Chelsea Houska Photos: Hottest Teen Mom Ever!

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7. Straight Hair FTW?

Straight Hair FTW?
You can't go wrong with the Housk. She looks great with any hairstyle, and wearing anything basically.

8. The Housk!

The Housk!
Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2 fame, plugging products and showing Adam Lind what a dumbass he is on a daily basis.

9. Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea DeBoer
That's what Chelsea Houska will be once she marries this handsome fella, Cole DeBoer.

10. Nap Queen

Nap Queen
We wouldn't mind taking naps if she joined us. Or in general, because naps are kinda the bomb ... but with company like that, getting in bed mid-day would be especially appealing.

11. Nice Teeth

Nice Teeth
We're not just saying that because she's plugging teeth whitener in this here pic. She does have a great smile, don't you think?

12. Chelsea Houska Gets Engaged!

Chelsea Houska Gets Engaged!
I’m so so happy @jakephotographysf was there to capture this amazing moment in November. I am so blessed with such an incredible man @coledeboer,” Chelsea Houska Wrote.

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