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Britney Spears' "manager," Sam Lutfi, sent a series of angry text messages to her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, warning the celebrity news photographer he was "killing her" and setting off Sunday night's massive blowup.

The spat erupted after a hysterical Britney Spears was pictured sitting barefoot outside her L.A. home, sobbing on the pavement.

Typical Britney Spears Pic

Adnan Ghalib received text messages from Sam Lufti which read:

  • "You're a manic trigger. If you continue to have any contact with her, you'll kill her."
  • "It's your decision. You need to cease all contact with her completely."
  • "I've tried to work with you helping her but you didn't do as asked only way to help now is disappear. She's never been this way before."

The drama came when Britney reportedly fought with Lutfi over her tryst with Adnan Ghalib, prompting the singer to call Ghalib for help.

Ghalib arrived, but was denied entry to the premises as uber-shady Osama Lutfi warned security not to let him in - and turned Britney's many mobile phones off to ensure he could not reach her, according to the Daily Mail.

The feud between Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi has been raging for weeks.

"They hate each other," says a source, adding that: "Sam doesn't think Adnan is good enough for Britney and Adnan hates the control Sam somehow has on her. Britney is just caught in the middle."

Sam Lutfi reportedly initiated the argument over Adnan Ghalib, warning Britney Spears that her photographer boyfriend is a bad influence.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle brown.

Britney later left with another paparazzo (we think Filipi Teixeira) before meeting up with Ghalib as her father, Jamie Spears, and police arrived.

Many media observers believe that the pair's differences also center on which celebrity photo agency Britney chooses to align herself with.

Ghalib works for Finalpixx. Lutfi is rumored to have a deal in place with X17 in which they take Britney Spears photos and he gets a cut.

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It has been reported for weeks that Britney Spears' family, friends and some of the professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to deal with her mental problems. Finally, it looks like the time has arrived.

If it happens, TMZ reports, it should happen this week.

Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne Spears, her father, Jamie Spears, "cousin" Alli Sims, creepy manager Sam Lutfi and boyfriend Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time.

Britney's mom and dad (among others) have known for months that a bipolar disorder - not substance abuse - is at the root of her mental problems.

They cannot involuntarily commit her (impossible under the circumstances) and Britney has refused to voluntarily enter a hospital or even undergo an evaluation for the problem. But now a new plan is underway.

Britney had not spoken to her mother for a while, but last night, Britney and Lynne Spears (along with Sam Lutfi, background) left her gated compound at one point and went to the drug store, so they are now interacting at least.

An intervention has been in the planning stages for well over a month. It should begin to unfold if Britney Spears cooperates... but that's a big if.

All we can do is wait, watch and hope.

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Britney Spears' parents - and the LAPD - rushed to the singer's home Monday evening as she had a huge bust-up with her friend and manager, Sam Lutfi.

The evening's events began around 6 p.m. when Britney was in tears after an argument with Lutfi. Britney then stormed out of Sam's car, outside the gates to her Summit Circle home, and sat on the side of the road sobbing.

Hot, Caged Animal

According to TMZ, Britney's paparazzi beau, Adnan Ghalib, got a phone call from a hysterical Britney at that moment, pleading with him, "Baby, can you come pick me up?" Adnan told her that he would be right over.

Britney then got into the car of another photographer named Felipe (we think it must be Filipi Teixeira), and drove inside the gates of her home. It was then that Adnan tried unsuccessfully to gain entry into her gated community.

When Adnan arrived, however, he was told in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to enter the gates to Britney's estate - the bodyguards were under strict orders from Sam Lutfi not to let Ghalib inside.

As she wept openly outside, sources say Adnan Ghalib tried calling each of Britney Spears' six cell phones and the house phone, but she did not answer.

At 9:07 p.m., Britney's father, Jamie Spears, arrived at the Summit home. After sitting outside the gates for a few minutes, he finally went inside the compound. Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, arrived soon after.

Around 9:30 p.m., Britney Spears left her home, alone. She was later seen driving around Los Angeles with Adnan by her side. Shortly after 11 p.m., Britney and Adnan returned to her home. Take that, Sam!

The LAPD were called to the scene for a person trying to get access to the grounds without permission, or to contain the paparazzi crush that was trying to shoot the fight, depending on what account you read.

Either way, George Clooney is not going to be happy.

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Thank goodness for the UK's News of the World.

Without that celebrity news (and we use the term loosely) tabloid, we'd swear that there were no great writing talents left in the world.

These people seriously make up some great celebrity gossip - not that it stops us from publishing it, since it's so damn funny.

Today's installment?

The paper claims that Britney Spears' shady paparazzi lover, Adnan Ghalib, is trying to sell several videos of Spears for around $2 million.

Here's a description of each alleged clip featuring a ranting Britney that Adnan Ghalib allegedly has and wants to sell, as "seen by a NOTW source" ...

Britney Spears video #1: The singer sitting on her bed wearing a little nightie, mumbling to herself and apparently talking in the third person. "When Britney was a small child, she had to work really hard," Spears reflects. "When she was 13 years old, she won all the beauty pageants."

Britney Spears video #2
: Wrapped in a towel on the bed and talking to herself, Spears says, "Britney has an angel looking out for her, don't you, angel?"

Britney Spears video #3
: Talking to Adnan Ghalib, who is filming her, she says, "I'm really happy. Bubba's here for me now. It's all good."

Wow. Bubba. Bill Clinton would not be happy.

What's more, the NOTW reports, Adnan is reportedly keeping another three clips which show a hysterical talking in third person and screaming: "Britney wants to live. I'm not crazy! I miss the kids and I did love Kevin!"

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The same day that his wife, AzLynn Berry, filed for divorce, Adnan Ghalib is insisting he and Britney Spears are still very much an item.

Despite claims that they broke up - and Spears had taken out a restraining order against him - Ghalib says the relationship is "far from over."

Lacy Britney Spears

Adnan says he didn't get involved with Spears as a way to sell pictures. "No, never," he said. "In time I think people will understand that."

Asked by Entertainment Tonight and The Insider if he wants to marry Britney Spears, the photographer responded, "I'd be lying if I said no." 

Adnan Ghalib - who said he and Britney Spears "turned romantic" before Christmas - also took the opportunity to weigh in on the series of scandals:

On Spears' hospitalization following the January 3 police standoff
: "She didn't understand why she was taken to the hospital... I think she was just afraid of what was going to happen. It doesn't mean you are crazy."

On Britney Spears being photographed buying a pregnancy test: "She has a very maternal instinct. She was feeling a lot of things she felt when she was pregnant. I think she was hoping she was pregnant with my child."

On losing visitation rights with Sean Preston and Jayden James: "Her primary focus is on re-establishing a relationship with them. She doesn't talk about a strategy to get them back. That's very private."

On Britney's mental state: "She is not crazy. She never has suicidal tendencies. You've got to understand the love she has for her kids outweighs anything else."

Regardless of whether he knows what he's saying, Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears are not married, but are still together - they were seen last night.

The two then headed towards the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, only to be hit by a wayward motorcyclist who reportedly was driving too close to Britney's car in an attempt to gain a sighting of the pair ...


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We can't even fathom why, but the wife of Britney Spears' paparazzi beau Adnan Ghalib has apparently filed papers seeking legal separation.

In the documents, filed January 18, Adnan Ghalib's wife, AzLynn Elizabeth Berry, cites irreconcilable differences for her split.

She lists their wedding date as December 18, 2003. They have no children, but AzLynn Berry is asking for spousal support.

Adnan told TMZ it's not a big deal and calls it "purely procedural." "She's had the papers for a while," he tells us. "This is old."

Him boning Britney Spears? That's still pretty new!

Meanwhile, Adnan Ghalib gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight and talked about meeting Britney Spears for the first time.

"I believe it was December 20, and there was an aggressive car chase and at a stop light in Hollywood, and Britney got out of her car and got into mine, and I think that's what made the difference," he said.

Soon after, they checked into a hotel. The rest is history. They'll be toasting to that touching story at their wedding, no doubt.

While the photographer claims he is not being paid directly for taking pictures and doing an interview about Spears, sources say his agency, FinalPixx, is brokering the deal and that Adnan Ghalib will receive a significant cut.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears - whose British alter ego recently denied knowing who Adnan even is - is rumored to be showing up for today's custody hearing to fight for visitation with her Sean Preston and Jayden James!

The Sheriff's department has been alerted to her presence... though we all know how she bails sometimes. Stay tuned, this could get very ugly.

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Apparently, Britney Spears has disavowed Adnan Ghalib.

Or at least the British chick possessing Britney Spears has.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Picture

When asked by a photographer on Sunday if she has a message for Adnan, the alleged singer responded in a British accent:

"I don't know who that is... I have never met him before."

The remark, which the person formerly known as Britney made outside of the Millennium Dance Studio in Burbank, fueled rumors of their breakup.

Of course, she could just be bipolar and crazy. You have to watch for yourself to appreciate it fully. Here's the clip from CelebTV, about two minutes in ...


"You are better off being homeless than being me, sir!"

Adnan Ghalib, 35 and married, has been "dating" Britney Spears, 26, since late December. The day after her epic January 5 meltdown, she left the hospital and ran away with him to Palm Desert. They later escaped to Mexico.

Last Sunday, her other shady companion, Sam Lutfi, told celebrity news agency X17 that "he is worried about Adnan's influence over Britney."

Spears' rumored cousin, Alli Sims, shares that sentiment, saying, "I do not think Adnan is a good person... I wish he would just go away."

Of course, these hangers-on are also hella jealous and pissed off for their own selfish reasons. But there's no doubt Adnan is sketchy to the max.

What do you think? Are Britney and Adnan broken up?

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Adnan Ghalib has no clue about the restraining order that has reportedly been filed against him by Britney Spears, according to TMZ - and Adnan.

According to online reports, this weekend, Britney Spears' BFF Sam Lutfi supposedly showed the order to two celebrity news photographers.

Adnan Ghalib says he doesn't know anything about it and has been in Santa Barbara for two days (missing Brit's night out with Chad Hardcastle).

Asked if he and the nutjob had a fight, Adnan said, "Everything is and was fine," but he's been out of town, and she's "been in the care of Sam."

Sam Lutfi reportedly showed a photographer a restraining order filed by Britney Spears against Adnan Ghalib (pictured) at some point late last week.

The online reports indicate that Britney is pissed because Adnan may be trying to hawk photos of her, but that's not grounds for a restraining order.

TMZ also reports (shockingly) that Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi are fighting for Britney's affections. Which invariably means money and sex, right?

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It's so on.

After scarcely being heard from over the last few weeks, Alli Sims has chimed in on the latest antics of her so-called cousin/best friend.

More specifically, Sims recently called in to Extra to comment on the new man in Britney Spears' life, Adnan Ghalib.

I don't know him. I only know who he is through him following us for the last eight months. I do not think Adnan is a good person; I think he only has bad intentions. He has always given me a weird feeling and creeped me out. I wish he would just go away.

While this may not have the makings of Lauren Conrad versus Heidi Montag just yet, we need to know:

Whose side are you on, Team Alli or Team Adnan?

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The photo agency that employs Adnan Ghalib claims he is "happily dating" Britney Spears.

But MSNBC is reporting that those who say the paparazzo has been separated from his wife for more than a year are as misguided as Spears herself.

"He was with [his wife] up until a week before he and Britney started this thing," said an insider. "And she thinks that they'll work things out in the end."

Moreover, Ghalib and his wife actually communicate frequently, which only makes the situation stranger. Unless you believe that - shocker! - the couple is just looking for money out of the deal.

"It makes you think that she [Ghalib's wife] must think they'll get something out of it in the end," added the source, confirming the impression that everyone in the world not named Britney Spears is under.

Brace yourselves, Adnan Ghalib might only be sticking with Britney Spears for money! We hate to break this to everyone out there who thought it was true love.

A friend of Britney's - who must not be Alli Sims or Sam Lutfi because they'd identity themselves in a heartbeat - is on to Ghalib and his motives.

"This thing with Adnan is so frustrating, it's clear he's taking advantage of Britney," said the pal. "And with Britney, she'll keep this up because she hates being alone and she knows it's pissing people off. She just doesn't get any of it."

Meanwhile, Spears faces the custody hearing to end all custody hearings later today. Come back to The Hollywood Gossip often for updates on it!

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