9 Sexiest Elin Nordegren Photos

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Elin Nordegren used to be married to Tiger Woods until he cheated on her with like everyone.

1. Elin Nordegren Bikini Photo

Elin Nordegren Bikini Photo
Elin Nordegren in a bikini? Now that is some photo, are we right?

2. Tiger Woods' Kids

Tiger Woods' Kids
These are Tiger Woods' two children. That is Elin Nordegren, his ex-wife.

3. Elin Nordegren Topless

Elin Nordegren Topless
Look at Elin Nordegren topless. Actually this may not even be Elin, but it does look a lot like Nordegren, and whoever it is, she's very topless and hot, so enjoy.

4. An Elin Nordegren Woods Photo

An Elin Nordegren Woods Photo
Elin Nordegren Woods is the hot, estranged wife of Tiger. He has been trying to win her back, but it may be a lost cause.

5. Elin Woods Nude

Elin Woods Nude
This is Tiger Woods' wife nude. Or at least topless. Elin Woods, formerly Elin Nordegren, was a Swedish model. She is still Swedish, and still very hot. But Tiger cheated, dozens of times. Wild.

6. Elin Woods Bikini Picture

Elin Woods Bikini Picture
Tiger Woods' wife Elin looks amazing in a bikini. That didn't keep him from straying a few dozen times at least, though. Shame.

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She is nothing but a gold digger, but a smart one. Now posing as a celebrity using his money. Yeah it's real hard to forget the pain when you are reminded by a huge paycheck from ex hubby each month. Well done, Elin.


She is nothing but a greedy gold digger, but a smart one. Now posing as a "celebrity" using his money. Yeah it's real hard to forget the pain when you are reminded by a huge paycheck from ex hubby each month. Well done, Elin. making herself comfortable using his money. Well done, Elin.


Oh my goodness!!!! Tiger, What were you thinking???


He went to stanford? What a maroon


Makes me forget about how much obum sucks


Just becos a gal looks good doesn't mean she's great in the sack. Perhaps she doesn't suck and refuses to do anal. Man's gotta eat elsewhere then, poor guy. And lost hundreds of hard earned millions becos of a wife who doesn't suck or do anal.

@ MF

MF, That is the realist and best comment I have heard in while. I had to create an account on this site just to agree with someone who says the truth. +1

Ajith nishantha

just like all u


I would say its a lost cause.


Lets be clear here, Elin Nordegren
was a NANNY! She made a hellva come up! Not to say she didn't deserve it ! But again lets remember , he cheated no doubt, and she was another golf pros NANNY!

@ Sexysand

Thank You for your response because really, when it comes to a free ride, this woman hit the jackpot? Nothing he did besides being Black, warranted the bank she got and to continue to twist that fact and keep her on some kind of pedestal really undemands and insults other wives of philandering husbands who have had to walk away empty handed? Has anyone even dare to think that beyond being very attractive and obviously every mans sexual fantasy,, there may not be much else there as a wife and partner? Please note that I did not touch being a mother as that is still yet to be determined, but a Jackie Onassis, she is NOT!

Miz fit
@ Sexysand

Let's be clear here, Elin Nordegrin was his wife and he cheated. He had unprotected sex with
who res and pros titu tes. Her career choice is irrelevant.

@ Miz Fit

Tiger had steak at home. But, he went out to get ground beef. The only thing I can think of is that maybe she was not freak enough for Tiger.
I would have been very happy with Elin at home. She seems to be a nice person. But, you never know.


Such a money grabbing whore, just like all u bitches!!Get a job and STFU!

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