27 Photos of Bruce Jenner Looking Sort of Like a Woman

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7. Bruce Jenner Bikini Photo

Bruce Jenner Bikini Photo
A photo that allegedly shows Bruce Jenner wearing a bra or bikini top was published by an Australian tabloid today. The former Olympian is expected to sue.

8. Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail

Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail
How long is Bruce Jenner's hair these days? He can easily wear is in a ponytail.

9. Bruce Jenner Image

Bruce Jenner Image
No, this is not a photo of a woman. It's a photo of Bruce Jenner. We understand that mistake.

10. Bruce Jenner Picture

Bruce Jenner Picture
Bruce Jenner has come a long way since his days of Gold Medal winning. He looks sort of like a woman, don't you think?

11. Bruce Jenner on the Street

Bruce Jenner on the Street
Bruce Jenner has undergone two procedures for skin cancer. But the reality star is expected to be okay.

12. Brody and Bruce Jenner

Brody and Bruce Jenner
Brody Jenner hugs his dad in this photo. The two are not very close, however.

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Leave Bruce alone. He doesn't look like a woman or even a little like a woman. The hair is long, that's it. Many men wear hair long. It would be a more interesting article if you focused on Kris Jenner looking like a man because she has short hair. She is FAR more manly than any women and for sure she feels the need to be one of the "kids" which is ridiculous.

Cheryl lambert avila
@ jme

So every woman who has short hair looks like a man or is manly. That is ridiculous. Kris Jenner is a beautiful woman whether or not you like her. I think the article about Bruce is ridiculous and unfair but why demean someone else to get your point across.

@ jme

I agree


He has a set of man boobs!!

@ CateyHall

Alot of older men get that. Let him do what he wants. Kris is the whako !!


He has a set of man boobs!!

@ CateyHall

so why the pink nails really cu
m on!!!


HW G, y'all should really consider backing off Bruce Jenner. All this crap on ur site about him looking like a woman! Geez.. He looks nothing like a woman (he looks like an againg man) the long hair is obviously a stage. He's around his boys and he's in Malibu so what he wants to feel young! Hell that's all of Hollywood. Anywho just leave the guy alone he's decent and I personally thing he's the smartest of all the KUWTK clan. He wants to pull away from HOLLYWOOD! Awesome do it he just wants to slow down and spend time with his kids. PERIOD.
Thank You Jane

@ Jane Morgan

I agree when Brad pit had long hair no one said he wanted to be a girl. wtf
Bruce Jenner just wants to be left alone. Cant blame him, Kris Jenner is the weird one.

@ Jane Morgan

The first sensible comment I've read about this silliness. Kudos Jane!

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