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Paul Nassif clearly does not belong on reality television. The guy is way too level-headed.

Despite his wife accusing him of violence against their kids, and despite the Department of Children and Family Services investigating the claim and declaring it "unfounded," Nassif tells TMZ he has no interest in a prolonged custody battle with his ex-wife.

Paul Nassif with Adrienne Maloof

"I just want this crap to stop," Nassif says. "We need to be co-parents, no matter how we feel about each other."

It's that sort of rationale that would get one booted from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Adrienne Maloof has won temporary custody of her children. But we have a feeling this legal battle between the reality star and her soon-to-be ex-husband is far from over.

A judge awarded Maloof custody of the former couple's three sons after reading a declaration she wrote in which she claimed Paul Nassif choked one of them during a car ride after school. The alleged action just took place a week ago.

Later that same day, Paul is also accused of grabbing a son from the bathtub - after he had been fighting with his brothers - spanking him and and "[throwing] him in the corner."

Pic of Adrienne Maloof

Earlier this month, Nassif had claimed in court that Adrienne was often physically and emotionally abusive toward him.

But Maloof had the last laugh - taunt? - yesterday, as a chef declared he once witnessed Paul kicking the family dog and a DEA agent friend added that he has seen Paul place his hands around the neck of a child.

Responds Nassif's attorney, Lisa Meyer, who was not present for this hearing:

"It is a sad day when parents have to stoop to the level of making false allegations against another parent... [this is] gamesmanship at its worst."

Married for 10 years, Adrienne and Paul split in late July.



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Yup. It's getting very ugly between Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif.

In court today to determine custody of their three kids, the soon-to-be-divorced spouses went at it via their attorneys, with the most damning allegations being leveled against The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof

Witnesses tell TMZ that Nassif's attorney argued in front of a judge that Maloof has referred to her husband as "stupid, dumb and an idiot" in the presence of their kids.

Moreover, in a declaration filed by Nassif's legal team, the couple's head of security says he saw Adrienne both bite and scratch her husband in the back of their car last year. In another odd incident, Maloof is accused of taking a gun out of Paul's briefcase while he slept and photographing it.

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So much for the amicable divorce?

With Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif splitting up, the question now turns to this estranged couple's children. What will become of their three sons? Who will be rewarded with primary custody?

Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul S. Nassif

Insiders tell Radar Online that Maloof and Nassif were due in court this week because "it appears the only way this can be resolved is a decision by the judge."

Based on Nassif's divorce papers, he is looking for joint legal custody of their the kids, along physical custody "according to children's best interest." That can be difficult to assess/determine, of course, hence the need for a possible legal battle.

"This is turning out to be a very, very nasty divorce proceedings so far, and the fact that Paul and Adrienne had to go to court on an emergency basis this early in the proceedings isn't a good sign," the Radar source claims.

Of course, even if Maloof loses her sons, she could still win in the end: the Real Housewife may soon get her own reality show!



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Adrienne Maloof may be moving on up from Bravo and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Insiders tell Perez Hilton that the soon-to-be-single reality star (she and Dr. Paul Nassif are going through a divorce) is in discussions with NBC to be spun off on to her own series.

Adrienne Maloof Photograph

Details are sketchy at the moment, but the program will reportedly focus on Adrienne's professional side, focusing on her and her casino-owning siblings.

“The show is in the works and it will focus on Adrienne and her brothers and the Maloof family businesses," says the source. "The show is in the early planning stages but it will be a competition-style reality show based around family businesses.”

Sounds... interesting? Lame? Fascinating? You tell us:

Would you tune in for an Adrienne Maloof reality show?


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Reality star Adrienne Maloof surfaced this week for the first time since her divorce and spoke briefly about her sad split from Dr. Paul Nassif.

"It's just another bump in the road," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 50, said at the L.A. launch of the OMG Phone Case at Kitson.

"Just like any marriage, it has its problems. We happen to be doing that right now and it's on a public platform," added Maloof.

Adrienne Maloof Picture

If that quote sounds like one tinged with hope, maybe there is: they've attended counseling sessions in hopes of working out their issues.

Nassif petitioned for joint custody of the couple's three sons (Gavin, 9, and 6-year-old twins Colin and Christian) in his July 30 divorce filing.

Keeping her children top of mind, Maloof says she ultimately anticipates a "positive resolution" with Nassif, 50, one way or the next.

"I'm hoping for the best. Our children come first and we'll see," says Maloof. "My personality has always been really balanced."

"I remember where my priorities lie which is with my children. So when you have that in mind I think everything else kind of falls into place."

Describing the couple's relationship as "volatile," an insider says Maloof and Nassif simply grew apart over time and that no one cheated.

Adrienne, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Brandi Glanville and cohorts will soon return for RHOBH Season 3.



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Sad as their recent parting of ways is, Adrienne Maloof and her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, are determined not to go through an ugly, public divorce.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and her plastic surgeon husband, who called it quits earlier this week, have three young sons.

While Adrienne wants full custody of their kids, she is genuinely sad, not bitter at Paul, and isn't planning to get nasty with her estranged spouse.

Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif Photo

“Adrienne has so much class, she isn’t going to be trash talking Paul or airing out any of their dirty laundry,” a source close to the reality star said.

“She doesn’t want things to get ugly; she just wants a clean break.”

She may get it; Adrienne and Paul have an ironclad prenuptial agreement that no doubt safeguards her vast fortune in any divorce settlement.

Adrienne and Paul have been married for more than nine years and have starred on the hit Bravo reality show for the past three seasons.

She reportedly skipped the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion taping this week because the news of her divorce was too fresh and painful.

"I'm so sorry that this is happening but my children are my life and sometimes we need to do what's best for them," she said earlier this week.


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be airing the fallout from yet another breakup next season, as Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif are on the outs.

Paul plans to file for legal separation early this week, reports claim.

Adrienne and Paul have discussed the situation, allegedly, and she's aware of his intentions to file the paperwork to end their marriage. They wed in 2002.

Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif

The couple have made multiple attempts to work out the issues at stake - it's unclear what exactly those are - but apparently haven't been able to.

Paul and Adrienne have three young sons together. Maybe things will work out yet and the union will be saved, but it doesn't look good as of right now.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills famously documented Camille Grammer's split from Kelsey, and the aftermath of Russell Armstrong's suicide.


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After last week's Part I, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion show continued with more drama last night as Brandi and Taylor join us for the full hour.

Let's recap it all with THG's +/- review!

Last week they took shots at Lisa but now it's time for Brandi Glanville bashing. We like Brandi. Yes, she's brash but she's also fun, entertaining, and says what she thinks to someone's face instead of behind their back. There's a concept.

No wonder she doesn't quite fit in with the Beverly Hills crowd. Plus 20.

Brandi in the House

Brandi hit the scene this season with high heels, no bra, and even on crutches she had legs that wouldn't quit. So being younger and prettier meant that she immediately made enemies and it was wonderful entertainment. Plus 10.

So Andy takes us back to Game Night where Kim and Kyle's mean sides came out and Brandi called Kyle a bitch and threatened to kill Kim. Ah, good times.

At least Kyle's owning her mean girl title that night so Plus 8.

Even Lisa admits she was mortified when she saw the actual footage. She backed Kyle but hadn't known how she acted. 

But Kyle's quick to backtrack when Brandi calls her on hiding her crutches. She didn't do it, her sister did. Yeah, but she still walked off leaving Brandi sitting there not knowing where her crutches were.

That was simply childish and she's not owning up to that one. Minus 10.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are sitting on the couch. No it's not therapy. It's the reunion show and who would miss it. We recap all of the confessions, name calling, and overall snarkiness in our THG +/- review!

The first half of this reunion starts off with no Dana, Brandi or Kim. Although the first two aren't mentioned, Andy tells us that Kim has checked herself in to an alcohol and drug treatment center. Well thank goodness for that.

Plus 20. That woman needs help and it's about time she got it.

Kim in Rehab

The rest of the ladies are present and have Taylor Armstrong's lips gotten even bigger than they were all season or is it just me? Minus 10. I think she can stop the injections now. Her transformation into a duck is nearly complete.

But we'll get back to Taylor later.

Instead we move on to admiring Lisa's curvaceous back end. Yes, we get a montage of booty shots of the classy Brit. Plus 5 because she barely blushes as she scoffs at Andy's question about implants.

Of course things take a darker turn rather quickly. I never realized that everyone took Lisa's dry humor so seriously. Yes, she can be kind of snarky but her little digs are generally funny and right on the mark.

Poor Adrienne is still ticked about Lisa's calling her new shoe line the Maloof hoof. Personally I think the moniker is hilarious but I suppose if they were my shoes I might not be so happy. But how many things rhyme with Maloof?

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