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New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez took leave from his fellow Bronx Bombers this week for a very good reason: A-Rod became a dad again.

The 32-year-old Alex and wife Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, welcomed their second daughter, born Monday night in Miami, his team announced.

"We are thrilled with the birth of our second daughter and the blessing of having two beautiful, healthy children in our lives," the happy father said.

Alex Rodriguez, a future Hall of Famer and two-time American League MVP, and his wife of five years already have a daughter, Natasha, 3.

A-Rod has something to smile about despite his team's so-so start.

They revealed this second pregnancy last October, not long after a scandal involving Alex and Joslyn Noel Morse hit celebrity news sites.

"We're thrilled. We can't wait," Cynthia Rodriguez said.

"It's almost more exciting [than the first child] in a way, because you can anticipate what you already know is so amazing."

Alex Rodriguez, who had been undergoing treatment on his strained right quadriceps, is expected to rejoin the Yanks on Thursday.

In other New York area sports / celeb news, Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli Manning
got married to Abby McGrew over the weekend. Hooray!

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world you probably never considered. Because they are pointless, and above all, not real.

Two of our favorite athletes, Yankees slugger A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and tennis star A-Rodd (Andy Roddick) are no stranger to media attention - but it's their lovely significant others who have been getting equal exposure of late.

Let's see how Roddick's fiancee, model Brooklyn Decker, stacks up against Alex's better half, Cynthia Rodriguez, in a grueling 10-round bout. Ding, ding!

1. AGE

Brooklyn Decker: 20
Cynthia Rodriguez: 34
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Bikini
Cynthia Rodriguez: Scowl
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: B-Deck
Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: 3 (2006-2008)
Cynthia Rodriguez: 1 (2004)
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: SI's Dr. Z
Cynthia Rodriguez: Daughter Natasha
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Can't win the big one; Return game, backhand and volleys are suspect for top ten player
Cynthia Rodriguez: Greedy, self-centered, bad teammate, not clutch
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Quite possibly the most perfect thing ever created
Cynthia Rodriguez: Umm... not purple like her husband's, at least
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Mandy Moore
Cynthia Rodriguez: Jessica Canseco
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Roger Federer
Cynthia Rodriguez: Joslyn Noel Morse
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Love-love
Cynthia Rodriguez: Getting to third base
Edge: Brooklyn

THE VERDICT: A strong fight all the way to the end by both competitors, but like her husband, Cynthia just couldn't come through when it matters most. It's Decker, the Sports Illustrated hottie, dispatching Mrs. Rodriguez, 6-4!

Brooklyn Decker Topless

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Having been raked over the coals by unforgiving fans for the way he handled his contract negotiations, as well as for some general douchebag-like qualities, Alex Rodriguez doesn't want to bobble the ball again in the clutch, so to speak.

As a result, the star Yankees slugger has hired Madonna's manager to improve his image. Which, in The Hollywood Gossip's opinion, only goes to show he is a politician who cares about his image more than being genuine. But we digress.

"As I embark on this new chapter in my career," A-Rod tells Variety, "I know I have found someone... who has earned a lot of respect in the entertainment industry."

Alex may have forgotten that he plays baseball. But, we digress again. On the flip side, of course, professional sports are indeed entertainment, as the national fan and media fascination with the Mitchell Report showed over the past week.

Alex Rodriguez smiles... possibly because Guy Oseary told him to do so.

The makeover consultant for A-Rod, who this week denied taking steroids, is Guy Oseary, whose star clients also include David Blaine and Lenny Kravitz.

So what's this Guy's game plan for the superstar third baseman?

"To help [Alex Rodriguez] have more control of his image and brand" and explore the "endless possibilities" for baseball's highest-paid player.

Could one of those "possibilities" include a World Series ring? We doubt it! Could one be Cynthia Rodriguez bikini photos? We sure hope so!

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Alex Rodriguez has denied using performance-enhancing drugs, telling CBS' 60 Minutes in an interview Sunday that he's never needed steroids to compete.

The controversial Yankees slugger also said he "isn't sure he's worth" his record contract, and described being "white like a ghost" when news of his opting out of his deal with New York broke during Game 4 of the World Series.

A-Rod Photo

Alex Rodriguez's interview with the news program aired just three days after the Mitchell Report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball - in which dozens of current and former ballplayers were individually named - was released.

A-Rod wasn't in it, but Jose Canseco, a former Oakland slugger who was one of the first to admit using steroids, said he couldn't believe Alex Rodriguez wasn't included in the former Senate majority leader's findings.

Alex Rodriguez answered "No" when asked whether he's ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance.

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez are all smiles these days.

"I've never felt overmatched at any point on the baseball field," Rodriguez said. "... I felt that if I did my ... my work as I've done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn't have a problem competing at any level."

The 32-year-old superstar won his third AL Most Valuable Player award last month after hitting .314 with 54 homers and 156 RBIs. He finalized a new, $275 million, 10-year contract after opting out of his past deal with the Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez said the way the opt out was handled was a nightmare, and he understood why baseball fans and officials were upset with how it was handled.

As a result of that debacle, his agent, Scott Boras, is reportedly out of favor with the baseball great, leaving wife Cynthia Rodriguez as his de facto agent.

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CNN has leaked the names of current and former baseball players who were identified by the Mitchell Report as being users of steroids... at some point.

Of course, by "identified," the Mitchell Report means simply that the named players are rumored to have used steroids based on unconfirmed testimony from "various sources" including reputable clubhouse attendants personal trainers.

The Hollywood Gossip is shaken by this news, since a large part of its net worth is tied to its prized complete, mint condition 1989 Topps baseball card set.

Now that Wally Joyner, Lenny Dykstra and other stars of yore have been exposed as frauds by the Mitchell Report, that set is likely to plummet in value. It is a sad day.

Not surprisingly, the biggest name on this steroids list is Barry Bonds. One can only wonder if those hot Kimberly Bell nude pictures were also steroid-enhanced.

No word on whether Barry Bonds supplied mistress Kimberly Bell with HgH.

Also not surprisingly, Alex Rodriguez was not named on the Mitchell Report, but tried to upstage Major League Baseball by singing a new contract hours before the report's release. At least a few hundred million should keep Cynthia Rodriguez happy.

Follow the jump for the full list of alleged steroid users in Major League Baseball, past and present, as named in the Mitchell Report ...

Continue Reading...

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As New York Magazine observes, hubris rarely bites people in the ass like you want it to. Karl Rove left the White House before being brought down, people still read Perez Hilton, and Donald Trump retains the power of speech.

But it looks like uber-agent Scott Boras, the egomaniac blowhard who thought he was bigger than the World Series, is finally getting thrown off his high horse.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez

After all, Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Rodriguez have crawled back to the Yankees' negotiating table â€" alone â€" just three weeks after A-Rod opted out of his deal with New York and left the city (and the rest of the country) cursing his name.

As Scott Boras has clearly fallen out of favor with the superstar, does that make wife Cynthia Rodriguez A-Rod's de facto agent now? That would be spectacular for all.

She was at the Yankees' meeting with A-Rod and is the biggest influence on him right now - it's obvious Cynthia Rodriguez wears the pants in this relationship.

Could she be the boss now? Unlike Boras, she's actually got balls (remember the F-Rod t-shirt). In any case, Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez, who recently announced they're expecting baby #2, are almost certainly going ink a new deal with New York soon, potentially giving us another decade of celebrity gossip fodder.


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New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, 32, and his wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, are expecting their second child next spring.

Hooray! That will make two more kids than he has World Series rings!

Alex Rodriguez Details Cover

"Cynthia and I are overjoyed to announce this addition to our family," says the future Hall of Famer, who may have to take out a second mortgage in order to feed the growing brood.

"We realize already what a special gift children are, and feel extremely blessed to welcome our second child next year."

This is great news for Alex Rodriguez as he prepares to face the Cleveland Indians in the American League Division Series beginning tonight.

But most excited member of the family might be Natasha, 2.

"I feel great!" Cynthia Rodriguez says, adding that they don't yet know the sex of the baby, but will find out soon. "My daughter wants to know more than we do!"

"We're just real excited," added Cynthia Rodriguez, a.k.a. "F-Rod," who earned some headlines earlier this year by wearing an offensive t-shirt, presumably a response to scandalous allegations against her husband.

"It's almost more exciting [than the first child] in a way, because you can anticipate what you already know is so amazing. We're thrilled. We can't wait."

Congratulations! If it's a girl, we expect the couple won't be naming it Joslyn Noel Morse Rodriguez. Although stranger things have happened.

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Apologies to Derek Jeter for lumping him in with these two. It was just for laughs. Derek Jeter has dated the likes of Jordanna Brewster, Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel - and won four World Series rings. He is in a (hunky) league of his own.

To be most fair, we should just say that three of the richest, handsomest, most talked about men in sports got together yesterday.

Becks at the TCAs

L.A. Galaxy "star" David Beckham posed for photos with New York Yankees greats Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez - just before the Yanks faced the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rumor has it that David Beckham's L.A. Galaxy teammates were there too, but who knows. Or cares. No one gives a rat's behind about soccer here anyway.

For some reason, David Beckham was on hand before the game and chatted it up with Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, manager Joe Torre, and hitting coach Don Mattingly.

No word on whether Beckham discussed strip clubs with A-Rod or shared the fact that he may have had his own, well-publicized Joslyn Noel Morse style affair years ago.

Mr. Victoria Beckham and the Galaxy stuck around for the game - the Yanks won, 5-4. As he's gotten accustomed to, David was nothing more than a spectator.

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Where have you gone, Joslyn Noel Morse?

Probably to a pricey gentlemen's club somewhere in Las Vegas. She is a stripper, after all. Although we meant that more as a rhetorical question.

Alex Rodriguez Details Cover

In any case, embattled New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was in good spirits Friday, reading from his new children's book entitled "Out of the Ballpark" at FAO Schwarz.

With Alex Rodriguez was wife Cynthia Rodriguez, who stayed by his side despite recent revelations of his extramarital liaisons, and their two-year-old daughter, Natasha.

Despite a turbulent two months, Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez are all smiles.

In late May, Stray-Rod was spotted at a Toronto strip club with stripper Joslyn Noel Morse. He was heckled later that week at Boston's Fenway Park by fans in Morse masks.

With the exception of an explicit tank top (leading to the F-Rod headlines), Cynthia Rodriguez never seemed to make a big deal of it, and Alex has continued to hit home runs (on the field, that is) for the mediocre Yankees at a torrid pace.

FAO Schwarz donated 15 percent of all sales during the event to Alex's charity, the A-Rod Family Foundation. Okay, so maybe he isn't entirely a jerk. Just don't start hanging with Michael Vick, Alex. Please, don't.

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First, Stray-Rod.

Now, F-Rod.

A-Rod Photo

So many rods. This time, the Rodriguez under fire in the Big Apple is Cynthia. Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez's long-suffering wife may have finally flipped her lid yesterday when she went to a game in The Bronx wearing a tight-fitting, white tank top bearing this on the back:

"F*%k you."

We've seen Britney Spears wear the same tank top in the past. But such lunacy is almost expected from that train wreck. With Cynthia Rodriguez, many were taken aback - especially those seated behind her.

The obscene phrase was visible to many fans - including kids - as she, 2-year-old daughter, Natasha, and another woman took their seats.

"[One] father, was so embarrassed, he got up and left and took his son," who appeared to be about 10 years old, a fan said.

"I mean this kid was right in back of Cynthia Rodriguez... his nose must have been about 4 inches away from the words 'F*%k you.'"

Cynthia Rodriguez's F-word faux pas also violates Yankee Stadium policy.

The team's policy prohibits any banners or signs that are not in "good taste" and also warns that security guards will eject anyone "using foul language" or "making obscene gestures."

Still, when fans let nearby security know about Cynthia Rodriguez's classy four-letter garment yesterday, nothing was done about it.

"It was noted by police and security," one fan said. "They were aware of it. I guess they didn't know what to do. I guess you don't kick A-Rod's wife out of the game."

Cynthia's shocking breach of stadium etiquette comes about a month after she was publicly humiliated by her straying hubby's catting around the country and Canada with a busty, blond Las Vegas stripper and Playboy wannabe.

His manly-looking mistress was later revealed as Joslyn Noel Morse and featured in a New York Post expose. Fans mocked A-Rod over Joslyn's unattractiveness.

Despite - or perhaps because of - those randy revelations, Alex Rodriguez, 31, has been on fire when it comes to the baseball diamond, batting a jaw-dropping 406 over the last month.

Howard Rubenstein, the spokesman for George Steinbrenner, last night said he could not reach The Boss or other executives for comment on Cynthia's stunt.

It's not clear who the target was of the Cynthia Rodriguez wrath: Yankee fans, management, the media, a nude Joslyn Noel Morse, or Alex Rodriguez himself.

A-Rod's agent, Scott Boras, was busy lighting cigars with $100 bills on his yacht while making calls on his new iPhone and could not be reached for comment.

However, Isaiah Washington was reportedly thrilled that someone else was getting $h!t over the improper use of an f-word. It's about time, right?

Incidentally, if C-Rod was trying to light a fire under A-Rod and the team with her F-Rod antics, it didn't work - the Bronx (Stink) Bombers got killed 11-5 by the A's. Pity.

Alex Rodriguez Biography

Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod! Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees third baseman. He is by all accounts a superstar slugger. He is also very rich. And he is... More »
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Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

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