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Since he first graced the American Idol stage, Adam Lambert has handled the topic of his homosexuality with grace and maturity.

That's continued to this day, including a recent visit to France, where a reporter asked Adam if he gets bothered by how often his sexual preference comes up in interviews.

No Controversy Here

"It doesn't bother me," he said. "When I'm abroad, people mostly ask me why they talk about it so much in the U.S.! And it's normal, because there are very few openly gay artists. I just don't want it to overshadow my music, and this can be the case because of the media, who have a tendency to sensationalize the issue.”

Lambert was also asked about the single "Aftermath," which seems to focus on the issue of one coming out.

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Forget caroling for the holidays. Major music acts spent the last few days Jingle Balling.

Stars such as Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber performed at Jingle Ball concerts hosted by radio stations across the country, from New York to Florida.

The latest took place last night, as Y100 gathered artists at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL. Adam Lambert was one of the featured acts on the evening and we've posted two videos from his time on stage below. Enjoy!

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Adam Lambert had a question for those in attendance at this week's Q102 Jingle Ball: Whataya Want From Me?

Indeed, the former American Idol finalist was a featured performer at this concert on Wednesday night, rocking out with fans to the hit that garnered his first Grammy nomination. Watch him in action now:

Lambert also serenaded attendees with a rendition of "If I Had You." Check out that performance HERE and click on the following photos of Adam at the event to enlarge each one.

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Adam Lambert was awoken by something a lot more exciting than his regular cup of coffee last week: a phone call that informed him of a Grammy nomination for the single "Whataya Want From Me."

"I was so excited," the singer tells The Hollywood Reporter of his reaction after learning he was up for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. "After our call, I saw that a bunch of friends and family had texted and written emails."

Lambert is up against Michael Bublé, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and John Mayer in the category.

Adam says the nomination validates both his talent and the credibility of American Idol as a "dream platform for any artist," adding:

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We apologize to Adam Lambert and his supporters.

We're huge fans of this singer and hate the idea of comparing him to someone as talentless as Kourtney Kardashian. But we have no choice. When we see celebrity hairstyles this similar, we're obligated to poll readers over who does it better.

Especially when both styles honor the master of the poof, Snooki herself. So we hope Lambert lovers take this with the grain of funny salt with which it's intended and cast their vote now...

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Adam Lambert and Kourtney Kardashian have little in common. With the exception of this hairstyle. Cast your vote on who rocks the look better. View Poll »

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Adam Lambert often lights up whatever city in which he performs.

This is typically due to impressive visual effects that have followed the artist around the globe on his Glam Nation Tour. However, in Amsterdam last night, Lambert took the concept to another level, appearing to smoke marijuana on stage.

The pot comes out around the three-minute mark of another Purple Haze rendition, as Jimi Hendrix would certainly wouldn't approve of this drug use. So would the city itself, which has no laws against marijuana.

Watch, see for yourself and decide if you're cool with the sight of Adam puffing away in front of fans:

** Remember: you watch watch Adam's entire True Hollywood Story on THG RIGHT NOW!

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Adam Lambert was not invited to last night's American Music Awards. That may have had something to do with the controversy this singer stirred up at last year's ceremony.

But fans of the former American Idol finalist were still given a chance to watch this artist in action, as E! premiered an edition of its True Hollywood Story special in honor of Adam.

Detailing his dedication to theater in high school and working its way through his battle with Kris Allen, all the way up until the aforementioned AMA scandal and subsequent Glam Nation tour, the program is a must-watch for Lambert lovers...

... which means they've come to the right place! Sit back, get comfortable and watch the entire Story in its entirety below.

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Adam Lambert paid homage to Jimi Hendrix at a concert in France last night.

And to the countless music fans that have often mistaken the lyrics to this icon's classic 1967 single "Purple Haze."

As part of his Glam Nation Tour in Europe, Lambert treated concert goers to a rendition of this single, switching up the words from "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" to "Excuse me while I kiss some guy." Not merely apt for Adam, the latter verse has been sung so often that a website has actually been created in its honor.

Performing in Paris, France
  • Rocking Out in France
  • Lambert in France
  • An Intense Look
  • On Stage in France
  • Hot Man on Man Action!

Click on the images above to enlarge shots of Lambert on stage. Then, sit back, relax and watch the video of him covering Hendrix below. It's great stuff.

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First, Justin Bieber announced the release date for his upcoming acoustic album and also unveiled the covert art for "My Worlds: The Collection."

Now, Adam Lambert has done the same.

On December 6, fans of the former American Idol finalist will be able to download Acoustic Live! and/or purchase a hard copy off the singer's official website.

The disc will feature acoustic versions of singles from his For Your Entertainment, such as “Whataya Want From Me," "Music Again," "Aftermath," Soaked” and "Mad World."

Visit our Adam Lambert video section today and click around to find examples of this crooner singing with nothing but a guitar accompaniment. The guy has some serious pipes on him, doesn't he?

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First, Justin Bieber. Now, Adam Lambert.

A few days after that 16-year old singer announced plans for an acoustic album, Adam Lambert has gone ahead and done the same.

Getting Down with Adam

In an interview with Australian TV host Dylan Lewis, Adam said the CD will come out "around Thanksgiving time" and explained its genesis:

“We went around Europe in the earlier part of this year... and we did a lot of promos, so I had Monte, my guitar player, and my drummer at the time. We just did very stripped-back versions of the songs. We got our hands on some of those recordings. Then we also recorded some of the stuff from the actual Glam Nation Tour, so it’s going to be a mix of both.”

We can't wait. Check out the 10-minute interview below:

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