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For the record, there's a better chance of Tiffany Pollard winning an Academy Award than there is of this story being true.

Still, it's our job to report on all celebrity gossip making the rounds - and this one is a doozy!

According to Great Britain's The Daily Mail, a cameraman is trying to pedddle a Maddona/Alex Rodriguez sex tape.

The unnamed voyeur claims the tape was shot with a hidden camera in an apartment owned by one of the singer's Kabbalah friends, allegedly used by her and A-Rod for secret afternoon trysts.

Rumors of an Alex Rodriguez/Madonna sex tape are swirling. How would Josyln Morse feel about that?

Last night, Madonna’s lawyers said they were “aware” of the cameraman's sex tape claims, but would not comment on the rumor.

If the video is real, we wonder if Cynthia Rodriguez can use it in divorce court. We also wonder if there would be any point in continuing our careers as entertainment news reporters.

It simply would never get any better than this.

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As the third baseman for the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has been involved in countless double plays over the years.

A new report in The New York Post, however, focuses on a December 2006 double team that A-Rod enjoyed in a Florida hotel room.

A Rod and C Diaz

According to TMZ, the controversial, soon-to-be-ex-husband of Cynthia Rodriguez was spotted entering a posh Coconut Grove hotel around the aforementioned date. The two women that shared a suite at that resort at the time?

Joslyn Morse and Alicia Marie.

Alicia Marie says she never had sex with Alex Rodriguez. But maybe she meant she never had sex with him without another woman around.

Both of these women have been linked to A-Rod's circus of adultery, as Morse is a veteran stripper and former Playboy model, while Marie is a fitness model that has denied any sort of romantic entanglement with the baseball star.

When asked by the Post about a late-night slumber party with the Morse and Rodriguez, she replied: "I really can't comment on that."

We sure can, though!

And the only thing that would make this story any more hilarious is if the Madonna song "Express Yourself" was playing in the background as Rodriguez padded his private home run total.

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Beleaguered New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez admitted that "times are a bit difficult" in an interview with The Insider on Monday.

"I'll get through them," he said at the 2008 MLB All-Star Week party at Jay-Z's 40/40 club. "The support of the New York fans has been incredible."

A-Rod Photo


Asked if he has been reading the flurry of stories about his divorce with Cynthia Rodriguez or the Madonna scandal, that prompted it, A-Rod said:

"None of it. Zero, zero. Thank you."

Well, that settles that. Alex Rodriguez has the blinders on, people!

Interestingly, Madonna was scheduled to attend the MLB All-Star Week bash. She was a no-show, however ... in person, at least.

The DJ at the event played a few Madonna tunes, including her new hit "Four Minutes" and classics "Material Girl" and "Like a Prayer."

Alex Rodriguez's "expression didn’t change," a witness reports. Phew.

During the night, A-Rod chatted up manager Guy Oseary - who also works for Madonna - and Ingrid Casares, who introduced him to his soulmate.

A-Rod — who spent the weekend with his daughter Natasha, 3, and estranged wife Cynthia Rodriguez, in Toronto — didn't look "devastated at all."

He obligingly posed for a photo with fans, but mostly stayed in the V.I.P. area, texting, watching ESPN's Sports Center, and drinking Bud Light.

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Cynthia Rodriguez wants to know everything about Alex Rodriguez.

That includes his finances, what women he's had affairs with (cough, Candice Houlihan) and also if he's ben wiretapping and putting private detectives on her.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez

Seriously, it's in the latest court papers filed by C-Rod.

She is demanding that Alex Rodriguez produce documents about all things financial - his tax returns, banking specifics, mortgage applications, stock portfolio data, wills and life insurance. But that's not even the juicy part.

Cynthia Rodriguez wants "any reports you have received from a detective, investigator or any other person based upon surveillance of your spouse."

Alex Rodriguez reunited with Cynthia Rodriguez in Toronto last weekend, so he could see his two children. These Rods are still very much separated.

On top of that, she wants "all tape recordings and other evidence prepared from tape recordings made in connection with any wiretapping or other electronic surveillance conducted by you or others on your behalf."

Cynthia Rodriguez also wants "all electronic evidence ... contained in all computers to which you have access" over the last three years.

That means iPhones, BlackBerries, the works. Was A-Rod keeping tabs on his old lady - and will it come back to bite him?

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The good ol' days of standing, deafening boos and simple "A-Rod, you suck!" chants are a distant memory. This guy commands a new level of taunting.

Last year, when he was linked to a certain manly stripper, fans tried to get in Alex Rodriguez's head (a DAUNTING task) by wearing Joslyn Morse masks.

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Now that Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are forever linked, the highest paid man in baseball drew a similar response this weekend in Toronto, as some Blue Jays fans hoisted photos of the Material Girl before he went up to the plate...

Embattled Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was able to keep the blinders on, however, hitting .307 with a home run over this weekend series in Canada.

Toronto did defeat New York twice in three games to keep the Yankees six games out of first in the American League East. No word on whether any Blue Jays fans brought photos of Candice Houlihan or Alicia Marie to mix things up.

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans and readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a fun Friday afternoon tradition here at our site.

This week's Caption Contest, featuring troubled baseball star Alex Rodriguez, was certainly a good one. The winner this week? Bobby J.

Scroll down for the winning entry and the complete list of responses. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again in this week's contest!

A candle for every woman ARod has cheated on his wife with... this week.

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world. The following battle has been brewing for years - and not just because of an on-field rivalry.

Since his trade to the Yankees in 2004, Alex Rodriguez has been a lightning rod (haha) for controversy, choking in the playoffs and boinking manly strippers. Star teammate Derek Jeter, meanwhile, just quietly does his (play) thing(s).

It's so on. Which of these prime-time players will emerge victorious in a grueling, 10-round slugfest? Let's find out. Ding, ding!

Who's the better player - off the field - Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez?


Alex Rodriguez: Joslyn Morse / Alicia Marie (tie)
Derek Jeter: Jessica Biel
Edge: Jeter


Alex Rodriguez: Soon-to-be dissolved marriage to Cynthia Rodriguez
Derek Jeter: Gabrielle
Edge: A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez: Madonna
Derek Jeter: Vanessa Minnillo
Edge: A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez: From Texas to New York for Alfonso Soriano
Derek Jeter: Mariah Carey for Jordanna Brewster
Edge: Jeter


Alex Rodriguez: Believers in the tenets of marriage
Derek Jeter: Red Sox fans
Edge: A-Rod

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Cynthia Rodriguez is speaking out publicly for the first time since filing for divorce on Monday from Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

She still loves her husband, Rodriguez told New York Post columnist Cindy Adams. But his alleged infidelities - Joslyn Morse, Candice Houlihan, possibly Alicia Marie, and so on - had simply caused her too much pain.

C-Rod, who is in Miami with her two small daughters while Alex remains in New York, revealed that her husband supported her leaving town when news of his alleged affair - of the heart, or otherwise - with Madonna.

A-Rod Photo

"My husband knew I was going. He encouraged it," says Cynthia Rodriguez.

"I needed to get away. With clear-headed friends. To breathe. To think how I'm going to handle my kids. I just needed a little time."

Scorned spouse Cynthia Rodriguez said that the couple's three-year-old daughter, Natasha, has been asking for her father and saying, "I miss my daddy," according to this morning's New York Post.

The All-Star's estranged wife also denied reports that she ran off to Paris with "pal" Lenny Kravitz and went on a $100,000 shopping spree just to punish her husband, leaving her girls, including 11-week-old baby Ella, at home.

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New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez was smitten with Madonna six months ago, exchanging text messages with her in Miami while dining with a friend, according to iffy unnamed sources quoted by Us Weekly.

"He kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid," the dinner companion told the celebrity news mag. "He told me it was Madonna. I was shocked."

The highest-paid player in baseball then "proceeded to say he was in love with her," the pal tells Us. "I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't."

By February, the 32-year-old slugger had upped the ante. "He said, 'She's my f--king soulmate, dude,'" the supposed friend reports.

Madonna, Alex Rodriguez

On Monday, Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod's wife of nearly five years, filed for divorce. Last week, news broke that Alex had been making late night visits to Madonna's apartment. Sources are calling it an "affair of the heart."

"Without talking about specifics of sexual conduct, there's no question [that there was an affair]," C-Rod's attorney, Earle Lilly, said in a statement. "No one very often has pictures of the actual sex itself."

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A-Rod's women are crawling out of the woodwork.

Yesterday, former Boston stripper Candice Houlihan.

Today, please welcome fitness model (and the former girlfriend of another major league baseball head case in John Rocker) Alicia Marie!

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Alicia Marie called Alex Rodriguez a "sweetheart" and insisted that while they have spent time alone at her apartment, they are "close friends" and nothing more.

Alicia Marie said the Yankees third baseman frequently visited her Chelsea apartment a few years ago and that the slugger lent his sympathetic ear "when I had just gone through a separation and divorce." That's what they all say.

"I am well aware that people will assume the absolute worst here, but Alex was, and to this day remains, just a close friend," wrote the statuesque brunette. "Friends hang out together in each other's apartments!"

Alicia Marie (with John Rocker, left), took a shot at Candice Houlihan (right), as well as Joslyn Morse and who knows how many others, declaring emphatically that "I am certainly not one of Alex's attention-seeking strippers."

Snap. While Marie denies any home runs were hit by Rodriguez at her pad, Houlihan eagerly admitted circling the bases twice with the future Hall of Famer - and said she is rooting for Cynthia Rodriguez in their divorce battle.

Alex Rodriguez Biography

Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod! Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees third baseman. He is by all accounts a superstar slugger. He is also very rich. And he is... More »
New York, New York
Full Name
Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Quotes

Times are a bit difficult. But I've been through tougher times. I'll get through them. And the support of the New York fans is incredible.

Alex Rodriguez

She's my f--king soulmate, dude.

Alex Rodriguez [on Madonna, allegedly]
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