You usually have to shop around so you can start learning what other people are like. Of course maybe Jim Bob is more into the profit (intentional) appointed marriage partners for his kids.
Most kids "love" the first boy/girl that pays attention to them and they are dead certain that they are THE ONLY ONE for them forever and ever.


Jim bob (El creepy) you are a a two faced piece of crap! Remember your courtship? And don't u dare try and justify it by saying Jesus spoke to you and changed your views!

Duggar Family Quotes

Be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls. - Michelle Duggar

We recently met an Amish couple who'd celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and asked them their secret. Their answer? The phrases, 'I was wrong' and 'Will you forgive me?' - Jim Bob Duggar