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** - Said report comes from Star Magazine.

In the exciting world of celebrity news, you have sources that are at least somewhat believable, and then you have Star, In Touch Weekly and OK! Magazine.

Our point? There's celebrity gossip, and there's making up blatant lies, which is somehow not illegal. We've got to meet Star's legal team someday.

Anyway, according to Star, which already claimed Britney and Adnan married in Mexico, Ghalib is now bragging that she is going to have his baby.

The evidence: The pop princess' belly is bulging. OMG it's true! That can't be from sucking down pork rinds and Starbucks lattes all day long or anything.

"Britney is Adnan's dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Britney, he'll be made for life," a friend of Ghalib tells Star.

But while Adnan may be pumped up, Britney's parents are not.

Father Jamie Spears has tried hard to stabilize his eldest daughter's life and the last thing he and her mother, Lynne, want is another grandchild. Casey Aldridge already assured they'll be getting another l'il mistake in 2008.

"Her parents know she can't handle more children," says a family source.

Well, they probably didn't make that quote up at least.

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For Adnan Ghalib - who made upwards of $200,000 a year shooting celebs as a member of the paparazzi - it's a case of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Such is the irony of a member of the celebrity news media becoming involved with the paparazzi's biggest target - Britney Spears.

It seems that Adnan Ghalib - who was cornered yesterday by TMZ cameras - has truly pulled a 180 of late, dropping the same lines the celebrities used to tell him when he was out taking photos of them.

At least the celebrity photo agency member has enough sense to admit he's only famous "by association," in the TMZ video you can watch here.

His 15 minutes may not be up just yet, either.

Britney Spears returned to the dance studio last night - and afterwards, got an evening visit from her paparazzi pal.

Spears left her home away from home, Millennium Dance Complex, after a two-and-a-half hour workout, riding home in her chauffeured SUV.

A few hours later, none other than Adnan Ghalib was spotted rolling up to Summit Circle where she lives. Booty call, anyone?

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Forget Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

While these political stars each have their positive attributes, none are worthy of the sought-after title of Celebrity Gossip President.

Okay, so we just made that title up 45 minutes ago. But we felt that in an exciting presidential election year, The Hollywood Gossip should hold its own race - and YOU, our readers, should get to vote on the winner!

Step #1? A PRIMARY featuring seven exciting President-VP tickets from the world of celebrity gossip. Your votes will help narrow the field to three by May 1, leading to a special run-off election among the top vote-getters.

You can VOTE HERE now, with the ballot also appearing on the right-hand side of The Hollywood Gossip's home page until May 1.

Now, we present you with the candidates for Celebrity Gossip President and Vice President, along with the respective parties nominating them ...

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
(Reality TV Party)
Phony, plastic, master manipulators and attention-seeking media whores who are obsessed with fame. It's like The Hills couple was destined to go into politics.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J
(Celebrity Sex Tape Party)
Upside: Not-so-secret videotaping of all U.S. citizens is sure to improve our national security; Downside: Budgetary concerns due to new White House furniture needing to be made to accommodate Kim's giant ass.

Past Lovers

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon
(Bad Hair-Megalomaniac Party)
If a Trump-McMahon team fails, it certainly won't be due to lack of funds. Or shameless, self-promoting publicity stunts. Or huge grapefruits.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
(Super-Cute Celeb Couple Party)
Zanessa promises nude photos and perfect hair for all!

Suri Cruise and Jayden James Federline
(Celebrity Baby Party)
Upside: Very cute, little political baggage offers fresh start. Downside: Inexperience, possible brainwashing (Suri) and malnutrition (Jayden).

Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi
(Seedy Britney Spears Hanger-On Party)
Should either be apprehended as part of a sleeper cell before the November election, Alli Sims will take his place on the ticket.

Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest
(American Idol Party)
A Simon-Ryan ticket will be full of witty barbs, low-brow insults and palpable, homoerotic tension. At least Paula won't be part of it.

That's it! Cast your vote for your favorite candidates in our Celebrity Gossip Presidential Primary by voting on our home page or by clicking HERE!

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It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without tons of staged photos of The Hills' couple you love to hate, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

But only close behind Montag and Pratt in the world of bizarre celebrity romances are two stars named ... Britney and Adnan!

On his way to visit Britney Spears last night, Adnan Ghalib was spotted making a last-minute pit stop by TMZ, who talked to him on tape.

What do you get a girl who has everything (except her two sons, and her marbles)? Luckily for Adnan Ghalib, she doesn't have expensive taste.

Adnan Ghalib stops by a convenience store to snag a Rock Star energy drink for his rock star girlfriend, Britney Spears. He's a true romantic.

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Why is Britney Spears' paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, who she supposedly married in Mexico (yeah, right) chatting it up with the cops here?

It's not confirmed, but there are rumors going around that Adnan punched another photographer who was taking pictures of him.

A little ironic, wouldn't you say? Guess the view is different on the other end of the lens. This allegedly happened outside the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Adnan Ghalib has a little chat with some local authorities.

So far, the cops are being tight-lipped about exactly what went down with Adnan Ghalib, and even TMZ hasn't broken the story as of right now.

The word on the street is that some other celebrity news dudes may have gotten a little too close to the paparazzo, who was spotted with two girls.

Neither of whom is named Britney Spears.

We'll have to stay tuned on this one.

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Yes. Star Magazine is claiming Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib married during their quick jaunt to Rosarito, Mexico, back in January.

The two had a secret wedding, according to the celebrity gossip magazine, despite Adnan Ghalib being legally married to AzLynn Berry.

She Calls the Shots

Star Magazine told the New York Daily News of the supposed quickie wedding that "Our source on this was not in Rosarito Beach at the ceremony, but is very familiar with the fact that [wedding] documents exist."

Star also claims Britney gave Adnan $250,000 to buy out AzLynn Berry.

[SIDE NOTE: Check out the other headline that claims Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge have moved into their very own double-wide trailer!]

Britney Spears allegedly told her lawyers, who imposed a $1,000-a-day spending limit on the pop singer, that she needed the cash for a new Mercedes.

The Hollywood Gossip heard speculation that Britney Spears married Adnan Ghalib back on January 12, but this rumor was never confirmed.

Now Star Magazine has supposedly connected the sketchy, married dots. You tell us, celeb news fans ... do you believe this story?

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Hey, if you've got blood-sucking leeches like Sam Lutfi trying to control your daughter's money and mind, Adnan Ghalib must seem downright normal.

After her release from UCLA and its psychiatric ward, Britney Spears spent her first night at home with her mom, dad and Adnan.

Word has it that it was civil and everyone got along nicely.

"From what I was told, everything was very civilized," a source close to Adnan Ghalib, a celebrity photographer, told People.

After Spears' unexpected release from UCLA Wednesday, "Britney called Adnan to meet her at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He had been talking with [parents] Lynne and Jamie Spears for the past few days," says the source.

Britney and Adnan had a meeting with lawyer Adam Streisand, who announced Thursday that he is off the case. The pair then met up with Jamie and Lynne.

Adnan Ghalib also confirmed in a posting on his celebrity photo agency's website ( that he had been in contact with her parents.

"As the day unraveled, they have all agreed to get Britney safely back to her home so she can get the medical care and love that she deserves," says a posting on about Spears and Ghalib.

"After spending most of the evening with The Spears [family] ... Adnan left and went back home at 2:30 a.m. to give the family some alone time."

Adnan Ghalib, who began seeing Britney in December, is married to AzLynn Berry, but has been separated for a year and was just served with divorce papers.

Lynne Spears left her daughter's home just after midnight Thursday, while Jamie Spears remained there through Thursday morning.

The folks were reportedly frustrated by Britney's early release and their lack of ability to enforce the court-ordered conservatorship that lets them control her medical treatment, as well as her legal and financial decisions.

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Straight outta the psych ward, Britney Spears pulled into the her familiar stomping grounds - the Beverly Hills Hotel - yesterday afternoon and was faced with a paparazzi crush she hasn't seen or experienced in ... like a week!

Soon after arriving at her home away from home, the troubled singer was met by Adnan Ghalib, her paparazzi boyfriend. They left shortly thereafter. Adnan, too, was greeted by mass hysteria when he arrived. Here's a picture ...

Then out of nowhere, who should pull up to the mob scene but ... Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag! Man, these two just know how to make the celebrity news! If there are cameras rolling, you can bet your ass they're gonna show up!

Hey, what's up? We just happened to be in the neighborhood!

After meeting at the hotel, Britney and Adnan Ghalib drove over to the law offices of Adam Streisand, the lawyer who, on Spears' behalf, objected to Jamie Spears being named co-conservator of her estate earlier this week.

Britney was released yesterday because the hospital said it could no longer hold her against her will. Expect Britney's father, Jamie, to be back in court very soon, fighting for the right to protect Brit and control what she does.

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Britney Spears' paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, showed up to see his girl at the UCLA psych ward yesterday. He brought two special gifts:

  1. His very own cameraman
  2. Pink roses for Britney

Welcome to the strange romance of Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib. It's like a match made in heaven ... or Hollywood ... or the Twilight Zone.

Ever the gentleman, Adnan Ghalib brings Britney Spears flowers.

Celebrity news site TMZ spotted Adnan Ghalib entering UCLA, but it's not known if he was actually able to see Brutney. He was overheard saying something into his cell phone about "while they're in court."

Perhaps he tried to sneak in a visit while Sam Lutfi and Britney's father, Jamie Spears, were duking it out over who gets to call the shots.

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Before being rushed to the hospital late Wednesday night, Britney Spears had a last meal (of sorts) at Jerry's Deli in Studio City, Calif.

With her was celebrity photographer and boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. He looks deep in thought. What could Adnan be pondering? Some possibilities ...

  • The state of humanity, our place in the universe
  • Whether he left the burner on at home this morning
  • How the U.S. will lessen its dependence on foreign oil

In any case, here are Britney and Adnan Ghalib, lost in thought ...

Contemplating Life

Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears ponder life outside Jerry's Deli.

Early this morning, Britney Spears was admitted to UCLA Medical Center and placed on psychiatric hold. She will remain there for at least three days.

More updates to come soon on the saga that is the life of Britney, and the battle over control of the singer's important medical decisions...

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