Police are clashing with citizens in Ferguson, Missouri. And stars are reacting via Twitter.


Shut up, celebrities. You do nothing but tweet about horrific things going on, but these matters do not even remotely touch your life. You hide behind the safety of your twitterfeeds and assume that addressing the situation in passing will show how much you care, how focused on the plight of the people you are. Thinking people see through you. DO SOMETHING, don't tweet about it. Now, go make a movie/tv show/music, wear something pretty, and zip it.

@ Starla25

Let us not forget this 18 yo Man was almost 300LBs a huge shoplifting bully.. who intimidated the clerk at the grocery store (1/2 his size at least as well as the police officer). His parents didn't raise him right.... He is no symbol...... He is a thug. Didn't look and act like an 18yo.

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