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Here is a sentence we did not expect to write today:

Meryl Streep hung at at yesterday's Knicks-Lakers game with 50 Cent. No... really!

The 18-time Academy Award nominee sat courtside for the matchup alongside the famous rapper, getting along so well with Fiddy that the pair eventually made it backstage.

Where Kobe Bryant joined the party!

What did the trio talk about? Probably Carmelo Anthony dropped 62 points Friday night... Justin Bieber getting arrested... who Juan Pablo Galavis will select to be his wife.

Check out a handful of photos of the unexpected threesome now:

Meryl Street Goes Gangsta
Meryl Street goes totally gangster in this photo with 50 Cent and Kobe Bryant. The three spent time together after the Lakers-Knicks game.

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50 Cent has reached a plea deal following an incident in which he alleged kicked his baby mama and destroyed a bunch of her property back in June.

He was charged with five criminal counts following the incident - one count of misdemeanor domestic violence, and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism.

Mr. Cent

The rapper pleaded not guilty soon after, but the judge still ordered him to stay away from his baby mama Daphne Joy, the mother of 50's second child.

50 also has a teenage son Marquise with Shaniqua Tompkins, with whom he also has a contentious relationship. Joy's child with Cent is still a baby.

After the alleged fight with Daphne, he was hit with a restraining order.

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50 Cent pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges in court Monday morning, but was forced to turn in all his guns as he awaits trial in the case.

According to a protective order, 50 is now prohibited from contact with his alleged baby mama, model Daphne Joy. He must stay 100 yards from her.

Interestingly, on his way out of court, a process server hit 50 with a stack of papers. The process server told TMZ the papers are related to this case.

50 Cent was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly kicked Joy and then destroyed a bunch of property in her L.A. condo, which he denies.

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Daphne Joy has been identified as the woman 50 Cent allegedly kicked (along with her stuff) in her condo, leading to his recent arrest for domestic violence.

She's been widely reported as his baby mama, but according to the kid's birth certificate, he's not. Then again, it doesn't list a father at all, so ...

Fifty Cent

Either Daphne Joy didn't know who the dad was at the time she filled it out, or she didn't want to say, or both. So it's not like 50 Cent is off the hook.

The child's last name, first of all, is Jackson, not Joy.

The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, has never acknowledged that child is his. Nor has Daphne. But the police may have heard it straight from them.

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Embattled rapper 50 Cent has been dropped from baseball's All-Star Bash in new York in the wake of his domestic violence scandal, according to TMZ.

50 Cent Smile

50 was all set to perform at the MLB party July 14 along with Kaskade, but the league has decided not to move forward with that for obvious reasons.

He was charged with domestic violence last week following an alleged domestic dispute in California in June, though he denies kicking his baby mama.

The MLB hasn't confirmed this, but instead of 50 Cent headlining, the event's Facebook page now promises two "surprise performances" for the party.

It's been quite a surprising recent turn of events for 50, who was also involved in a nasty exchange with his son Marquise, 16, over text message.

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50 Cent, who was recently arrested for domestic violence against a still-unnamed baby mama, recently exploded at the offspring of his first one.

A heated argument between the rapper and his son Marquise, 16, has leaked online. In it, he calls the teenager “f--king stupid,” a “s--thead,” and worse.

  • 50 Cent Son Marquise
  • Fifty Cent Picture

The angry texting tirade came after 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise's mom, were apparently unable to coordinate a custody visitation.

When 50 showed up at his door and Marquise didn't answer, he LOST IT.

He advises Marquise to a DNA test to prove he is his biological son, calls him a "motherf--ker" and even states that he "doesn't have a son" anymore.

Follow the jump for the entire unfiltered and raw exchange:

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50 Cent is not in jail, fools. The rapper would like to clear that up.

He would also like to Instagram all the places he is instead.

Such as his kitchen, fool.

Fifty Cent Photo

Despite news reports that he was arrested on domestic violence charges and facing jail time if convicted, 50 does not seem fazed in the slightest.

His lawyer issued a statement that he denies kicking his baby mama (unnamed, not Shaniqua Tompkins), but Mr. Cent just had to weigh in himself.

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50 Cent is adamant that he did not kick his baby mama.

An attorney for the rapper (real name Curtis Jackson) just released a statement denying any wrongdoing following reports of his arrest yesterday, saying:

50 Cent Premiere Pic

"[50] denies these allegations made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest."

His lawyer adds, "We have been in contact with the LA City Attorney's Office and are currently conducting our own investigation into these allegations."

It was widely reported that 50 Cent was arrested for domestic violence following a alleged domestic dispute at the Toluca Lake home of the mother of his child.

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Justin Bieber has a pair of major celebrities in his corner.

At last night's premiere of Pain & Gain, both 50 Cent and Mark Wahlberg responded to the controversy surrounding Bieber and his recent Anne Frank comments, with the rapper echoing the sentiment that has landed Bieber in trouble:

"She probably would have been [a belieber]," Fiddy said of the Holocaust victim.

  • Fiddy Cent Pic
  • Mark Wahlberg is Cool

Wahlberg, meanwhile, thinks JB just needs a break.

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