Fighter Jet Pilot Selfies

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THIS is how you take a selfie! Let two fighter jet pilots show you how it's done.

1. Pilot Selfie

Pilot Selfie
No offense to that selfie you snapped at that wedding or that baseball game. But THIS is the coolest selfie ever!

2. The View From Up Here

The View From Up Here
Whoa there! This fighter jet pilot has won the selfie game once and for all.

3. Fighter Jet Selfie Featuring Boeing

Fighter Jet Selfie Featuring Boeing
Dutch fighter jet pilot takes an epic selfie a with Boeing dreamliner.

4. The Ulitmate Selfie

The Ulitmate Selfie
Not a bad view, is it? This fighter jet pilot is here to put all other selfie attempts to shame.

6. Fighter Pilot Selfie

Fighter Pilot Selfie
A pilot from the Royal Danish Air Force gets in on the action as well.

6. Fighter Pilot Selfie

Fighter Pilot Selfie
Try to top this, Instagram users.

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Kinda curious what the passengers were thinking when they looked out the windows of the airliner and seeing the fighter jets.


Quit calling them 'fighter jets'. They are either 'jet fighters' or just plain 'fighters'. Given your poor English, would P-51 Mustangs be 'fighter propellers'?

@ the Wizard

Shut up, Wizard. You clearly understand what he's trying to say but you just had to mix in some snark.

@ the Wizard

Fighter planes


In pic #8, did he nail the 787 with the missile coming off his wing with it's engine spewing fire?


If he took the helmet and mask off and shot a picture, I would call it a legitimate "selfie". But this is just a creature in a picture with a 787. Of course, then he would pass out and die. But what a way to go!


I'll tell you what, number 12 got the prize this time hahahahahaha

@ Miami2Ibiza

The pilots are Aggies as well.


By definition, selfies are not cool. These photos are cool. Ipso facto, these are not "selfies." They are awesome action photos of fighter pilots.

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