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Adam Lambert is excited to get back to music talk.

Following a December arrest in Finland, the singer has spent the last few weeks offering up apologies and explanations. But now he can return to business.

Last night, Lambert unveiled the album cover for his upcoming CD - due out on March 20! - via his WhoSay account. Give it a look now:

Adam Lambert Cover Image

The first single off the album, “Better Than I Know Myself," is available now on iTunes. Watch Adam's performance of the track on Ellen and chime in: What do you think?

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Adam Lambert stopped by Ellen yesterday and took full responsibility for the fight that broke out between him and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen in Finland in December.

The singer referred to it as childish and foolish and irresponsible, adding that he's learned a lesson and it won't happen again. Good. Case closed. Let's move on, shall we, to new music from the former American Idol star?

Adam will soon release "Trespassing," his second album, and has already dropped the first single off it, "Better Than I Know Myself." Watch him perform it live on he aforementioned talk show now:

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He's already issued a couple statements on the incident, but Adam Lambert sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this week and addressed his fight with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen for the first time in person.

A quick refresher: Lambert and Koskinen were both arrested in late 2011 after they engaged in a drunken brawl just prior to Christmas.

"We had too much to drink. We screwed up," the singer told the host. "There were no injuries, no violence. It was more of childish, foolish, messiness... I was a little irresponsible and I think what I learned from the experience was that I owe it to myself, to my loved ones, and to my fans to be a little more adult and pull it together."

As seen below, Adam concludes that his New Year's resolution was to clean up his act and he now feels "amazing."

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Drunken brawl in Finland? What drunken brawl in Finland?!?

Following an embarrassing incident over the holidays, Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were out to prove all is well last night, dining together at Katsuya, a well-known Hollywood establishment often teeming with paparazzi.

The couple looks to have moved past its issues, huh?

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert at Katsuya

Elsewhere, Lambert was recently asked about his upcoming album ("Trespassing"), explaining why the CD will be more personal than his debut effort, due to his experience of promoting that first album and touring the world:

"I was ready to write music from my experiences and give a very honest emotional portrayal of my desires and fears. Both dark and light. While exploring these themes I realized how universal my topics were. I think part of the beauty of song is how they connect people. Whether they're dancing or crying, the best songs resonate with the masses...

"My intention is that the tracks on "Trespassing" strike a chord with all walks of life."

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Drunken fight and arrest? What drunken fight and arrest?!?

A few days after Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were both arrested in Finland due to a brawl on the street, the singer - who has expressed embarrassment and regret over the incident - and his boyfriend appear to be on great terms again.

Just consider this photo on Lambert's Who Says page:

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen on Christmas Eve

Adam included the following caption with the pic:

“Xmas Eve with the Koskinens! Just had a huge traditional Finnish feast and now opening gifts! Merry and bright! Hyvää ja rauhallista joulua!”

And Hyvää ja rauhallista joulua to you, as well.

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Adam Lambert has added to his initial, post-arrest statement.

Soon after he and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into a drunken brawl in Finland, and were subsequently booked for assault, Lambert Tweeted a half-serious response about how alcohol and jet lag resulted in the incident.

Sauli Koskinen with Adam Lambert

But the ex-American Idol finalist included another message last night, apparently displeased with both his tone in the initial response, and the false reports that circulated in the wake of the publicized arrest.

"Violence is not to be taken lightly," Adam wrote. "Embarrassed by drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges. Media always exaggerates."

Hey, we're just glad everyone is okay. And, yes, Lambert should be embarrassed by the fight. But live, learn and drink less after a long flight. What else can you do?

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In a word: oops!

That is Adam Lambert's reaction to the brawl he and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into last night, as the pair were arrested and interrogated by Finnish police after SERIOUSLY getting into it around 4 a.m. outside a bar in Helsinki.

Stunned Adam Lambert

"Jetlag+Vodka=blackout," Lambert Tweeted this afternoon. "Jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it."

At least these two appear to be on good terms again, as Koskinen also blogged soon after the incident: "Publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!"


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Adam Lambert has reportedly been arrested in Finland.

Details are still coming in, but this much we know, according to a Perez Hilton source:

The ex-American Idol finalist got into a "huge fight" with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen outside of a bar in Helsinki called "Don't Tell Momma." Both were booked by local police and, as of early this morning, are sitting in separate jails in the area.

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen Photo

Finnish journalists claim that witnesses attempted to break up the brawl, only for Lambert to also attack the peace-makers. No one was seriously injured in the melee.

We'll have more on this arrest as news breaks. Lambert, meanwhile, is in the process of promoting the first single off his second album.

UPDATE: The duo has been released and Koskinen has blogged: "Publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!"


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We're just days away from a new Adam Lambert single.

The former American Idol runner-up teased fans yesterday with the reveal of the art work for "Better Than I Know Myself," Tweeted along with the following photo: Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!

Adam Lambert Single Art

The track will be off Adam's upcoming new CD, "Trespassing," which Lambert describes as an even more honest effort than his debut album.

And you can actually listen to a 30-second snippet of the single at Yahoo. Take a listen and let us know: Does Adam have a future hit on his talented hands?

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Adam Lambert walked the red carpet of the American Music Awards in an impressive three-piece suit, defeating Justin Bieber by a wide margin in this Fashion Face-Off. Based on this dapper look, one can't help but wonder:

Is there a fashion line in Lambert's future?

Adam Lambert AMA Photo

Maybe, Adam says during his December 9 appearance on the Sundance Channel series, All On The Line with Joe Zee.

“I’d love to work on my own fashion line, accessory line, shoes or something. [But] obviously right now I’m focused on my music.”

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