13 Classic Teresa Giudice Moments

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7. Teresa Guidice: I Mean It!

Teresa Guidice: I Mean It!
Teresa claims she is a lady of her word. Even if her castmates don't always believe a word she's sayin.

8. Teresa Giudice: Skeptical

Teresa Giudice: Skeptical
Teresa smells something fishy. Don't mess with this feisty Housewife.

9. Teresa Giudice: Shocked

Teresa Giudice: Shocked
Teresa just can't believe what you're saying right now. Don't even go there.

10. Teresa Giudice: Confused

Teresa Giudice: Confused
Something's not sitting right with Ms. Teresa Giudice.

11. Teresa Giudice: Bikini Babe

Teresa Giudice: Bikini Babe
Teresa is proud of her bikini body. Take a look at that grin as she flaunts what she's got.

12. Teresa Giudice: Silly Smirk

Teresa Giudice: Silly Smirk
Teresa can be a goofball, too. Check out the smirk as she jokes around with her daughter, Gia.

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