Which celebrities made the list of Forbes' Most Powerful Women? Find out now!

Hillary Clinton (#6)
According to Forbes, Hillary Clinton is the sixth Most Powerful Woman in the world. Might she become #1 in 2016?

Hey! There are only 2 white heteros here....racist heterophobes.


ROFLMAO...see my prior comment on Hillary. This bitch...telling me what to feed my kid and how to raise them. STFU.


Hillary Clinton is a politician not a celebrity. Therein lies the heart of what ails America....Hollywood and it's ignorant elite who play pretend for a living push douchebags like her and Obama on the rest of us. She's an embarrassment to my gender with how she lets men walk all over her personally and professionally (see: all of Bill's subjects and the Benghazi four)...and then blames the victim. Oh well. It nets her $200K/speech for "empowerment" or some such shit. Evil rich old white person...oh...wait....

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