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Adam Richman recently lost 70 pounds.

Now, he's almost definitely lost his new TV show.

The Travel Channel has pulled Man Finds Food from its schedule after Richman took to Instagram to show off his new look and included along with some photos the hashtag “#thinspiration."

When some followers pointed out that this term is often used by those with eating disorders to promote extreme and unhealthy weight loss, well… Richman did not respond well.

"Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy. No apology is coming," he told one follower. "Only fuckup it seems was your dad's choice to go without a condom."

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It's pretty much a fact of life:

When you host a show titled Man v. Food, you are going to gain a lot of weight.

Especially when that show centers on you traveling the country and eating ridiculous-sized portions of everything from ribs to pancakes to burgers at famous local restaurants. 

But a few years after that show concluded, Adam Richman has realized the extent of his unhealthy lifestyle and gone out of his way to change it... by dropping 70 pounds!!!

Adam Richman Naked

"To go from hating the way I looked to being a Cosmo centerfold is a profound honor," Richman tells the issue of Cosmo UK.

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