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Alec Baldwin going off on a reporter is not unusual.

It's become more of a norm for this actor than hosting Saturday Night Live.

But Baldwin took his rage to a disturbing extreme last week when he blasted Daily Mail reporter George Stark for allegations the writer made about Baldwin's wife.

  • Anderson Cooper Image
  • Alec Baldwin at the SAG Awards

The Emmy winner has since apologized for the homophobic nature of his remarks, but Anderson Cooper has still raised an interesting question regarding Baldwin, an outspoken liberal.

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Alec Baldwin has apologized for once again flipping his $hit at a reporter.

The latest incident only took place on Twitter - in response to a Daily Mail writer alleging that Baldwin's wife was on her phone during James Gandolfini's funeral this week - but it was especially ugly because it seemed to contain multiple gay slurs.

Baldwin referred to George Stark as a "queen," for example.

Alec Baldwin in Shades

"My ill-advised attack on George Stark of the Daily Mail had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone's sexual orientation," Baldwin said in a statement to GLAAD late yesterday.

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Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter... again.

The actor removed himself from the social network today following last night's epic rant against George Stark, a writer for The Daily Mail who claims Baldwin's wife was texting through the funeral for James Gandolfini.

Alec Baldwin Promo Pic

Along with denying the allegation, Baldwin referred to Stark as a "queen" and referenced the writer taking pleasure in things being stuck up his rear end.

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Thank goodness. It had been way too long since Alec Baldwin had gone off on a reporter.

The actor - whose infamous paparazzi run-ins include an alleged racial slur attack and a heated confrontation on the streets of New York - at least kept his rage relegated to Twitter yesterday.

But he did indeed rage, after The Daily Mail’s George Stark accused Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Thomas, of Tweeting through the funeral for James Gandolfini.

Alec Baldwin, Wife Photo

Along with simply denying the charge, the ex-30 Rock star Tweeted away last night with the following, largely homophobic messages:

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Ireland Baldwin has made her modeling debut... with a jab at her famous father?

The 17-year old - who stands 6'2" and says her goal is to become "the next Tina Fey" - poses in a bikini atop a boat in the Hudson River for the photo shoot, and she does it for The New York Post.

Yes, the same New York Post with which Alec Baldwin has feuded for years, including an ugly run-in just six weeks ago.

Ireland Baldwin Bikini Photo'

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Angry confrontations with members of the paparazzi are nothing new for Alec Baldwin.

But charges of racism most certainly are, which is why the actor spoke out late yesterday and denied allegations that he went off on an African-American New York Post employee with taunts of "coon" and "drug dealer."

Alec Baldwin at the SAG Awards

"I don't think I've ever uttered a racial epithet to someone in my lifetime," Baldwin told The Gothamist.

He explained that the photographed in question "bumped" into him as Baldwin was crossing the street, adding that the action was "deliberate" because they want "to bait you, they want you to do something."

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Another week, another alleged confrontation between and Alec Baldwin and a member of the press.

According to The New York Post, the 30 Rock star was approached in the East Village yesterday by a newspaper reporter who asked for a comment on the lawsuit against his wife.

Alec Baldwin with a SAG Award

The actor reportedly responded by grabbing Tara Palmeri and telling her "I want you to choke to death," as relayed in a recording the journalist played for police.

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Hilaria Thomas is expecting her first child with Alec Baldwin.

But instead of simply sitting back and celebrating, the couple is now facing one of the most unusual lawsuits we've seen in 2013.

Hilaria Thomas Image

While details are sparse, a man named Spencer Wolff has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court that claims he suffered "serious" and "severe" injuries - and became "emotionally upset" - during a Yoga class taught by Thomas on January 15.

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Last month we reported a rumor that Alec and Hilaria Baldwin were pregnant, and now Baldwin's rep has confirmed that it's true!

Baldwin's run on Tina Fey's sitcom 30 Rock ended with the series finale on January 31, giving the star plenty of time to tend to his pregnant wife.

Hilaria Thomas Pic

This won't be Baldwin's first child. He has a 17 year older daughter, Ireland, from his previous marriage with Kim Bassinger. He'll also have someone to share his new daddydom with, as his 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan is also expecting a child.

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