17 Great Singers Ranked By Vocal Range!

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These are some of the best pop singers of all-time according to vocal range. The top spots may surprise you.

1. Taylor Swift - #77

Taylor Swift - #77
Taylor glammed up for the red carpet. Photos like this remind us why she's had so many boyfriends.

2. Justin Bieber - #73

Justin Bieber - #73
Justin looks out of it here. he must be more stoned than usual.

3. Katy Perry - #69

Katy Perry - #69
We really like Katy Perry's fashion choice here. Two aspects of it stand out in particular.

4. Adele - #58

Adele - #58
Adele sings live in concert. What a stunning voice she has.

5. Lorde - #53

Lorde - #53
A rare smile from Lorde. Okay, maybe it's more of a smirk.

6. Lana Del Rey - #50

Lana Del Rey - #50
Lana Del Rey on stage. The singer's new album is called Ultraviolence.

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Ummmm..... where is Elvis Presley at? He is the King of Rock 'n' Roll he should be #1 with no tie! This is a joke! And also Dolly Parton???? She has great vocals! They are obviously playing favorites here! King of Rock and Queen of Country should be up there!!! :|


This has got to be some kind of joke piece. And what is with all the ads on here.


Mariah Carey by far has the best voice ever!! She's great!! I'm surprised Whitney Houston isn't tied with Mariah for first tho.


Is this list a joke?


Axl Rose has a better vocal range than Christina Aguilera??? That is one of the dumbest things I ever heard.

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