Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez GRINDING

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7. Justin Bieber Screen Shot

Justin Bieber Screen Shot
A screen grab from Justin Bieber's new Instagram video. A shirtless one at that.

8. Douche in Motion

Douche in Motion
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber work out some new choreography. He refuses to wear shirts.

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Hay babes

@ Justin beiber

Justin beiber I think ur hot if u ever come to daytona beach florida hit me up I want to do things to u.


My boyfriend had sex with me last night I was I my bed and I woke up to him kissing me and his penis up my boy whole it just happens


They are sexy




Look if you guys want to get married go for but Justin don't break her again cuz she loves you man OK?

@ Ashleyk

Maybe that is what they need to do go finally END this nonsense! Get married once and for all and end up hating each other and getting divorced. Then Selena can get on with seeing if she can be a star without this a s s hat always getting in the way of her focus (her fault, she is a big girl).


selanagomez is my best friend she great she is good she is not get married its.my decision is i love her she is mine yo justin there no way to tricots my lady don.t you dare justin bieber she is not be sexy with you selana gomez is not be justin bieber she not she not be sexy with you justin bieber you not in love she my love of my life i want interview selana gomez leave her alone

@ lesia

yo, you is a retard

@ lesia

So Selena Gomez is your best friend?


I think it's not a bad idea getting married. But you both are to young live your life and see where it go but it's your decision so do what'd best love you Justin.♡♥♡♥.

@ Kimberly Samuel

U like me

@ Kimberly Samuel

I love sex so much don't u want to have it like selena

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