Caleb Johnson performs here on American Idol Season 13. He's had quite a run!

Caleb Johnson is trying to win it all. He sings "As Long As You Love Me" on the American Idol finale here.

Classic rock RULES ! OMG ! Caleb is AMAZING !!! He ROCKED this song !


Caleb is an old school rocker. He can sing with the best and he will rock the stage next week with KISS. That will be a stellar performance. Caleb all the way!!!


we all need to vote for Caleb Johnson he is truly a Rock Star
we need him


Caleb has been consistent, and is exceptionally great singer. I think he should win !! Rock and Roll is not dead as some might think, but he can also change up. awesome singer. And entertainer he deserves it. This kid sang a Led Zepplin song with his vocals out and sick.. And I might add sang it dam good. Made Robert Plant proud!!

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