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The Gossip loves Rachel Bilson. How can anyone not adore such a cutie?

But the actress may have her hands full these days ... of hot man love! Everyone knows that Bilson and co-star Adam Brody have been an item for almost as long as their OC characters - Seth and Summer - have been dating.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

They seem awfully happy. But can anyone woman resist the innocent charm of Zach Braff? Having starred alongside Bilson in the recent release, The Last Kiss, Braff looks as comfortable as Brody with her in the images below, doesn't he?

We're not saying Rachel is wearing Zach's Scrubs (if you know what we mean!), but we're not saying she isn't, either.

If the Bilson and Brody relationship is coming to an end, however, we hope it's a more pleasant conclusion than that of The OC in this, its final season. Gosh, it's become awful.

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Not to steal a saying from a nosy magazine The Gossip is far superior than, but: celebrities, they're just like us! They walk their dogs!

No, we're not talking about when the handlers of Travis Barker let him out of his cage. We mean actual canines and their famous owners. Just take a look:

Vogue Cover

What happens when your girlfriend is named the new Wonder Woman? You're relegated to dog walker, of course. Adam Brody seems content to saunter along with he and Rachel Bilson's puppy, however.

Breathtaking AND down to earth? We already knew Jessica Biel was the former, but eschewing the use of any dog walker speaks largely to the latter quality, as well.

Returning frm a trip, Hilary Duff has all the essentials: suitcase, bucket hat, adorable puppy.

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The seven remaining fans of The O.C. will recall that in Season 2, lovable geek Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) created his own comic book, "Atomic County." Now, in a case of art imitating life, Brody is teaming up with Danny Bilson (the father of Adam's O.C. co-star and real-life girlfriend, Rachel Bilson) and Paul DeMeo to pen a series called "Red Menace" for WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics.

Adam Brody Picture

"As much as I love comics, writing one wasn't something I ever thought about doing. Danny brought it up, so I thought it would be fun, and it has been. I've had a blast," Brody said.

Set in '50s-era Los Angeles, "Red Menace" is centered around a blacklisted hero named The Eagle and the superpowered youth he takes under his wing.

According to TV Guide, the story was hatched after Bilson and Brody started talking about the 1976 film The Front, which starred Woody Allen as a cashier who agrees to be a front for blacklisted writers.

"I said, ‘Why don't we just do that, but as a comic?'" Brody recalled.

According to Bilson, the 26-year-old actor also came up with the idea of introducing a younger hero into the story.

"We all contributed different parts to the idea, but in a certain way, I feel like Paul and I own the older guy and Adam owns the younger guy," Bilson said.

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Marissa Cooper is dead. Might her friends and family be next?

Mischa Barton Nipple Slip

As The O.C. limps into 2006-2007 on FOX, the network isn't showing very much faith in the drama. Only 16 new episodes have been ordered for the show's fourth season. The basis for this decrease in output?

It's largely the major competition that Seth, Summer and other Newport residents will be facing on Thursday nights. Aside from CSI returning to its 9 p.m. time slot, ABC has moved juggernaut, Grey's Anatomy, opposite The O.C., as well.

Combine these hits with the severe drop in ratings the FOX series faced last season - although it still averaged a respectable 5.7 million viewers a week - and there's little wonder why the show may soon be joining Marissa in entertainment heaven.

For those who still care, look for Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and others to return on November 2, after FOX is finished airing The World Series.

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The OC may suck, but one good thing appears to have come out of the one-time enjoyable FOX drama: Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody. B-squared and all its glory were on display last week at Memphis, a southernrestaurant on Hollywood Boulevard

Well-known chef, Yossi, was cooking up delights and proceeds were benefitting the Los Angeles Mission. This young, happy couple joined the festivies, along with Dustin Hoffman and former Lost castaway Michelle Rodriguez.

  • Rachel Bilson Picture
  • Adam Brody Picture

Bilson commented on her own culinary skills:

"I love to cook. I'm learning more and more," she said. "I've mastered turkey meatloaf recently. You gotta start somewhere, right?"

Brody will probably take any home-cooked meal he can get. Meanwhile, Bilson dished up more than mere cooking thoughts. She advised celebrity couples who wished to remain out of the spotlight with the straightforward advice of, "don't go everywhere together."

Makes sense to us. Of course, you can probably take out the last word when it comes to Britney's worse half: Just don't go anywhere, K-Fed.

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