than later.

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Riley Giles, you have the random boyfriend spotlight all to yourself.

It's been confirmed that Paris Hilton has ended her relationship with Swedish model Alex Vaggo because he was "too shy." We can only imagine that means he wouldn't have sex with her on tape, like ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

"She loved his good looks, but she gets bored very quickly, and he was just too shy and quiet for her," claimed a source. "She likes bad boys."

Like Kid Rock, who Paris was spotted with this weekend in Toronto. But the socialite said "I'm single. I'm way too busy for a boyfriend," when asked if she and Pamela Anderson's ex were a couple.

It's unclear, of course, what Hilton is busy doing. Shopping for a new bedmate? Mocking Kim Kardashian's new reality show? Pretending to be friends with Nicole Richie?

For his part, Vaggo certainly doesn't have hard feelings. He's grateful for his time with Paris:

"Thanks to her I'm modeling, taking meetings, going to clubs, eating at great restaurants and living the high life. It's amazing. She's changed my life in every way."

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For Alex Vaggo, life in the land of the free and home of the brave is pretty sweet.

Sure, he has to get tested for STDs twice per week, but the Swedish model is already making a name for himself by dating a certain ex-con of a socialite, Paris Hilton.

The pair met September 13 outside the Los Angeles hostel where Vaggo was staying. After taking the place of Tyler Atkins - and numerous other gentleman callers - in bed beside (under, and on top of) Hilton, the model then watched as his career got jump started.

Hilton reportedly called her agent David Todd at Nous Model Management, telling him he "had to sign [Vaggo]," a source said, adding, "she is totally obsessed with him!"

Sorry, Alex Vaggo. But you're no Stavros Niarchos!

Todd recently told Us Weekly that Vaggo is more than just the latest in an endless line of guys to see Paris Hilton nude, he actually has talent: "We have high hopes for him. He's a natural."

So, how does the Swede feel about his experience in the States so far?

"I am thrilled to be in America!" he said to Us. "I can't wait to start modeling!"

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Another day, another new guy who has seen Paris Hilton nude in person.

The HO-tel heiress was spotted out last night in New York City with young Swedish model Alex Vaggo.

According to reports, however, Vaggo is far from Stavros Niarchos when it comes to his bank account. Fresh out of college, Alex works in a pizza restaurant, as he tries to build his modeling portfolio. Page Six says this new couple met "on the street near the USA Hostel in Hollywood," where he was staying as a $27-a-night tourist.

In this photo, Paris Hilton and Alex Vaggo look almost as in love as Shiri Appleby and Zach Braff.

"Our friend introduced him to Paris and she immediately took a liking to him," said a celebrity gossip source. "He's living much better now."

That's for sure. As long as you ignore the daily STD tests Vaggo must now undertake.

Tyler Atkins could tell him all about it. So could six or seven dozen other men. Over the last year.

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Alex Vaggo is an aspiring model who has found the publicity jackpot: he's the occasional boy toy of Paris Hilton. For someone hoping to... More »
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