As she prepares to tie the knot for the third time, here's a look back at Kim Kardashian's dating history.

T.J. Jackson
T.J. Jackson, Michael's nephew, was Kim's first love. It's believed that he was her "first" in the physical sense as well.

You forgot Shengo Deane her Australian Bodyguard. He was white and she slept with him on an old episode of KUWTK.


She's like 34. How are these relationships "long term"?


Funny thing is they were all black expect 1
Kim be coo coo for coco puffs


Who's cares. Do we all go around bragging on who we sleep with. No other person's business.


three husbands and 6 lovers by her age isn't so very promiscuous...

Bubbawubba gump
@ jenneva

Not really bad, she a ho, but she gets paid bigtime!


three husbands and 6 lovers by her age..not really so promiscuous..


hmmm well sure looks like she loves black d**k and so does most of her siblings

@ chubbz

Wow, don't be a moron; you sound jealous! Actually, it may be a preference, but I am sure its all about the money chubbz. Get a grip...its only
K. Kardashian. Attacking her preference shows insecurity on your part and a bit of jealousy; a tad juvenile isn't it? When you try to make race a big dea, in some ways shows ignorance and racism.


I want Kourtney


The whole Kardashian clan are talentless and trash and unfortunately young girls believe they should emulate these people. btw, why do the girls only date black men? Why don't they mix it up and have an occasional white guy?


Kris humpheries was white

@ ashah

Nope. His father is black.

@ ashah

Kris Humpheries was half black/half white I believe...but yeah I knew she like the blacks but I didn't know that practically all here "relationships" were with black guys! What's up with that? Usually you'd start off with a white guy then go black or something. She must like there big black cocks in her snatch,,,,lol. And that other guy was right they are talent-less...if Kim didn't make that sex tape she would still be a nobody...but who knows? yeah 9 guys isn't that many at all being 33 but like someone else said, what about the guys who aren't famous that she might of had one night stands with or guys she dated for only a little bit or when she was a young teenager in school. I guarantee she slept with more than just 9 guys. Pretty girls like her don't only sleep with 9 guys total at age 33....just doesn't happen. Especially considering she could fuck any guy she wants to. She could literally go into any place and ask a nobody "hey you want to fuck" and they would say "yes"!.....even if they were married. If I was married I wouldn't pass up on fucking Kim Kardashian just to squeeze on that nice juicy ass of hers!!!!


She is a healthy young woman who dates and has sex like most normal people. Before I got married I slept with a number of guys. My husband slept with a number of women too. No big deal. I dont know why she should be viewed negatively for it. Most people are jealous of her. She sure seems to have it all.......effortlessly!

@ mildred

No big deal? guess you were in her club too, you dont know what he thinks about you silently unfortunately.

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