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She isn't using any controversial language, but Ireland Baldwin is steaming mad.

Following her father's latest outburst against the paparazzi - in which Alec Baldwin referred to a photographer by a homosexual epithet - this 18-year old took to Twitter and sort of defended her dad's actions.

"My dad is far from a homophobe or a racist," Ireland Tweeted, adding that her father continues to deal with "anger management" issues.

Alec and Ireland Baldwin

The New York Daily News subsequently ran an article quoting Ireland's Tweets and headlined it with "Little Pig' to the Rescue!," a reference to a 2007 voicemail in which Alec went off on his then-12-year old daughter.

And at this, Ireland went off on the newspaper.

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Ireland Baldwin knows of Alec Baldwin's wrath.

In April 2007, a voicemail left for the then-12-year old from her father referred to Ireland as a "thoughtless pig" who made her dad feel like "shit."

So if Ireland can forgive her own parent for such an outburst, she wants to know: Why can't the rest of the world look past Alec's most recent outburst?

With Alec Baldwin suspended by MSNBC due to yet another rant against a photographer on the street, Ireland Baldwin has taken to Twitter in her father's defense.

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Alec Baldwin has been suspended by MSNBC for hurling homophobic slurs at a photographer earlier this week, and the actor has issued a real apology.

After previously denying he used a gay slur, then claiming he didn't know an obvious anti-gay epithet was anti-gay, he's finally admitting what he did.

The 55-year-old says in a statement, "I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words, but clearly I have - and for that I am deeply sorry."

Trying to rationalize, or at least explain his rage in context, he adds, "What I said and did this week, as I was trying to protect my family, was offensive."

Baldwin admits it was "unacceptable" to shout the phrase "c**ksucking f*g" while chasing a photographer on Thursday. In his apology, Alec concedes:

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Alec Baldwin admitted to using an anti-gay slur - but not the one he's been accused of saying - and only after GLAAD told him "c--ksucker" counts.

Or so he claims. The outspoken star then allegedly called one paparazzo a "c--ksucking f-g" outside his NYC apartment building Thursday afternoon.

Baldwin denied using the f-bomb on Twitter, dubiously insisting he said "fathead" instead ... then later coming clean, but only about the word before it.

"Rich Ferraro from @glaad informs me that c'sucker is an anti-gay epithet," he tweeted. "In which case I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary."

This is the second time that Alec Baldwin has come under fire for using an anti-gay slur, and like the last time, CNN's Anderson Cooper is incredulous.

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Alec Baldwin is admitting and apologizing for hurling a homophobic slur at a photographer in New York yesterday. Not the f-bomb, but the word he put in front of it.

The actor claims he didn't know he was being anti-gay.

He Tweeted last night, "Rich Ferraro from @glaad informs me that c'sucker is an anti-gay epithet. In which case I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary."

You learn something every day, don't you?

Baldwin is referring to the incident outside of his Manhattan apartment, when he gave chase when a photographer encroached, calling him a "c--ksucking f-g."

Alec was adamant that he said "fathead" and NOT "f-g" ... even though it's incredibly hard to believe and doesn't change the other term he deployed.

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Alec Baldwin is back to his old tricks, threatening a photographer outside his New York City apartment this afternoon, hours after he prevailed in court.

He may have won against Genevieve Sabourin, who was convicted of stalking him, but the star was acting like a loser ... in more ways than one.

Baldwin, who was accompanied by his wife Hilaria and daughter Carmen, taking off in hot pursuit after the photographer, who he called "c--ksucking f-g."

While the pap(s) did get close to Baldwin's family, the actor's habit of using profane language - including slurs offensive to gays - is well documented.

Still, after this video hit the web, Alec took to Twitter, threatening to sue TMZ for calling him a homophobe and insisting he said "c--ksucking fathead."

Seriously. The 55-year-old wrote, "Acoustic analysis proves the word is fathead."

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Genevieve Sabourin has been convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin.

The woman with a pathological obsession for the star, who was jailed and held in contempt a day earlier, broke down in tears and sobbed in court.

Sabourin was on trial for five counts of stalking and harassment after years of proclaiming her love for Alec in scores of emails and text messages.

She was arrested after showing up at his New York apartment building in April 2012, an event that was documented by this surveillance video:

Genevieve Sabourin made blatant outbursts during the trial, including claims she slept with Baldwin, which he denied while testifying under oath.

In addition to being found guilty (she will be sentenced later), she will serve 30 days for contempt because of her outbursts during the proceedings.

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Genevieve Sabourin, the woman currently on trial for stalking Alec Baldwin, has been jailed for contempt of court. She will spend 30 days behind bars.

Alec Baldwin cried on the stand as he testified about the whole ordeal, but the greater story may have been Sabourin's conduct in the courtroom.

Sabourin made numerous outbursts at her trial yesterday, and didn't do herself any favors by running her mouth outside of court either (above).

As a result, she paid the price today, when she was back for another day of testimony and repeatedly interrupted her own attorney as he argued.

That's when the judge threw the book at her and held her in contempt.

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Genevieve Sabourin is on trial for stalking Alec Baldwin, and emotions are running high with the notoriously mercurial actor who took the stand today.

Even before he walked in the door, Baldwin fumed at New York Post photographer G.N. Miller, shouting "Liar!" as he made his way into courthouse.

In February, Baldwin launched into a racial tirade against Miller, and his latest interaction with Miller was captured by video cameras this morning.

Things were less heated, but no less intense, after that.

The 55-year-old was arriving for the trial in Manhattan with Sabourin, who is accused of stalking the 30 Rock actor, is on trial for criminal harassment.

An emotional Alec testified that he never had a sexual or romantic relationship with the Canadian actress, wiping his eyes and trying to stay composed.

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Alec Baldwin is at it again, this time writing a scathing letter about the paparazzi in East Hampton, N.Y., to a local newspaper, likening them to "vermin."

He's like a whiter, older, East Coast Kanye West!

Baldwin wrote the East Hampton Star about photographers "marauded up and down the village’s Main Street in search of photos of my wife and/or our newborn child."

Another "slovenly" one, he says, stakes out by Ralph Lauren store, and once reasoned, “You people brought this out here. I’m just trying to make a buck off of it."

Honest, at least.

"What has gone wrong with our society that this vermin has spawned in East Hampton?" Baldwin, 55, wrote of the Hamptons paparazzi invasion.

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