True Tori: 5 Signs Dean McDermott's Affair Is Fake

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True Tori is supposed to be an honest portrayal of the marital troubles experienced by Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Here are some clues that the whole thing is made up.

1. Tori and Dean Are Broke!

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

2. Tori Knows How to Fake It

Tori Knows How to Fake It
Tori might be too honest in her book, Spelling it Like It Is. In the memoir, she reveals that in the past, she's faked reality show storylines in order to score ratings.

3. Tori and Dean's New Year's Photo

Tori and Dean's New Year's Photo
Tori and Dean posted this pic to Instagram for New Year's. Problem is, Tori has since claimed Dean was in rehab throughout the winter holidays. Whoops!

4. Tori Lied About Help With Kids

Tori Lied About Help With Kids
Tori claims she raised the kids on her own in Dean's absence. The truth is, she gets plenty of help fro THREE nannies.

5. Emily Goodhand Doesn't Exist!

Emily Goodhand Doesn't Exist!
Emily Goodhand has only been "interviewed" once and never photographed. The popular theory at the moment is that Tori and Dean lied about his affair.

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This is not convincing 'evidence' to me. I don't know why the nanny thing is even considered a 'sign' of anything, nor the New Year's photo. My family takes pics like that ahead of time on a regular basis. I expect a celeb couple would be even more likely to do so. But, beyond all that, I don't think Tori is a good enough actress to pull off her extreme reactions to the infidelity. Her ugly sobbing and clear humiliation was palpable. My voyeuristic tendency crumbled, and I wanted to to turn off the TV and go cry with the girl and beat Dean's a** myself, and I'm not even a fan.


Papparazi is so angry that Tori got one over on them for reporting her own struggles on True Tori, that they are exagerating and making things up. The 2014 is clearly photoshopped in on the pic.


whether or not it is real, if it is, then Tori agreed to immediately publicly shame Dean, and have the whole thing documented for the world to see, cuz she set him up to get fired by 'chopped canada', cuz she was positive the chopped wouldn't want him back. one way or another she figures, she WILL get him in a subservient position, with no ties to the world, and being the perfect nanny-houseboy, she set him up


I think she she get rid iPod him he was only with her cuz of daddy. Hoping to make it bug with his help now daddy is gone and I think daddy seen right threw him.That's why no money was left to her


WTF???First of all, WHERE DID MOST OF YOU OTHER POSTERS GO TO SCHOOL???? You don't even know proper english. As for Tori, whether the show was fake or not (I mean really, who gives a sh*t??) she does-in my opinion-need to drop Dean like a heavy rock-or maybe just drop a big rock ON him.She deserves so much better. I believe that he's been using her from the start, to boost his career more than likely. And Candy is a selfish B$TCH.I'm sure she hates Tori because she was so close to her dad. & I'm sure she was jealous. SAD SAD SAD. At any rate, I wish Tori all the best.


This is fake. They both can't act. Every scene with crying in it, there are no tears. They need to think about their kids. Why would you do this and bring your kids a long for the ride? If it's real then they will watch how their dad cheated. They don't need to see that at any age. If it's fake, and I am sure it is, then their mom and dad are lyres and will do anything for money and fame. Just what we want to teach our kids.
They both are cheaters. They cheated on their first spouses with each other. So how can they have a good foundation with that beginning. As far as money is concerned, tori needs to get a handle on her spending. She wants to live well above her means. Dean doesn't have the money her daddy did. And it's not her moms job to support her. She is a grown woman with her own career. And how can they not have money. With all the books she has done, the clothing line, her decorating line, and her shows. So the "we have no money " is bogus too.
Grow up Tori and Dean. Start being parents to the kids and put all this money hungry crap away. You are embarrassing your selfs .


Tori has been on TV for a very long time unfortunately she should have known that he was going to cheat since he did it once before to wife NO. 1 some women never learn. As for her mother she is a selfish witch who hates thew fact that she was not No. 1 in her husbands life and her daughter was. Tori my advise to you would be to just let him go your beautiful and smart and you have a great deal of friends to help you through this. Rehab did not work for him he fakes his feelings with more lies, and please those panic attacks he claims to have come on I get those and can tell you the ones he is having are FAKE!!!! he just does not want to pay a huge child support payment or anything to you be a smart woman and leave his dumb-ass because he is playing you like a fiddle and you really deserve better than that. I know you have 4 babies but you can do it your smart and to hell what other people say about you they have issues and would not tell you the truth if it bit them in the butt. Stay away from your mother she is trouble and for whatever reason is a lousy one and needs help herself. You worry about you and your kids and stay out of the press for a bit and move on. That is the best advise I can give someone like you. TV reality is the biggest reason most TV couples get divorced, look at the statistics don't be one. P.S. if he puts his hands on you don't run fight back I know your tiny but for real your not weak!!!!!!!!!!! People are saying he manipulates you do it back you were and are strong before you met him be that girl again but now a WOMAN not a GIRL anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ christine

She is no better! She is a money hungry selfish me first bitch. I totally think this is made up. Their bedroom fight were she cried and told him to do something was the worst acting I have ever seen. She couldn't even cry! There were NO tears. At all. He was a much better actor than she is. And as far as cheating goes, she was married when to husband number 1 when she cheated with Dean! So she gets what she deserves.


on the talk they asked candy if tori leaves dean can tori and the kids live with you, she said no, oh no not with 4 kids. I might buy her an apartment but not with me. cold lady.


why is Candy so against Tori what did Tori do to her parents to get
booted out of the family

@ JuJu

maybe she was a daddys girl and candy was jealous. who knows with these rich people she has enough money and room in that penthouse its huge, but no I guess its never enough.


Seemed sincere to me. He made a mistake and needs to make things right. It will take years of therapy to help tori with her insecurities and he needs a job close to home. The kids need their dad and he and tori need to talk and go to therapy together. What a selfish jerk.

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