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A THG favorite since he first stepped on to the American Idol stage years ago, Adam Lambert celebrates a birthday today:

The eccentric, talented, entertaining singer is 32 years old!

The artist came in second place on the Fox competition in 2009, though his debut album ("For Your Entertainment") ended up on multiple Top 10 charts around the world.

He has gone on to tour the globe, speak out for gay rights and even show off his acting chops. Have you caught Adam on Glee Season 5? He's perfect in the role of Starchild.

Hurry up and watch Glee online to see what we mean, submit your best wishes to the rocker and then toggle through 32 fun photos of the artist in honor of his 32nd birthday.

32 Glam-Tastic Photos of Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert does his entertaining thing here in London. They adore the singer in Great Britain.
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Adam Lambert in London

1. Adam Lambert in London

Adam Lambert does his entertaining thing here in London. They adore the singer in Great Britain.

Adam Lambert in New Zealand

2. Adam Lambert in New Zealand

This is classic Adam Lambert. The singer rocks out in his own eccentric way while performing for fans in New Zealand.

Adam Lambert in Action

3. Adam Lambert in Action

We know Adam Lambert can sing. But can he act? We'll find out on Glee Season 5.

Adam Lambert Rockin

4. Adam Lambert Rockin

Adam Lambert rocks out here in concert. The man has major stage presence.

Adam Lambert Concert Pic

5. Adam Lambert Concert Pic

Adam Lambert performs here in London. He's taking the stage at a nightclub appropriately named G.A.Y.

Adam Lambert Fault Cover

6. Adam Lambert Fault Cover

Adam Lambert covers this issue of Fault. Inside, the singer dishes on her new album.

Adam Lambert Europe Music Awards Performance

7. Adam Lambert Europe Music Awards Performance

Adam Lambert rocks on here at the MTV Europe Music Awards. He brought the crowd to its feet.

Adam Lambert in Russia

8. Adam Lambert in Russia

It's Adam Lambert in action! The singer is seen here during a concert in Moscow, Russia.

A Lambert Look

9. A Lambert Look

Adam Lambert is nothing if not an original. Check out his look at this concert.

On Stage in France

10. On Stage in France

Thousands of fans in Paris were treated to a concert by Adam Lambert in November of 2010. This is a quality action shot of the singer doing his thing.

Lambert in France

11. Lambert in France

This is the basic outfit Adam Lambert wears on stage. You're looking at him doing a show in Paris.

Performing in Paris, France

12. Performing in Paris, France

Paris fans got a healthy dose of Adam Lambert during a concert on 11/18/10. We love the outfits he wears on stage.

Adam and Guitarist

13. Adam and Guitarist

Adam Lambert has been known to kiss his guitar player during concerts. But he just goes with an arm around the guy in this picture.

NYC Performance Pic

14. NYC Performance Pic

You go, Adam Lambert! The singer does his eccentric, entertaining thing for fans in New York City during an August 24, 2010 concert in Staten Island.

For Your Entertainment Photo

15. For Your Entertainment Photo

Adam Lambert posed for this picture and considered it as a cover shot for his debut CD. In the end, he went another way with "For Your Entertainment."

First Tour Stop

16. First Tour Stop

No, this isn't a picture of the Mad Hatter. It's a shot of Adam Lambert from the first leg of his Glam Nation Tour.

NYC Concert Photo

17. NYC Concert Photo

Rock on, Adam Lambert! This is a shot of the singer as he starts his North American summer tour in New York City.

On-Stage Antics

18. On-Stage Antics

Adam Lambert is not afraid to push the boundaries. Or to make out with men. He is gay, after all.

Up Close with Adam

19. Up Close with Adam

Ready to get up close and personal with Adam Lambert? This photo gives fans the chance to do just that.

Classic Lambert

20. Classic Lambert

This is classic Adam Lambert. The singer struts and sings for fans in Tokyo.

Adam Image

21. Adam Image

We're huge fans of Adam Lambert. We admire his singing ability and his attitude on life.


22. Headliner

Adam Lambert stole the show at a concert in Hollywood that was held on New Year's Eve. He's a great performer.

The Adam Face

23. The Adam Face

Adam Lambert fans are used to seeing this face. The singer doesn't hold back when he lets out a note.

Coming at Ya

24. Coming at Ya

Adam Lambert points at the camera as he enjoys himself during a show on New Year's Eve. It took place in Hollywood.

Great Performer

25. Great Performer

Adam Lambert put on quite a show during his New Year's Eve concert. Would you expect anything less from this artist?

Acoustic Adam

26. Acoustic Adam

Yes, this really is Adam Lambert. He went acoustic for a performance of "Tracks of My Tears." It was amazing.

Adam Lambert Live

27. Adam Lambert Live

Adam Lambert performs on American Idol and knocks it out of the park as per usual.

His Mad World

28. His Mad World

Adam Lambert brought back a crowd favorite on the season finale of American Idol. He wowed us all again with "Mad World."

Adam Lambert, Cryin

29. Adam Lambert, Cryin

Is there a more perfect song for Adam Lambert than Aerosmith's "Cryin?" He broke it out for this semifinal routine.

Total Rock Star

30. Total Rock Star

Adam Lambert was made for rock 'n roll. Here he is, singing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin.

Feeling Good

31. Feeling Good

Adam Lambert performed a Rat Pack Standard, "Feeling Good," during this American Idol audition. He was the strongest of the night.

EW Cover Boy

32. EW Cover Boy

Adam Lambert is an Entertainment Weekly cover boy. It's a well-deserved honor for this musical talent.

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by Hilton Hater at

One of the most popular American Idol contestants of all-time celebrates a milestone today.

Adam Lambert turns 31 years old and, having recently parted ways with his record label, the entertaining singer could use all the birthday wishes you've got. Send them in right now!

Adam Lambert Rockin

Lambert made headlines last year and early this year when he offered up a blistering critique of Les Miserables, specifically the singing abilities of that movie's main stars.

Continue Reading...

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by Hilton Hater at

Adam Lambert has made it clear: he only wants one thing for his birthday.

But we're sorry to tell this singer, he's getting something else: a horse of best wishes from THG and its readers.

One of our favorite artists, the former American Idol runner-up turns 29 today. He's recently made news for getting involved in the Teen Mom controversy and he's up for his first Grammy on February 13.

Let's hope he wins, shall we? In the meantime, send in a message for Adam and go through the years with him in the video below:

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As we study Andrew Garcia, Chris Golightly and other potential season nine stars on American Idol, we find ourselves asking:

Who will be the next Adam Lambert?

In just one year's time, this singer has gone from a complete unknown to the standard by which we judge other aspiring artists. It's been amazing ride for Lambert, and it doesn't appear to be ending any time soon.

The unique, talented crooner turns 28 years old today, as he shares a birthday with the woman to whom he gave an insightful interview last week: Oprah Winfrey.

It's yet another symbol of Adam's staus these days that we've chosen to feature him over the world's most popular talk show host. Enjoy the photo montage in Lambert's honor below and send this star your birthday wishes right now...

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