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With the launch of her new perfume, Reese Witherspoon is definitely In Bloom ... but can she complete with the great 50 Cent in the celebrity fragrance department?

Reese's new scent, In Bloom, reflects her new attitude toward life, the Oscar winner says, while incorporating memories from her childhood into one special product.

"I thought it should evoke a feeling that was reflective of what was going on in my life. I think In Bloom captures the idea that I'm at a time in my life where I feel confident with my work, my personal life, and that it's a time to blossom."

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is gearing up to launch his newest men’s fragrance, Power by Fifty Cent, which evokes fond memories of marijuana, Hennessy and gunpowder.

Just kidding. The "masculine fragrance mixes notes like lemon leaves, black pepper, coriander and nutmeg," which all add up, 50 Cent says, to "a whiff of success."

“I really wanted to bottle up the rush it gives you so my fans can make it a part of their lifestyle,” he explains in a release. Power by Fifty Cent launches this Friday.

Who would you rather ... smell like?


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A truly terrific twosome celebrates birthdays on this sixth of July! After a weekend that marked America's 233rd, here are photo galleries of a couple of stars who officially turned a year older and wiser (well, probably not the latter) today.

The only question? Will guns be more popular at the b-day party of 50 Cent ...

50 Cent Carless

... or at the bash of our uber-intelligent 43rd President, George W. Bush!?

Bush Oh Face

When does your favorite celeb commemorate another year of not kicking any sort of bucket Check out our celebrity birthdays calendar and find out now!

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Let's hope Shaniqua Tompkins isn't reading this.

In hookup news nowhere near as random and probably a bit less disease-riddled than the recent coupling up of Tila Tequila and Billy Corgan, the New York Post is reporting that Ciara and 50 Cent recently spent the night at a Times Square hotel.

Fiddy Loves New Moon

Says their source, “there was only one bed in that penthouse.”

Surely 50 Cent must have take the couch like a true gent.

50 Cent and Ciara push it good.

Rumors have swarmed around the pair since their steamy video for "Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone" two years ago, but they’ve never admitted anything but friendship.

Looks like they're singing a different duet than pictured above, though. The only question is whether it's a one-shot deal or a friends-with-benefits scenario.

Ciara was also linked to Chris Brown at one point last year, but he is not believed to have tapped that booty, nor has he received any booty call texts from Ciara.

He is in one of these pictures below, though. What would Rihanna say? Click to enlarge some more images of possible sort-of couple 50 Cent and Ciara ...

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Note to Shaniqua Tompkins: If 50 Cent makes you some nice promises after a good lay, don't hold him to it. At least not in a court of law.

That's the basic gist of his latest legal action. 50 Cent is firing back at his baby mama after she filed a $50 million breach of contract suit.

In a response, Fiddy says that anything he ever said to Shaniqua Tompkins is "nothing more than pillow talk and romantic declarations of love."

Just another chapter in an epic legal battle that has included allegations of arson and kidnapping, and more counter-suits than you can count.

Shaniqua Tompkins Pic

In case there is any doubt as to how he feels about the issue, 50 even lays it out in the simplest, most irrefutable terms possible - "If I ever intended to make that kind of commitment to [Tompkins], then I would have married her."

Come on, Shaniqua Tompkins. Everybody knows that a guy will say just about anything in the 5-10 minutes after ... you know. Delusional, girl.

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50 Cent and his security staff were seen breaking into a Rolls Royce outside of a hotel in London earlier today.

The car, which belonged to Fiddy at least, was parked with the keys locked inside.

The hip-hop star's entourage worked feverishly to get the vehicle open so Fiddy would not be forced to ride in the embarrassing stretch Hummer he hired for his friends.

The crew eventually got in and, thanks heavens, 50 Cent was able to save face...

50 Cent Breaks In

The caper unfolded like a slapstick comedy in downtown London; see more of 50 Cent's vehicular antics below:

  • 50 Cent Arrives
  • 50 Cent's Entourage
  • 50 Cent GTA V
  • 50 Cent Carless
  • 50 Cent Rollin

50 Cent's team broke into the car so easily, local police were forced to check outstanding warrents. [Photo Credit: Splash News Online]


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Taco Bell is going for the whole enchilada in defending itself from a suit filed by 50 Cent, claiming the rapper's tough-talking $4 million lawsuit (alleging trademark infringement) from earlier this summer was nothing but a publicity stunt.

The fast food chain definitely answered the legal Bell, so to speak, in its attempt to straight up dome Fiddy when it comes to his credibility.

The Bell attacked 50 as a gentleman whose work "falls in the sub-genre of hip hop music known as 'gangsta rap,' a style associated with urban street gangs and characterized by violent, tough-talking braggadocio." Or something.

The Taco peeps also claim Fiddy only filed the lawsuit to "burnish his gangsta persona." Not sure how suing Taco Bell would do that, but whatever you say.

50 Cent sued over Taco Bell's promotional campaign where they offered to give $10,000 to charity if the rapper would change his name to 79, 89 or 99 Cent.

His lawyer tells us "Taco Bell needs to be stopped" and that "Mr. Cent intends to vigorously pursue this case." Seriously, he referred to him as Mr. Cent.

You know what they say: Mo' money mo' problems. Combined this with his many lawsuits against Shaniqua Tompkins and Fiddy has his legal hands full.


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Did 50 Cent really try to burn down the house where Marquise - his 11-year-old son, resided? Did Marquise's mom kidnap him and hold him against 50's will?

These questions remain very much unclear.

What's perfectly clear, though, is that the rapper purchased the rights to his baby mama's life story. You know, so Shaniqua Tompkins, mother of Marquise, can't publish any tell-all books about him in the future.

50 Cent has confirmed this, addressing it in a statement: “I bought the rights to her life story so she couldn’t write a book. I seen her being ridiculous; I knew her capabilities of going in that direction, so I bought the rights.”

Don't ask us how one goes about purchasing the rights to a person’s life story ... especially of someone most people don’t know, let alone care about at all.

We only see one problem with 50's masterminding:

This does stop her from writing a fictional, O.J. Simpson-like account of how some made-up rapper named "49 Cent" burned down the house of "Taniqua Shompkins" on Long Island, with her inside. Think about it.

Of course, that assumes Shaniqua Tompkins is even literate. Never mind.

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Continuing to trade barbs, allegations and lawsuits with his estranged baby mama, 50 Cent says Shaniqua Tompkins is holding their son hostage.

Fiddy and Shaniqua have been at each other's throats ever since that fire that destroyed the house the rapper bought for her and Marquise.

But now Mr. Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, is telling Sister 2 Sister magazine that Marquise has been kidnapped by Shaniqua Tompkins.

He also tells the magazine - which apparently exists - that he paid $60,000 to have an independent teacher home-school Marquise.

50 Cent sort of won the most recent round of their custody battle, but we'll have to see what developments this afternoon brings.

Shaniqua Tompkins Pic

50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins have created one son and dozens of lawsuits.

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Yes, you read that correctly.

He's always involved in some litigation, be it against Shaniqua Tompkins or a major fast food chain. Today, 50 Cent has sued Taco Bell, claiming that the company used his name without permission in recent advertising.

The rapper says, in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday, that Taco Bell features him in a print ad campaign in which the company facetiously asks the human flak jacket to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent.

His real name is Curtis Jackson. Hard. Core.

50 Cent to Taco Bell: Yo quiero $4 million!

The rapper's court papers say the ad is part of Taco Bell's "Why Pay More?" campaign, which promotes items for under a dollar such as Cinnamon Twists for 79 cents, Crunchy Tacos for 89 cents and Bean Burritos for 99 cents.

Peter D. Raymond, the hardest working lawyer in show biz, said his client didn't learn about the letter or that he was featured in the ads until he saw a news report about it. On a side note, props to Fiddy for watching the news!

Raymond said 50 Cent is seeking $4 million in damages. Maybe he can parlay that into his legal bills stemming from the whole house-burning fiasco.


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Shaniqua Tompkins, step off! Rapper / human flak jacket 50 Cent got what he wanted in the latest chapter of his baby mama drama - kind of.

A Long Island judge has granted him an unrestricted visit from August 3-12 with Marquise, his son with former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins.

50 Cent Breaks In

Celebrity news sources say both parties had to submit to drug tests at the courthouse before the judge would even discuss it.

50 was clean. Shaniqua tested positive for crack cough meds.

In court, she claimed 50 is keeping her from using her Land Rover SUV by keeping guards at the site of his house - engulfed by flames in June.

She says he burned it down. He denies that's the case.

The mother (above) of Marquise, 11, Tompkins she is concerned for her son's safety after the fire at the 5,200-square-foot Dix Hills home that 50 owns and Shaniqua was living in. Tompkins publicly accused the rapper of setting the blaze.

"She wants Marquise to have access with his father, but with safety precautions in place," said Paul Catsandonis, Tompkins' attorney.

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