Couple Cradles Puppy Like a Baby

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7. Her Precious

Her Precious
Don't cry, little guy. Mommy is here.

8. All Tucked In

All Tucked In
Someone is ready for bed!

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I did not think it was a puppy either. This is funny and tender, if true.


it's not even a small dog ... dumb


We treat our furbabies the same. My 100 pound dalmatian likes to be held that way by my husband. She will let him do curls with her. I can assure you, her coopération is required. Its not abusive. People are nuts.


I think that's cute, and meant to be a silly, I think.


Not a puppy. A grown dog.


I think this is hilarious and cute. Negative comments about people not humanizing animals are ridiculous. They ARE living beings, and in my opinion better than people in many ways (AND I DO have kids) . How can anyone can be cranky about this tongue-in-cheek photo shoot and turn it into a lecture? I think it does a great job of poking fun at those smug, ridiculous, "we're better than everyone" parents who think the whole world needs to adore their offspring. When you whip out the photos, I'd rather look at your dogs!!

@ Fritz2487

I agree with every word you said :)


People have completely lost their minds.


Too cute---and so true of how we treat our animals. Well, if you're going to have pets/animals, it's how they SHOULD be treated. Much better treatment than that of horrible abusers that you read EVERY day. This was a great, humorous photo-shoot! However, that JRT is no puppy, lol!!


Whats wrong with his hair??

@ sugamorgan

Whose, the dog or the guy?


It would have cuter if the dog was a puppy....8 weeks or so. It w
ould have been adorable.
It's still cute. They obviously love the dog very much.

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