53 Fun Photos of Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise is sort of insane.

But he's also is one of the most popular actors in the history of the big screen. You cannot argue with his box office results.

We pay tribute to the most famous Scientologist alive via the following photo gallery and we make one request of all female readers:

Try not to get too much drool on your keyboard.

1. Tom Cruise in Japan

Tom Cruise in Japan
Tom Cruise is always one to acknowledge his fans. He expresses gratitude for them here during a visit to Japan.

2. Will Smith and Tom Cruise

Will Smith and Tom Cruise
Will Smith and Tom Cruise were brought together by Scientology. They are worth quite a bit of money combined.

3. Tom Cruise at Edge of Tomorrow Premiere

Tom Cruise at Edge of Tomorrow Premiere
Tom Cruise premieres Edge of Tomorrow in this photo. He's a nice looking actor, don't you think?

4. Tom Cruise Oblivion

Tom Cruise Oblivion
Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper in Oblivion. The sci-fi action film is directed by Joseph Kosinski.

5. Tom With Suri

Tom With Suri
Tom Cruise with daughter Suri. A tender moment.

6. Tom Cruise Girlfriend?

Tom Cruise Girlfriend?
Tom Cruise girlfriend rumors are running rampant following this tabloid story. Has the actor found true love?

Wait! There's more Fun Photos of Tom Cruise! Just click "Next" below:


We are so happy that Tom has made it to 53 since his dad died of a weird hereditary butte cancer at 49. We are way interested to see how much longer he will make it since he is doing a movie about Barry Seals, and Mena, Arkansas, since there are gigantic drug conspiracies involving all kinds of high up people around it , and most of the people like Tom who dwell on it, end up looking like the ex' White House chef who was just found mysteriously drowned at the bottom of a mountain in Taos, New Mexico. Good luck, Tom, Michael Jacksons purple gloves from the "This Is It Tour" are waiting for you on the alien other side.


Scientologists chipped in and bought him a spaceship. He is going to take his next wife on a honeymoon in it.


Dear Tom, happy birthday and a billion more. Signed Xenu.

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I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer. For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It's not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this.

Tom Cruise [on Matt Lauer interview]

I can't even articulate it, to be honest. That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me.

Tom Cruise [on feelings for Katie Holmes]