High School Yearbook Pics: Before and After Photoshop

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These high school yearbook pictures have been Photoshopped. And the subjects aren't happy.

1. Photoshopped Yearbook Photo

Photoshopped Yearbook Photo
Students in Utah aren't happy with their high school, not after yearbook photos such as this one were the victim of Photoshop.

2. Too Much Skin!

Too Much Skin!
Does the photo on the left show too much skin? Yes, according to high school administrators who Photoshopped a new one.

3. Hide Those Shoulders!

Hide Those Shoulders!
A high school in Utah Photoshopped the original photo submitted by this senior because it believes she had exposed too much shoulder skin.

4. Edited Yearbook Photo

Edited Yearbook Photo
We wouldn't call this original yearbook photo "racy." But it was too much for a high school in Utah, which edited in some changes.

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@tiara Are you serious? Do you really think any of those girls were showing too much skin?! They were all wearing normal everyday that you, I or even my grandma would wear! This is just ridiculous! I don't even know what to say...


The girl under the caption "Too Much Skin!" , doesn't even look like herself in the second photo. In the first photo she has curly straight hair and in the second one she has straight dark brown hair. Also, she seems to have a her face changed as well. Unless they perhaps took a whole new photo they don't look alike at all. Also they could be showing two different girls wearing similar outfits. I don't have much to say on this but wow. Just wow.

@ Sally

There is an official video about it. Those are two different girls wearing the same shirt. That was an example of the inconsistency in choosing which photos to edit. The girl on the right received fake sleeves while the girl on the left received no altering at all. I think they got what they deserve. They are like 15. No one needs to see that much skin on a child...

@ Sally

That isn't the same girl. I watched an interview with the girls that showed how unfair and random the editing was. They showed those two girls wearing identical tops and how one was edited for their top to add longer sleeves and the other wasn't

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