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Alec Baldwin is not denying it: he was involved in an altercation with a photographer from The Daily News yesterday morning.

But the actor did appear today on CBS This Morning and disputed any account that said he threw a punch or simply randomly attacked the reporter in question, Marcus Santos.

According to the 30 Rock actor, Santos started to come at him as he was exiting a courthouse and "almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of his camera." Yes, Baldwin admits to pushing Santos, but only because he was provoked.

Alec Baldwin on CBS This Morning

"People think I'm out there just decking photographers willy-nilly, nothing could be further from the truth," Baldwin said, adding that Santos had previously been camped out around his apartment.

A photographer who supposedly witnessed the incident, meanwhile, claims otherwise. He says Baldwin instigated the confrontation and Santos was already moving back at the time of the shove.


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It's sad w the tabloid press. They attempt 2 provoke an incident + when it doesn't pan out, they say u did it anyway... #no1punchedany1

So Tweeted Alec Baldwin yesterday, hours after he got into it with a photographer in New York City, allegedly confronting the reporter for taking pictures of him and fiance Hilaria Thomas after they picked up a marriage license.

But while a witness at the scene agrees Baldwin didn't throw any punches, he does say the 30 Rock star was the instigator in the encounter.

Alec Baldwin Image

Says Goran Veljic, another photographer standing nearby at the time, to E! News of the two Daily News journalists involved in the dust-up:

"They were surprised when Alec came here. He started to push up his hands to talk nonverbal and pushed one of the photographers."

Was the Emmy winner at least provoked? No, according to Veljic.

"They are professional photographers, they moved back... I've never seen something like this."

Others have, of course. Just ask flight American Airlines flight attendants on Baldwin's flight last December. No charges have been filed against the star at this time.



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Alec Baldwin may be engaged to a yoga instructor, but the Emmy-winning actor has clearly not reached a state of perpetual zen.

The 30 Rock star flipped out on a Daily News camerman in New York City this morning, as the incident was actually caught on film by another Daily News photographer and reportedly immediately by the newspaper.

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin Photo

Here's what went down:

After picking up the necessary paperwork to go through with their impending nuptials, Baldwin - who was accompanied by fiancee Hilaria Thomas - got into an altercation with Marcus Santos outside the city's Marriage License Bureau.

According to the reporter, Baldwin ordered him to "step back," a request Santos claims he abided by. But the actor supposedly did not listen.

"He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me - one time, right in the chin. And then he started shoving me, and pushing me. Then he goes the other way," Santos says.

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Justin Bieber's alleged attack on a member of the paparazzi - who accuses him of roughing him up and leaving him in need of medical attention - is clearly BS.

Can you see Justin Bieber roughing someone up? Seriously?

That's beside the point, though. Whatever happened, Biebs' altercation is just the latest in a long string of tense run-ins between stars and the media who cover the celebrity gossip we crave. Here's a look back at seven of the most memorable:

1. Britney Spears: After a downward spiral that saw her shave her head, file for divorce and deliver her second child in the span of a year, Spears suffered a meltdown in February 2007 that saw her violently attack a paparazzo's car with an umbrella:

2. Russell Brand: Katy Perry's ex recently gave a whole new meaning to the term "dropped call" as he grabbed a photographer's iPhone and flung it through a nearby window. Brand later turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

3. Kanye West: The rapper racked up three misdemeanor charges in 2008 after he was arrested for allegedly wrestling with a photographer at LAX, grabbing his camera and smashing it on the floor. The charges were eventually dropped.

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"Some complain on Twitter about Obama."

So began Alec Baldwin in a Tuesday Twitter rant about the 2012 presidential election, in which it's safe to say he will not be voting for Mitt Romney.

Baldwin referred to Romney, President Obama's likely opponent, as "a corporate puppet" whose election would mean a return to "lying thieves in the White House who make war under false pretenses in order to make $ for their friends."

  • An Alec Baldwin Photograph
  • Mitt Photo

Alec asked, "You wanna go back? To Bush? Cheney? Paulson? Rumsfeld? Unfunded wars? Death of US soldiers and innocent civilians for oil?"

Baldwin criticized Mitt Romney's pro-business positions and said that the GOP will only "squander more US natural resources, revenue and perhaps lives."

Though he allowed that "America is competitive" and "there are winners and losers every day," he maintained that this alone doesn't solve problems.

"The America I love believes that all deserve some modicum of care and security," he said, ending his missive with a simple "Obama 2012."

If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?


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Genevieve Sabourin, a 40-year-old actress from Montreal, Quebec, has been arrested for her alleged aggravated harassment and stalking of Alec Baldwin.

After repeated warnings to leave the actor alone, Police say she showed up at his home and "made" unwanted contact with the 30 Rock star again.

The one-sided relationship began in the form of romantic emails and text messages, as well as requests for financial help ... then got even weirder.

  • Genevieve Sabourin Picture
  • Alec Baldwin, Cigar

On March 31, 2012, the 54-year-old actor filed an official complaint against her after Sabourin showed up at his home in East Hampton, Long Island.

Days later, she trailed Baldwin at an event and was finally apprehended after trying to access his Manhattan home via the doorman. That worked well.

We realize she may be jealous that Alec got engaged to Halaria Thomas and all, but seriously. Cool it. Chill out. And don't mess with Jack Donaghy.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Alec Baldwin turns 54 years old today, but he went ahead and gave himself an early birthday present over the weekend. The actor proposed to yoga guru Hilaria Thomas!

We send our very best to this newly-engaged couple, while also sending our birthday wishes to the Capital One spokesperson/Oscar nominee/unparalleled Saturday Night Live host/30 Rock star behind the Jack Donaghy quotes that crack us up on a weekly basis.

Perhaps we'll purchase a new tuxedo for Baldwin in honor of this occasion. After all, it's past 6 p.m. somewhere and what is he, a farmer?

Alec Baldwin on The Late Show

Other stars celebrating birthdays today include: Amanda Bynes (26), Jennie Garth (40), Picabo Street (41) and Eddie Murphy (51).

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Alec Baldwin turns 54 years old tomorrow and has found the perfect way to celebrate: he proposed over the weekend to girlfriend Hilaria Thomas! And she said yes!

"Yes, it's true!" the actor's rep tells Us. "We're all excited for the newly engaged couple."

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin

Baldwin divorced Kim Basinger in 2002 and went through years of an ugly custody battle with his ex.

He remained out of any long-term relationships until he met Thomas, a 28-year old yoga instructor and co-owner of New York's Yoga Vida yoga studio.

She was born in Mallorca, Spain; grew up between Boston and Spain; and studied dance and art history at NYU. The two often write to each other on Twitter.

We wish this couple a lifetime of happiness!

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We knew Jack Donaghy looked sharper in a suit this season on 30 Rock.

Backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Alec Baldwin told Access Hollywood he was diagnosed with diabetes in May 2011 and proceeded to lose about 30 pounds in four months. His trick?

"I gave up sugar," the actor said, adding that "I do Pilates and spin... When we're shooting and I can't work out, I just have to eat less. So I'm very conscious of that."

  • Alec Baldwin on Letterman
  • A Trim Alec Baldwin

Baldwin - who took home the trophy for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series at the event  - is actually dating a yoga instructor named Hilaria Thomas, but says the two of them rarely practice her trade together often.

The best news, of course? Baldwin's slimmer figure has not resulted in any less hilarious 30 Rocks quotes this year.

Also, he should probably live longer as a result of the diet.

[Photos, from August 2011 and January 2012:]

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As you're probably aware, Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight last week when an attendant dared interrupt his intense game of Words With Friends.

How is the 30 Rock star handling this minor PR nightmare? By impersonating an AA pilot on SNL's Weekend Update and issuing a faux apology to himself, of course.

Sounding a little like John Edwards with a hilariously bogus Southern accent, "Captain Steve Rogers" went out of the way to apologize to the actor for removing him.

Not only that, he praised Baldwin as a bright, American hero.

Watch the hilarious "interview" with Seth Meyers below:

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