An artist reimagined Disney princesses as different races. These are princess movies we'd love to see.

Ariel gets a makeover as artist TT's reimagined Little Mermaid.
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belle's doppelganger looks like jasmine! and the Polynesian Pocahontas was gorgeous!


I think this is adorable!!!


This is offensive! Another instance of made up black history, like kwanza or the so called underground railroad!

@ joenamherst

There's NOTHING "made up" about black history, dude!!!

@ joenamherst

"Made up". You think this is made up? Do you think history is MADE UP? The killings of other races are not made up. If anything here is offensive, It's you. Learn your manners.


That's ridiculous. I mean Disney gave us Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan and the black princess. Isn't that enough? I guess blacks and indians are supposed to own everything right? You already have you're own group but yet you want more. How selfish is that?

@ Elizabeth

Not nearly even half as selfish as taking one race of people from THEIR land totally against their will & bringing them to a totally foreign country( Indian territory ) & holding them captive plus denying them of even the most basic rights for almost five centuries. And you want to talk about selfish?!

@ Elizabeth

how dare they want more, we gave them like, four movies in comparisons to dozens of white based disney movies. one of which for the majority of it the black character was a different animal. it's like they want equal representation or some shit like they're the majority of the world's population...wait, they are.

@ meg

Remeber the fact that the disney stories are based of fairy tales and the like. The majority of disney princesses are white because that's where the story originates from. If a fairy tale was originally African and they made the character white, that would be one thing. But they don't. So stop complaining about it.