7 Fast Food Burgers Ranked From Worst to Best

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1. In-n-Out

In-n-Out FTW! Try the Double Double Animal Style! You'll never eat another burger again.

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no chic-fil-a on this list? that is BS!!

@ Jorgi

Does "chic-fil-a" even make burgers? This article is about burgers.


5 Guys.... Nuff said!


Big Mac better than a Whopper? No way, no how, not in this lifetime, not in this universe....And the lack of Carl's Jr (perhaps too regional?) somewhat discredits the whole story.

@ guest

I agree with guest's post!


White Castle has changed. They have grilled chicken which is great and they have some great desserts. I often eat there rather than McDonalds, DQ and Wendy's which are in the same area


What-a-crap ranking. They don't even talk about Hardees or DQ, both of which have GREAT burgers. And to put Wendy's last??? The person doing this ranking is delusional

@ Kristen

Couldn't agree more! The fact that its a square patty doesn't mean it lacks flavor. As a matter of fact, Wendy's burgers should've made the top 5. But to rank it last is an insult to Wendys and shows you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.


Wendy's burgers are AWESOME! However, their fries are disgusting....All bad spots and peelings.

@ CindyB

Disgusting is goin a little too far. I'd classify them as mediocre if anything. They do need an improvement.


Wendy's #1
White Castle #2
Burger King #3
in order of my preference.


My personal favorites:
1. Wendy's
2. White Castle
3. Burger King
in that orderof preference.

@ RichardSF

2 out of 3 correct, one is much much lower on the list


Nothing made by McDonald's belongs on any "best" list. Burger King is ok, but not much better. I rank Whataburger as # 1 and considerably better than In-n-Out, though I've only sampled In-n-Out when I travel west. In-n-Out is not bad though.

Tom morgan

White Castle ?? They must have smoked a lot of pot before their taste test of these sliders ! and BK (with the fake grill marks) before Wendy's (who at least attempts to be closer to fresh). Gotta get a look at who thinks these expert are expert !

@ Tom Morgan

Fake grill marks? Explain to me exactly how you would go about putting fake grill marks on a meat patty??? This oughta be interesting. (taps nails on desktop)

@ Max

Dude, you can buy burgers with fake grill marks at your neighborhood supermarket; Tom could be right. Don't get out much?

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