Adrianne Curry: America's Top Model is in love with Peter Brady. Can't say her taste in men is as good as her looks.

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Adrianne Curry, the first-ever America's Next Top Model winner, is making headlines after speaking out against domestic violence on Twitter ... aggressively.

Pic of Adrianne Curry

She's always been one to speak her mind, and post the occasional revealing selfie, but beyond that? A pretty laid back and cool chick. Or so we thought.

Curry recently weighed in on the domestic violence epidemic, publicized by the video of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer among other high profile events.

Her take on it is ... pretty intense.

"If I raised a son who beat women," she mused, "I'd take him out of the world (I brought him in!) Or slit my wrists in shame for having raised a s--t pile."

Well. Okay then.

Obviously, being disappointed in having a son who abused women is understandable. Saying she would kill a man for hitting someone, though?

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It's all over for Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight. The scandal-filled couple announced over the weekend that their five-year marriage was coming to a legal end.

"After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated," manager Phil Viardo hilariously said.

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight

Knight, forever known for his role as Peter Brady, met Curry years ago while they filmed The Surreal Life. Their engagement and first year of marriage was then captured on My Fair Brady.

But Curry recently admitted to Howard Stern that she was "unsatisfied" at home and turned to Twitter for attention. She also said she used Sybian machine to get herself off because her husband couldn't do it himself.

We're sorry. But she really did say that.


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Adrianne Curry loves posing topless, wasting hours every single day uploading pictures and rants on her Twitter page and shamelessly begging for attention.

Then again, those things all pretty much go hand in hand.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

In a display of pathetic self-promotion only Tila Tequila would love, Curry confirmed that her 15 minutes of fame have long passed with this gem today:

Sure, that cleavage is nice, and this is not an angle you see every day, so you have to give her points for originality. But give it up, girl. It's over.

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It's official: Adrianne Curry can no longer refer to herself as a "celebrity."

Once someone resorts to attention-getting stunts that would even make Miley Cyrus ashamed, she should just throw in the desperate towel. It's over.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Curry Tweeted the photo below to her followers this week. It's a shot of her topless. Apparently Playboy wouldn't accept her calls; Dancing with the Stars turned her down. This is the only way she knows how to remain remotely relevant.

It's both sad and hilarious. Check out the half-naked self-portrait after the jump.

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Perhaps Nick Cannon can Tweet the high road in his feud with Eminem.

But, based on their recent Twitter exchanges, it looks like neither Adrianne Curry nor Megan Hauserman is capable of the same restraint.

Yesterday, Curry - an ugly, washed up model, who has starred on VH1 reality shows The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady - questioned why the network would give Hauserman her own series. She Tweeted:

Curry Twitter

Megan Wants a Millionaire is a dating series based around Hauserman's quest to find a rich soulmate.

For the most part, it's clearly a satire of shows such as The Bachelor. It's not meant to be taken seriously... as opposed to Curry's ridiculous attempt to remain in the spotlight by actually thinking anyone on the planet cared about her life with the guy that played Peter Brady.

In response, Hauserman Tweeted:

Megan Twitter

This is one of the most classic, ridiculous, pointless feud of our time. Choose a side in it!

  • Pic of Adrianne Curry
  • Hauserman, Megan

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Kris Allen may be a nice guy and a talented singer, but a handful of celebrities were clearly cheering on his American Idol competition.

From the rational to the oddly familial, here's how a few stars reacted to Adam Lambert's surprising loss last week.

Adam in Japan

Actress Emmy Rossum looked on the bright side:

Ugly model Adrianne Curry blamed the gay haters:

And Crazy Joe Simpson reassured followers that their Papa is proud of Allen and Lambert:

How did you react when Allen won American Idol? Write in. Let us know!

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If there's one person who knows about raising children, it's Adrianne Curry.

No, wait, she knows about being annoying and posing nude.

Britney Down Under

Either way, this former winner of America's Next Top Model posted the following on her blog, regarding Britney Spears and her recent breakdown:

"Spears is a f-cking trainwreck... Someone take these children the fuck away from this woman! She needs help in every which way. The CHILDREN deserve better. She loves herself and her problems more than she cares about her own children.

Sadly, K-fed isn't Dad of the year either. Didn't he leave Shar Jackson for Spears when Shar was knocked up? Then, didn't he barely see his children while he jetted around giving Brit Brit the pole?

Those kids deserve a stable life. When Britney gets sober one day, I bet she will completely agree with me. Get help, save your children, and PLEASE, GET THE F-CK OFF MY TV! I am tired of seeing a strung out addict.

Come back when you can function."

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Adrianne Curry is not shy.

She's posed for Playboy and, well, just listen to all the original America's Next Top Model winner had to say about her husband's former promiscuity, along with her penchant for blow jobs.

"This guy has been with a lot of chicks, being a child star in the '60s and '70s," she said of husband Christopher Knight. "Sex was like a handshake. Before you even knew their name, your dick was already in them. He's had a lot of experience."

Adrianne Curry, Playboy

As we contemplate the idea of the former Peter Brady acting like last generation's J.R. Rotem, here are highlights from the interview Curry recently gave Playboy:

What's better, sex with a man or a woman?
Adrianne Curry: It's completely different. I have a lot of testosterone in me; I like to be in control. That's why I dated women for so long. I was the guy; they were the girls. I was allotted powers you normally don't get with men. With men, their masculinity is always in question if you try to take the reins all the time. But being with a guy, I can be that vulnerable, little woman for once, which is very interesting and new and fun.

A strap-on is a strap-on; on a person it's different. Sex is more pleasing with my husband than it was with women; like a real strap-on!

Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Curry: I prefer giving. I'm a giver. And guess what? You're in control when you're the one giving. I'm a control freak; I just like to be in control [like Jessica Sierra and Antonella Barba].

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Ready to see Adrianne Curry naked again, folks?

The past winner of America's Top Model, and current husband of Christopher Knight, posed for Playboy in 2006. Now, the magazine is reporting that she'll grace its pages once more in the January 2008 issue.

She'll have to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian nude, of course, as that socialite will be December's cover girl. Think Curry is up for it?

Adrianne Curry in Playboy

Like Jennifer Walcott, Adrianne Curry is about to be a multiple-time Playboy model.

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No, not in the same way Katie Rees feels.

But Adrianne Curry, who was the Season One winner of America's Next Top Model, has laid into the show and Revlon, claiming that she "has yet to see a dime from Revlon" for her work.

Pic of Adrianne Curry

"We were told the winner would be an instant millionaire, that our faces would be plastered everywhere in Revlon ads. None of which turned out to be true ... I still haven't got paid for the work I did for them!" whined Curry.

Curry is super mad at the supermodel show, blasting them on her MySpace page, saying "... they had no money ... no clue what they were doing ... all they had was mind f***ing us for good tv [sic]."

Adrianne also claims that the girls hardly slept during filming, were kept hungry for long periods and were crammed into small quarters to guarantee more drama than a meeting between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.

Adrianne, who married Brady Bunch hunk Christopher Knight last May, added that "Top Model felt like I was on a fierce 'Survivor!'

And without the sexy intelligence and charm of Jeff Probst. Does it get any worse?

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