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You just THOUGHT the treats were safe on top of the fridge. Silly hooman.
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I think some of these pictures have been photo-shopped. The proportions don't fit on some of the pics. But beautiful dogs though. I like the black wolf looking dog.

@ Eddie

#12 especially.


Serious hunds.


The owners have to have sturdy furniture.


OMG..that st bernard is Hugh ..and he is still a pup..WOW///Great Dane is also Hugh..i would hate to feed n pick up after him..he almost looks tooooooooo big>? like they blew up the picture..,,,yikes!...# 17///All soooooooo big and hairy..


Is dog 11 a wolfdog. Gorgeous animal.


# 14 is NOT a husky... it's an Alaskan Malamute... a different breed of dog...