Woooow oh yeah kenya is a fragile woman who just wants kids and love, people who want kids don't behave the way she does at childrens charity events there's 2 things kenya moore loves and that's attention and herself and I do agree she's a good character to watch cause she's the typical villain but its only morons who believe the sad act she's not even a good actress which makes people stupidly gullible for believing it she got put in the show to stir stuff up, she's not even a housewife (which the housewives franchise is around showing family life) :o


Kenya's very sincere I agree


That absolutely not true.kenya is a totally sincere person thats why she could put her business out there and not be moved. Must women like c
kloeh and kim kardashian would hide the fact that they her struggling to become a mother.
kenya is the must valuable asset in rhoa but mixing with low lifes like ex stripper/hoe Nene leakes with drag kenya to their little level. Phadra is the onlyone that can academically match up with kenya but the appolo issue wad not handled prooerly now their sworn enemies.
appolo clearly wants kenya but kenya loves the attention given to her as a single woman though i really believe she has no intention to have anything with apolo, but forgetting this is a married man not a single and available man.
kenya to me is a sincere, educated, trusting, classy, bold, inteligent strong but under neat very sensitive woman. She needs true love but enjoying attention fron another womans hubby is not really something positive eventhough I believe she will never cross the line with appolo. But that has stigmatise her from the begining so all her actions are now seen as sinister. Even though she takes the beaten she keeps on kicking. Look at the real kenya moore you will see a very fragile lady that desperatly wants love but fights like her tiger with her words but secretly crying out for love and acceptance. I LOVE YOU KENYA AND I KNOW YOU WOULD MAKE A WONDERFULL WIFE TO AN HONEST AND LOVING MAN. PEACE


Kenya is a lier, thief, and has no morals. Fire her.

@ sharon+coffman

What has Kenya stolen? What has she said that has been PROVEN as a lie? As far as Walter is concerned, Walter said hes a multimillionaire why would he need for her to pay him to be on RHOA, where he got free publicity in each scence by always wearing his company t-shirts?

Phaedra Parks Quotes

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks

[on Phaedra and Apollo] I'm done rolling around the mud with pigs.

Kenya Moore