Emilia Clarke Photo
Emilia Clarke stars on HBO's Game of Thrones. The show's fourth season debuts April sixth.
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WOW What a difference when these stars look OUT of hair, makeup and wardrobe (picture 1) and IN hair, makeup, and wardrobe (picture 2)! Yep, another wasted 10 minutes I'll never get back.


Wow, Melisandre is HOT in real life.


I don't know who wrote this article, but it's "F**-all" non-sense. At least 90% of them look the same in real-life, at least when it comes to their facial features. Even though some of them have shíte hairdressings or cuts, or make-up or tattoos, they still look recognizably the same.
You'd have to be blind not to see it.
(For instance, Lena Heady or Carice van Houten) I can make an article just like this if I took the worst photo's on set, and the most heavily distored or "make-up" posh photo's on the other end. It's just blabber.


maybe its because in medieval times they didn't have running water and hair dryers? just saying....


HODOR! lol


Do yourself a favor and look up Lily allen's song My brother Alfie, about the actor (her brother) who plays Theon....


Solo who plays the Dragon?? Lol


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Maisie Williams looks older than 17 in real life, but like she's eleventeen on the show. Why do we say 'real life'? Is TV 'fake life'? I guess it is, in a way.

@ Rob Stark


@ Rob Stark

Love her acting on this show. She has a great future in entertainment for sure.

@ Rob Stark

Are u serious?!?! First thing wrong here is "eleventeen" it's eleven.
Now with Maisie Williams. She is not older than 17, she is 16, born in 1997. She also plays a 14 year old character (season 4) and in season 1, she is 10, not 11.

@ Wow

Read the books. She was 9, Bran was 7 and Rickon was 3. Both Robb and Jon were 14 GRRM said he regretted making them so young and didn't want the show to replicate it so they aged them. GoT also uses no chronological sequencing so you never know exactly how much time has passed. Robb could've started out at 17 and died at 19 or 22...we don't know. Point is, we so not know she is 14. You are assuming that each season represents a year and that is certainly not true. The last 2 books run simultaneously but feature 2 different sets of people so no one ages.

@ Kestrel

We don't know exactly how old show Arya was in season 1, just that she was between Sansa (13) and Bran (10).
And we do know roughly how much time has passed - around 2 years, since Sansa was still 14 on her wedding night (that fits with the books, where she was 11 at the start and 12/about to turn 13 on her wedding night - she was aged up 2 years, some other characters were aged up 3-4 years).


John Bradley looks the same...