Rihanna Hot on the Red Carpet Photo
Rihanna shows it all off on the red carpet. This girl is certainly not shy.
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I guess she's trying to get Chris Browns attention now that he is out of jail. . . So much for playing hard to get! I just hope that she tucked away something a little special for him in celebration of his release!


And people say Kim k has no self respect....I hate that mt daughters are of this generation when being a whore is okay!! No sweetie get some clothes on and stop making our daughters think their bodies will do everything for them...those of us who are trying to raise self respecting women find it hard with yamps like this

@ Natalie+Parker

While I don't think this dress was entirely appropriate, dressing like what some people consider a "whore" doesn't mean you have no self respect. It is possible, believe it or not, to have intelligence, self esteem, goals, and standards and dress like what you call a "whore." So it's nice that you want to respect yourself and all, but you really need to respect others, too.

@ Emma Vanity

I agree with Emma Vanity! Well said!