13 Celebrities Who Don't Really Like Gay People

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Plenty of celebrities are out and proud. Plenty of others are supportive of this. Not all of them, though.

Here are some stars whose anti-gay views and comments have caused a stir.

We can only imagine how they feel about the fact that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, courtesy of the Supreme Court deciding so in June of 2015.

1. The Duggar Family

The Duggar Family
We can't separate any of these reality stars out. Nearly all members of this family have made anti-gay remarks or even been paid to give anti-gay speeches.

2. Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron
Few celebrities are as vocally opposed to same sex marriage as former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron.

3. Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson ignited a national controversy with his comments to GQ about gays and gay sex.

4. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington
Isaiah Washington got the boot from Grey's Anatomy, and pretty much derailed his own career, by referring to then co-star T.R. Knight by a gay slur ... then doing it again whilst insisting he didn't do it.

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Chris Brown has dropped more gay slurs over the course of his many scandals than we can even remember.

6. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin
The actor got into hot water with homophobic tweets towards writer George Stark, then in a separate incident, called a photographer a "c--ks--king f--got" which he somehow said was not a gay slur.

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Being tolerant of gays? Are gays tolerant of others beliefs??? Last I checked gays demand an overwhelming upheaval and revamping of marriage so as to suit a tiny minority which comprises of only 2-3% of the population and god forbid anyone opposes because they'll get slapped with a lawsuit. I'm sick of these people. I'd be more tolerant of them if they weren't so vocal and vicious.


The Supreme Court should NOT BE ALLOWED to make this decision for all the states. It should be by individual votes in each state. MANY PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS GARBAGE.


Idiots the first three don't hate gays; they disagree with the lifestyle. Still perpetrating hate.


Teach kids gays are wrong but not to haaate them. Is it wrong, obviously....should we hate? no....

@ Julianne

........and I'll keep teaching my kids that Julianne spends waaay too much time worrying about what goes on between two consenting adults.

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@ Julianne

Agree. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The people should be voting on this, not the Supreme Court.

@ Benny

Yes,a man and a woman. First there was Adam(the dirt pile) and Eve(born from Adam's ladymakers/ribs)......they had some kids........and then those kids had kids with each other........and so on and so on...........sounds like a true story. There were plenty of people in 1967 that felt the same as you about the case of Loving v. Virginia. Civil rights should not be put to popular vote.

@ Julianne

You a moron.

@ Brad

Okay not get off and wear the rainbow.


who is chris brown to say anything


paris Hilton is druggie and a slut.she probly has more std's than are known to science

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