9 Sexiest Elin Nordegren Photos

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7. Vintage Elin Nordegren

Vintage Elin Nordegren
Elin Nordegren is the wife of Tiger Woods. At least for another couple of weeks. This is a picture of her back in her modeling days. Wow. Great job, Tiger.

8. Elin Nordegren Woods

Elin Nordegren Woods
Elin Nordegren Woods is the wife of Tiger Woods. Damn.

9. Tiger Woods Wife

Tiger Woods Wife
Tiger Woods may own the golf course, but we have a feeling Elin Nordegren gives the orders at home. This just makes us even more jealous of Tiger, of course.

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Elin's beauty is over-rated. In her promo pics she looks like a tacky porn star.


why would such a beautiful lady ever marry such an ugly dude? those kids tho.


imagine being young, blonde and gorgeous but your husband still cheats on you. Must not be "all that and a bag of chips" in the sack.

Miz fit
@ Granny

Or maybe he was. Which is why he needed the ego boost of screwing anything and everything that walked.

@ Granny

granny you are senile. i guess you gotta say the same thing about all 200 of the skanks he also nailed. i guess they just weren't doing it for tiger in the sack either huh?

@ Granny

I remember this from a movie. It is a father talking to his son who is around the age of 23. The father points out a gorgeous woman and tells his son that somewhere out there there is a guy who is tired of having sex with her. It is a joke so relax.

@ Granny

Granny the problem begins and ends with Tiger Woods. He is the one with the sexual disorder...

@ Granny

So it's her fault, right? Idiot!


Big Fake Tits. Enough said.

@ Erik

i laugh every time i think about the billions of dollars tiger woods lost and also the millions she took his ugly dumb ass for. there is justice in the world. sometimes.

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Elin Nordegren was the wife of Tiger Woods. Correction: Elin Nordegren was the gorgeous wife of Tiger Woods. She recently won a lawsuit... More »
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