Orlando Bloom Dances in Spain

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Orlando Bloom dances around to "Happy" in this collection of GIFs. He doesn't seem too concerned about Justin Bieber.

1. Orlando Bloom Dances to "Happy"

Orlando Bloom Dances to "Happy"
Justin Bieber who?!? Orlando Bloom doesn't seem bothered by his rival, or much of anything, during this "Happy" dance in Spain.

2. Orlando Bloom Dancing

Orlando Bloom Dancing
Orlando Bloom cuts loose in this amazing GIF. He's dancing around to "Happy" during a party in Spain.

3. Take This, Bieber!

Take This, Bieber!
Yup, this is a GIF of Orlando Bloom. Specifically, it's a GIF of Orlando Bloom dancing to the song "Happy." Pretty awesome, huh?

4. Spinning Orlando Bloom

Spinning Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom has a good reason to dance: everyone in the world is on his side when it comes to feuding with Justin Bieber.

5. Orlando Bloom "Happy" Dance

Orlando Bloom "Happy" Dance
Orlando Bloom feels like a room without a roof right now. He's dancing up a storm to "Happy."

6. Blooming on the Dance Floor

Blooming on the Dance Floor
Orlando Bloom doesn't seem too bothered by his fight with Justin Bieber, does he? The actor dances with a cute girl in this GIF.

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