12 Shocking Game of Thrones Deaths

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7. Ser Hugh Gets Skewered

The joust is supposed to be for recreation. But as they say, it's all fun and games until The Mountain gets involved.

8. Rat Torture

Rat Torture
This is how torture is done in Westeros, a rat is forced by rising temperatured to chos through your innards. What a way to go.

9. Theon Greyjoy Becomes Reek

Theon Greyjoy Becomes Reek
Okay, not exactly a death but the Theon we once knew is certainly no more. We're sure he still mourns the loss of Little Theon.

10. The Death of Khal Drogo

The Death of Khal Drogo
The Khal's death wasn't particularly gory. The shocking part is that this mighty warrior was brought down by a scratch.

11. Ser Rodrik: Worst. Beheading. Ever.

A prime example of a minor character who goes out in a major way. Don't worry, Theon gets his later.

12. Barristan the Bold Gets Laid Out Cold

Barristan the Bold Gets Laid Out Cold
Poor Ser Barristan, even book-readers didn't see HIS death coming. But hey, at least he lived up to his name til the end!

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